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LAST WORD: McCain on Real ID

Posted: September 15, 2008 in John McCain
John McCain and Sarah Palin both live in states who have benefitted from the hard work of Anti-Real ID Activists in Alaska and Arizona.  
John McCain fully supports the implementation of Real IDs.  His running mate Sarah Palin didn’t lift a finger to support it or deny it.  It didn’t get her vote.  Is this team strong enough to deny the identity securities we enjoy today without suffering through privacy exposures and hacking breaches in the Real ID data networks?  
Does John McCain know enough about Real ID to understand that his information goes in that database too?  Can we afford to have a President whose judgement is so poor he would jeopardize National Security by entering his Social Security Number into an insecure license database?  A database so insecure it can be hacked into from anywhere in the world? Our top officials personal information could possibly be seized by…anyone… even radical fundamentalist terrorists.   He had better think over Real ID again.  
Real ID as currently written jeopardizes your personal security and our national security.

We are Anti- Real ID activists and we approve this message.

“Governors and legislators also are looking to the next president to end a bitter dispute between the states and federal government over new nationwide rules to make driver’s licenses more secure. Several states have rebelled and refused to comply with the Real ID law. Not only have states received little federal money to defray the estimated $4 billion cost of revamping identity-verification procedures in driver’s license bureaus, but critics also say the program is a threat to personal privacy and an intrusion by the federal government.

McCain supports the rules and has acknowledged the burden on states but has not said how he would pay for it. Obama opposes the program. Rendell said in Denver that the program “is going down” no matter who is elected Nov. 4.”

STATELINE.ORG on Real ID, McCain vs. Obama: The difference for states


Dear Readers,

It is my sincerest assessment at this time if McCain or Obama want the Anti-Real ID vote, they are going to have to get a different voting record and history for representing people on this issue or start creating one.

We will be watching for any comment to the contrary, but you may file Real ID representation with other civil liberties issues. One thing I have said recently is that both the Democratic and Republican parties tend to cherry pick which parts of the Constitution they uphold. This dictates the climate for freedoms in American life. Certain civil liberties end up being trendier to uphold than others depending on which party levies Judicial, Congressional and Executive powers.

If actions taken at the DNC/RNC are any reflection of the future of civil liberties infringments becoming a hip-retro trend for military and policing, the Republicans are beefer-than-thou. The DNC was only slightly more humane.

Unfortunately for the Obama Campaign, what McCain has going for him- certainly not to his personal credit- is that both McCain and Palin are from states that have banned civic implementation of the Real ID. However, we are not really comprehensively pleased about the Republican’s plan for progressive bankruptcy and continuance of foreign policies in the middle east. Obama voted for $300 K in funding to move the Real ID Act forward in Illinois. However, I’m fairly sure that he would listen to the people of Illinois if they piped up collectively and decided to go against Real ID’s. That’s my asessment of Obama the candidate – not of his press corp or of his foreign policy handlers, who obviously have no concern for the tagging and policing of the American people. To the contrary, they intend to maxx out their 9-11 credit card on the backs of the U.S. people.

I just wish there was a difference in McCain and Obama on this. There really isn’t. Who hasn’t heard about the 100 years of war? There isn’t a genuine approach that is honest and refreshing.
Look to the Third Party Candidates featured in this blog for that.

If we turn to the Obama/Biden ticket the reality appears to be nauseatingly bleak. Biden authored a preliminary draft to introduce Real IDs. In other words, he’s an early adopter of the Real ID systemic program for mass social management. The FISA vote put more nails in the coffin of doubt about the U.S. sustaining it’s illegitimate expansion of executive powers against the wellbeing of the American justice system.

That doesn’t mean we can turn to John McCain, because Palin “allowed” Real ID to be stopped in Alaska. Palin has given breath to the lungs of the winded McCain campaign, but I am not convinced that she will be a shot caller in the White House. McCain’s choice for Palin as a running mate may be the “earmark” of the aging Maverick. Palin is a Washington outsider invited inside to help ailing and anemic policies composed of bad ideas. It means good things for McCain ; not necessarily good things for changing the direction of the country. Palin’s best work may get shelved as the Vice Presidential placeholder while brunting the Republican party’s tow line. Gun rights advocates shouldn’t be overconfident that they have someone in their corner. If we look ahead, American SS-Gestapo tactics demonstrated at the RNC are just some of the fun things that will continue to as planned under McCain/Palin.


There is no resting assurance or promise for those concerned with Real ID and an executive election. We can watch neo-conservative tacticians spin Real ID as SUPER AWESOME IMMGRATION POLICY as the databases are built for your Social Security number to be a sitting duck for identity thieves. We can watch neo-liberals claim to “unite a divided country” by not lifting a finger to shore up civil liberties. It’s the same result – so the burden is on you.

You are on your own. We need to get a national amendment that stops us from being cataloged, so our identity keys aren’t splayed for the world of digital villians to feast on. We need to get passports if that is what is required of us to leave this country. We need to stop being so generous with our identity documents when asked of us. Pay in cash. Carry a video camera with you when you drive. Make friends with lawyers. Get behind worker’s unions. Volunteer with voter rights groups to keep tabs. Go see your Congressman. Whatever you do, don’t accept your national ID card.

Sarah Palin, did some good work to end the reign of Real ID in Alaska.

“Governor Palin and the Alaska legislature deserve praise from all Alaskans for standing up to the federal government,” added Jeffrey Mittman, executive director of the ACLU of Alaska. “Officials of both parties came together to pass legislation that will not only protect the privacy of Alaskans, but will protect their pocketbooks as well by rejecting Real ID’s massive financial burden.”

What happens when Ron Paul’s sidekick changes horses to tow the Republican party line? You get VP nominee, Sarah Palin. Here is just one example of how this woman can do-no-right after hitching her train to McCain’s straight-to-war express.

According to Liberty Maven, Palin is against offshore drilling.

According to Progressive news makers, Palin is a big oil champion.

Neither one has a favorable report on Palin, amid other press reports Palin is both fat and unattractive and then given too many advantages because she is attractive, has both no control over her children’s reproductive morality and is also lauded for standing by her pro-life principles. Voters… YOU DECIDE!!

This election is proving the base stupidity of people who are paid to report the news. One thing is for sure, this state Governor has a tough election ahead of her and the mud slinging has just begun.

The War Party Takes a Pre-Emptive Strike on Protestors.

Upon recieving personal reports that snoopy paratroopers were rooting in Minnesotas moving garbage like racoons in riot gear, I am not convinced over-policing grassroots opposition is the best execution of tax money. I have recently learned of a term called COINTELPRO we should all be aware of when dealing with steroid driven, amped police who may be given extra $$ for arrest quotas.

I wonder how much these Military Police were paid to arrest and attempt to discredit Democracy Now! producer, Amy Goodman.

Is there any question that this might-is-right mentality is communicating that the US Constitution is under suspension? You may not love Amy Goodman and her political roots but she had a right to report the news and so did her producers.


Grassroots Netroots Alliance will be at this event:
Oil Change International- Protest of Delegate Support for Oil Companies
WHEN: 8:30pm, Tuesday, September 2nd
WHERE: 510 1st Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55403

If you are not detained or beat up from that event, you can crash this breakfast party.

Join the CEOs of Big Oil in Thanking the Texas Republican Delegates at their Hotel
WHEN: 8:00am, Wednesday, September 3rd (Yes, 8:00AM)
WHERE: Crowne Plaza Hotel 11 East Kellogg Blvd. ST. Paul, MN

“The CEOs of ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP, Shell and Hess will be hosting a party at the hotel where the Texas Republican Delegates are staying to thank the Republican Party, the Bush Administration and Senator John McCain for the war in Iraq, skyrocketing gas prices at the pump, record breaking corporate profits for Big Oil and their excellent performance in blocking every effort to reduce carbon emissions and our nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Wear your finest Republican Party clothes and we will provide Republican Party hats, “Oily Dollars”, loot bags, “Freedom Flags” (flags with oil company logos) and yellow “Support Our Oil Companies” ribbons.

Be prepared to dance and roll around in the millions of “Oily Dollars” that the industry gives back to Republican candidates (74% of Big Oil contributions go to Republicans) and the $1.2 million Senator John McCain has received from oil companies–three quarters of which came immediately after he reversed his previous opposition to offshore drilling.

CodePink, Courage to Resist, Global Exchange, Oil Change USA, Rainforest Action Network and the Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane had no part in organizing this Republican Rally. “


We here at BeatTheChip at times have been called on the mat for being a bit irreverent and prone to being distrustful of our government.

Our response to this is that we do not negotiate with fascists, at least not with any diplomatic skill, and the wet noodle lashings will continue until levity ensues. Anything is better than watching CNN today.

In this year of declared political allegiances – we have come up with some creative terminology for recent outbreaks of mass hysteria.

1) “Drinking the Kool-Aide” – This term applies to the person who blindly follows any line of rhetoric without question or stopping for the occasional grain of salt. The phrase has been used interchangeably with people who follow cult leaders. A proper use of this phrase might be, “Aunt Mabel, has been drinking the Kool-Aide. I can’t get a word in edgewise about any other political perspective other than her candidate.”

2) “Hope-mongering” – This is a gerund phrase for the incessant media blanketing for overkill mention of the words “Obama”, “Barack Obama”, and now the new dead-horse they are pulverizing, the Vice Presidential nomination of Joe Biden. You may count for every 36 Obama mentions there is a McCain mention. Not that we care. We just want variety and parity and ..maybe some of the other news we are missing. A proper use of the words Hope-mongering might be, “Jesus, Mary & Joseph, can’t I get any news on a concrete economic or a civil liberties plan from either of these people? A few months ago this was a bit of smooth jazz for Democrats. Now, all I’m getting is Hope-mongering!!

It’s like going to the grocery store and being told you can choose from 5 different flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate and Vanilla. I think I’ll have the Alka-Seltzer.

3)“Dirty Sanchez Bastard” – c/o use this mace sparingly at TSA agents when they steal your laptop and grope your wife. Or when a Border Patrol Checkpoint pops up in you’re rear view when you’re out shovelling snow in the driveway.

n. A derogatory term used only in the most extreme situations as to where you are yelling during an unrehearsed fit toward any communistic authority figure. i.e. a principal, president, boss, etc.

Current event’s use of the term:
“We are going to continue to put them in areas where people have to pass through from point A to point B,” said the Dirty Sanchez Bastard constructing checkpoints in Washington state.

(Random conversation until random sighting of school principal.)
EX: Brit: Freeman! You took away my freedom you Dirty Sanchez Bastard!!!

Here’s a story about a Dirty Sanchez Bastard, getting punked by some not-so-nice hackers here.
A hacker broke into a Homeland Security Department telephone system over the weekend and racked up about $12,000 in calls to the Middle East and Asia.

Highlights from Gizmodo Comment Board:

“Human Bomb — says
Everyone point and laugh at the DHS!”

” sam_i_am — says
Hacking the FEMA phone system – clever.
Hacking a phone system to call the Middle East – clever.
Hacking the FEMA phone system to call the Middle East – death sentence.”

” bms — says
FEMA = F*cking Emergency My Ass! …” More colorful reverie on

Here’s a really cool art show inspired by those batsh*t crazy conspiracy debunked theorists. God.. where do they get this stuff ? I swear they are so EMBARASSING sometimes.

Barr Urges Congressional Action to Repeal

Rep. Bob Barr, small-government party prodigal returned, as Libertarian Presidential nominee cites he has been consistently in favor of a repeal of Real ID.

Unfortunately, skepticism naggs Libertarians who soured against a penitent Barr over his affirmative Patriot Act vote while he was a Republican Congressional leader. In an election where Constitutional mores are muffled by Corporate media censorship and cast aside in favor of “Homeland Security” by the Bush Administration; civil libertarians are exceptionally sensitive to any hint of losing ground.

Those who stopped watching OBAMA TV a.k.a CNN, NBC/MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX {You get it.} months ago for any peep on gains of Constitutional relevance may still have an eye out for any resurfacing of approaches to halt the massive attack on our country’s fundamental documents. 

“’September 11’ has become the catch-all excuse for virtually every proposed expansion of government power,” notes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president. “One example is a national identification card and data base, long desired by some in government, and which was mandated by legislation passed by the Congress in 2005 with the support of both Senators McCain and Obama. Although I was no longer in the Congress when this bad legislation was passed, I had vigorously opposed it in the years since it became law, just as I led the successful effort to rescind a previous mandate for a national ID card, ” says Barr of his opponents unfavorable voting record.

Those looking to Obama to uphold the Constitution should take account of the only sneak-preview they may get prior to the November election. He voted “Aye” for FISA. Which means we’ll have green energy solutions and the warrantless wire-tappings will continue with carte-blanche immunity for highly compensated Telecomm traitors. Only the greed of corporate whistleblowers can save us now.

He voted AYE for the Patriot Act and AYE for Real ID. Benefit of the doubt?

We’ll be checking in with the McCain camp for any radar regarding Real ID – even though it’s not really a war or economy issue. Maybe if we pretend its a taxation issue he’ll look.

Barr’s campaign release included an Executive Branch plan of action on Real ID.

“As president, I would submit legislation to repeal the law.  I also would use my authority as president to limit the law’s impact to the extent allowed by law—establishing privacy safeguards, extending compliance deadlines, and relaxing license requirements.  Protecting the people’s liberties and privacy is central to government’s role, not an afterthought – factors obviously not important to my opponents in both the Republican and Democratic Parties who supported the Real ID Act.”