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Does anyone remember when California joined the Real ID rebellion? Just a fad.

California’s crime of cosmetic-do-nothing-politics strikes again. Just left of Lou Dobbs- the manual air pump for Real ID Act’s plastic inflatable immigration policy – you will find the freshly passed piece of crap also known as California Senate Bill SB60. The Democrats who greenlighted this gem of a bill have cleared the way for DHS to store Californian’s identity documents if they want any kind of a license. You have no idea how much this is going to suck.

Which Flavor: Fascist-lite or PrimoFascism?

People who go along with this bill are going to have the option of submitting their documents into a database or not. It is the middle of the road for people who are sorta playing ball with Real ID. It doesn’t really help the stave off the development of fascist products for California, it just redirects it. They are still going to dump billions of their tax dollars into developing the databases but at least you have a choice of bypassing identity theft and being sorted with non-citizens OR submitting your social and birth certificate into a database where more than likely you will have your identity stolen. For Californians more concerned with restoring infrastructure and education with taxes, it leaves them holding the bag. For Californian’s struggling with identity security it gives them a way out, but they’ll more than likely be harassed like an illegitimate citizen. For undocumented workers, nothing will change. They will supply falsified social security numbers and birth certificates and drive away with no rights, still beholden to a greedy jerk paying slave wages and living under the radar. For idiots who crave convenience and security over their civil liberties, by forking over their documents to the DMV they will have their identity sold to the highest bidder and begin their worst nightmare, only to be relived again and again.

Here is your salty moment of truth. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY VERSION OF REAL ID ACT COMPLIANCE. Stand on the 10th Amendment. Everyone in this scenario gets a raw deal except the tech contractors and those who benefit from identity trafficking.

I am so tired of this neo-conn schlock. It inspired me to think of Lou Dobbs and his grating and incessant immigration polls. So we here at BeatTheChip decided to do our own poll on Lou Dobbs.


In today’s Washington Times, The Lord’s most conservative newspaper on this special planet we call Earth, there was a report of a RON PAUL SUPPORTER handing out literature to Stop Real IDs. STOP AND LOOK!!

Ron Paul enthusiasts cheer alternative agenda for GOP

ST. PAUL, Minn. | Rep. Ron Paul‘s “Rally for the Republic” pledged to bring the Republican Party “back to its roots” on Tuesday, drawing about 10,000 at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Mike McHugh, a Republican activist and Ron Paul supporter from Virginia, handed out information on the pending Real ID Act, asking supports to refer to it simply as the “Dangerous ID.”

Mr. McHugh thinks the card would open the door for massive identity theft by creating a federal database that would be vulnerable to hackers.

“I am not a conspiracy theorist,” Mr. McHugh said. “But this will allow people’s movement and information to be tracked.”

An overall optimism was shared by rally attendees as they cheered for their hero. In between speakers and musical entertainment, clips of Mr. Paul flashed across the screen, quoting Hope for America.

Mr. McHugh was undaunted by the meager media coverage, saying, “There is no such thing as a lost cause.”