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LAST WORD: Obama on Real ID

Posted: September 16, 2008 in JoeBiden

In an Interview with CNET

CNET : The Department of Homeland Security has proposed extensive Real ID requirements restricting which state ID cards can be accepted at federal buildings and airports. Do you support those regulations as written, would you want to repeal Real ID, or would you prefer something in between?
Obama: I do not support the Real ID program because it is an unfunded mandate, and not enough work has been done with the states to help them implement the program.

Evidently not. Senator Obama voted for $300,000 in Illinois State revenue to move Real ID implementations forward. His running mate, Joe Biden composed a legislative prototype for what would later become today’s Real ID Act. However, when it came time to vote for or against Real ID – Biden was nowhere to be found. So which is it?

Amendments to Real ID could increase National Security without hindering the personal civil liberties and the integrity of American citizenship. However, no amount of money can replace our privacy and identity security. Should healthcare, education, and rebuilding our country’s infrastructure compete for funding with a corruptable identity database network costing taxpayers billions of dollars?

It’s time for Senator Obama to decide, before the Republicans decide for him.

We are Anti-Real ID actvists and we approve this message.