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It warns of the risk of information leaks and says it will be the death knell for citizens’ privacy.

Noam Sharvit

5 Aug 09 16:30

The Public Council for the Protection of Privacy today asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to set up a biometric database, because of the risk of information leaks and concern that it will be the death knell for citizens’ privacy.
The council was set up to advise the minister of justice, and comprises legal and technology experts. The council expresses opinions on aspects of privacy and information security of bills and government measures and advises the registrar of databases.

In the letter to Netanyahu, the council said that the establishment of a biometric database, its maintenance and security, would likely carry a heavy financial burden. Countries that have considered setting up such databases estimate their cost in the billions of dollars, and the estimates are constantly rising.
The council argues that, because of these costs, the US government recently cancelled its Real ID program. The British government does not mandate citizens to carry biometric ID cards and will probably cancel the entire project because of its huge cost and broad public opposition.
The council adds that it supports the issuing of smart ID cards and travel documents, and does not oppose documents with biometric features. However, it does not believe there is a need for a central biometric database for these purposes, because there are simpler and better alternatives for fraud prevention during the issuing process. For example, Germany issues biometric passports and ID cards without a central database because of concerns about the over-concentration of power that would harm individual rights.
Published by Globes [online], Israel business news – – on August 5, 2009

At around noon on July 5, EST, a phone call, from a verifiable source, was received by a member of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s camp indicating that the American prisoners in Israel have been moved to a detainment facility closer to the Ben Gurion Airport.

McKinney’s imprisonment has shed additional light upon the plight of Gaza – which is one of two possible results of her trip – the other one being that supplies and a little joy for the children might have actually been delivered. 

Either way, it’s a step toward healing Gaza. And the Palestinians, observing the commitment of the humanitarians to delivering aid, see that some of the world cares.::MORE HERE::

With Cynthia McKinney due to appear in an Israeli court Sunday, the mother of the former congresswoman decided to skip a weekend family reunion in Alabama just in case State Department officials need any documents to get her released from jail.

McKinney has been in custody since Tuesday when she and 20 others were swept up by the Israeli Navy while allegedly trying to sail through a navy blockade. The group says it was attempting to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza.