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RFID Manufacturers Whining About Loss of Steam for ID Crossover Sales 

BTC Editorial 

Radio Frequency ID manufacturers have launched a campaign of self-affirming news about the microchip’s usefulness as an identity solution in response to poor performance as an identity technology and Big Brother reputation.   Biometrics, also on the DHS menu of implementation options for Real IDs, are suffering from a similar Orwellian association. 

This follows years of negative public history and testimony similar to that given at last weeks Transporation and Homeland Security Senate Committee hearing in El Paso, TX.   Immigration and identity security panelists testified about the effectiveness of RFID technologies for proposed use in an Enhanced Driver’s License program.  The RFID panel consisted of Texas Driver’s License Chief of the Department of Public Safety,  a Digital security specialist from the Coalition for Secure Driver’s License (Pro- Real ID), Texas ACLU and a spokesperson from the National Conference for State Legislature.  Each advocate cited RFIDs as a consumer technology inadequate for use in Texas ID cards.  

DPS Chief Judy Brown cited that previous efforts to utilize RFIDs had failed in VISIT, a Texas Department of Homeland Security pilot ID program for border immigration.

Efforts to “stop the bleeding” pointed to successes using biometrics in school lunch programs to save impoverished youngsters from “humiliation” at taking the reduced cost lunches and convenience at being identified by using a thumbprint.  Walter Hamilton, chairman of the International Biometric Industry Association, later admitted biometric’s potential for tracking someone were “worriesome”.

Brits taking a crack at biometrics wolves guarding the henhouse are offering $2,000 for the fingerprints of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Home Secretary Jaqui Smith.  
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