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HEAD TO HEAD: South Carolina Braces Against Real ID 3-31-08 w/ special thanks to Eric Ward of Columbia’s Free Times

COLUMBIA, SC – The South Carolina governor’s office released a five page letter with rationale for not filing a Real ID extension to the Department of Homeland Securities by today’s deadline.

“At the end of the day, I’m duty-bound to uphold the laws of our state, which right now say we can’t comply with Real ID,” Gov. Sanford said.

“That being said, I do fall into the camp that believes Real ID is poor public policy for any number of reasons, and we have some real questions as to whether the benefits in terms of security outweigh the costs in terms of time and money. We think the state legislature did the right thing last year when it said no to Real ID, and I’m going to keep working with Homeland Security and with other governors to keep this law from negatively impacting our state.”

Those following Real ID have eagerly awaited a response from the South Carolina governor’s office, as one of the last states holding out to file an extension deadline to implement Real ID. In a statement released this morning, the South Carolina governor asked that their state’s constituents not be treated any differently from states who have laws that prevent Real ID from being implemented, like Alaska and New Hampshire.