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DIY Government: Local city ordinances with Shahid Buttar; he is working on getting you in front of your City Council to recognize your rights to a free society in America. Check out more of their work on .

NEVADA’s REAL ID REVISITED: Will the process for Real ID change much now that the 120 executive order period is over? We check in with ACLU of Nevada’s, Rebecca Gasca about how their State, like many other states, is being sold little known incremental compliances while the law remains on the books.

Do you know if your being redistricted based on prisoner numbers according to the Census? Find out at

Watch: Pennsylvania’s Amnesty TV Ad ” We know who you are!”

You have to see it to believe exactly how Orwellian this is! Does it discourage prosperity? Yes. It makes me not want to own anything or have any property mortgaged due to government entitlements. Whatever, Government.