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New secured licenses will be produced in California

BTC-  NBC’s TMJ news desk reported a Real ID bill requiring local drivers license applicants to adjust to “secured ID” rules administered only by the Department of Transportation.  There is no such bill.

The NBC affiliate’s news desk operator’s “It’s a done deal” quote seems to imply this is more than just editorializing – it’s misinformation.

Wisconsin is struggling to save costs on national secured ID cards, which a local DOT Operations Manager compared to a passport in terms of risks and identity theft.  The new licenses will greenlight Wisconsin airtravel and voting in local elections.  Drivers licenses will be farmed out to L-1 Identity solutions in California for production and mailed back to Wisconsin residents.

Wisconsin would not be the first state to attempt administrative rule over local rule of law or due process of consent.

Real ID certified licenses distribution will start in the fall of 2011.

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“Florida is one of 11 states that embraced the program. Fifteen states in all have adopted REAL ID.”

I-Team: Questions About New National ID Card

The Department of Homeland Security estimates it will eventually cost nearly $10 Billion to implement “REAL ID” nationwide.

The line of private companies lining up to cash in and get some of that public money gets longer all the time.

According to the Senate Office of public records, the numbers of clients lobbying to get business from the US Department of Homeland Security skyrocketed from 15 companies in 2001 to 883 last year (2009).

One of the leading companies that is benefiting from the REAL ID Act is L-1 Identity Solutions, an international created in 2006 by businessman Robert LaPenta, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Business records show that one month after President George W. Bush signed the “REAL ID” Act into law, LaPenta established L-1 Identity Solutions.

According to several annual reports for L-1 Identity Solutions, the company has been immensely successful.

This year, Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles alone awarded L-1 Solutions a 5 year contract worth $56.9 Million.

A spokesperson for L-1 Solutions told the I-Team that LaPenta had no comment and the company would not talk about its business involving REAL ID.   :::MORE HERE:::

STAMFORD, Conn., Feb 18, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. (ID 8.65, +0.09, +1.05%) , a leading provider of identity solutions and services, was awarded a seven-year contract by the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to provide a secure driver’s license solution. The first year of the contract will include the ramp up and implementation of the new system and the remaining six years will consist of card production and equipment and software maintenance.

New Jersey is changing its pre-existing workflow process for driver’s license issuance to incorporate photo-first capabilities as part of the State’s effort to curb identity-related fraud. In addition, the State is implementing a secure card production solution as part of its over-the-counter system that will exceed the recommended standards set by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, making the cards compliant with proposed standards set forth in the REAL ID Act. :::MORE HERE:::

L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: ID), a leading provider of identity solutions and services, received a new $6.2 million task order for HIIDE mobile biometric recognition devices to be deployed in areas of conflict as part of an existing customer agreement. Approximately half of the order is expected to ship in the fourth quarter with the remaining units expected to ship in the first half of 2010. The order was received by the Biometrics Division of L-1.

HIIDE is the world’s first ruggedized tri-modal mobile biometric enrollment and recognition device providing real-time identification using iris, finger and face biometrics. First introduced in 2005, it is the most pervasive device of its kind with over 10,000 devices fielded into areas of global conflict. It is also the most widely deployed multi-modal device with defense agencies.

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Digimarc technically has the contract with Texas for driver’s licenses, through a sub contract for  biometrics. Last year L-1 Identity Solutions purchased Digimarc’s licensing division. What this means is now L-1 controls 95% of the U.S. state driver’s license [biometrics] market. L-1 will switch to using their own biometrics when Digimarc’s current contract with Texas expires.

L-1 produces [biometrics for] enhanced driver’s licenses and passport cards. They also are involved in the production of  [biometrics in]US passports. – Mark Lerner

It’s True. L-1 one bought Digimarc’s license division in March of 2008.

“L-1 has state-of-the-art biometric recognition and authentication capabilities that are integral to making our credential production process for national and international customers more secure and complete,” said Bruce Davis, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Digimarc. “Furthermore, our combined knowledge in international markets will enable us to reach more potential customers with an expanded portfolio of innovative credentialing solutions, including national ID cards. The combination of the two will also help speed adoption globally by introducing a more streamlined and cost effective process into the international marketplace.” –  L-1 Identity Solutions

Who is Mark Lerner?  This guy.  Yeah.. the Stop Real ID Coalition biometrics whistleblower guy.