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NEWSFLASH – Mainstream, alt-news makers and pundits use a common polarizing tactic known as spin every day. Spin defined for us usually is clearly polemicized reporting from a blogger taking shots at a political stance or action. It’s a line or two at the bottom of some copy. It could be a graph to cast a negative and sundry light on those who espouse an undesired perspective.

Taking any political stand is tough. However, the consistent stand of this snarky blogger is that no form or manifest fashion of anything Real ID should be allowed to move forward without putting a hole in it.

Real ID, if implemented as designed today, would come crushing down on the average American individual for not having the right legal identity tender to do things like travel or enter federal buildings. There has also been significant coverage about the loss and complication of citizens’ privacy from data consolidation, biometrics and RFID tag use.

Lately certain news cretins, left leaning obviates, have gone subtle. What I have observed this week is AlterNet and NPR picking up Real ID and dusting it off in a favorable light. The news voice in support of Real ID in the past has always come from editorial page sledgehammers like Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) himself. This is a strange development after our witness history of support from the social justice NGOs, mostly Democratic and many many federal congressional Democrats sympathetic to public grief over Real ID.

NPR really surprised me with a rather disgusting display of irregular pandering to neo-con defense interests citing that a clause in the Real ID Act was passed to disallow terrorists on US soil.

So far, these rulings have not resulted in detainees’ being released in the United States. But that is only because, at present, the detainees are physically kept outside of the country. In the 2005 Real ID Act, Congress barred aliens who either have been members of terrorist organizations or have received paramilitary training in terrorist camps from entering our nation. Though one judge has tried to order detainees released here regardless, his order was reversed on appeal. Other judges have been hesitant to hold that their power to review detention rulings implies a power to order detainees released, much less released in the United States, in defiance of statutory proscription.


My thoughts immediately jumped to the sheer stupidity and ludicrousness that ANY terrorist, obviously present for the causes of terrorism, would be allowed to be here for, any reason, legally- EVER. Between the FBI, the CIA, the DHS and any other public agency [who may or may not be off the pay-to-fail program] looped into the events leading to 9-11 attacks, there was easily enough intel to root out the terrorists. They simply didn’t heed the call to competence. Real ID doesn’t fix that issue with our government.


Where does NPR’s motivation to report this misinformation come from? The public funds this media, right? Not all the time. The rest of the time it’s the MacArthur Foundation and other Council on Foreign Relations regulars who play patsy to neo-con interests from time to time when it starts to look like the United States is not the manageable, cohesive group which will foster their corporate or globalized interests. FUN FACT: Dick Cheney was once a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Under the subheader, Next They’ll Put a Chip in Your Brain, AlterNet made sure to single out an African American Tea Party member paying negative tribute to his awareness of the incorporation of RFID technology in licenses. They also made sure to illustrate, Nate of the LA Tea Party, wasn’t doing enough for the black race and that he’s clearly guilty of being an Obama apostate. While RFID does have disastrous implications if allowed to move forward without certain vigilance, AlterNet’s bloggers won’t be there to insure you if there’s a massive digital invasion of your life personally. They can go ahead and take shots at the easy targets [Christian “Teabaggers”] because it’s fun to hate. Kool-Aide, anyone?
While AlterNet can get away with making Tea Party people look bad, they are not getting away with a cheap attempt to humiliate away the proliferation of a database state agenda. Alarm over RFID proliferation is simply a sensational head at the top of a monstrous digital privacy boil. A really nasty boil, I might add, that many privacy, technology and civil liberty groups spend their days lancing by outing complicit corporations. The root? Public-private dealmaking over otherwise illegal intel gathering. Americans are being led unwillingly down the inequitable slope where corporations and certain sectors of government feed each others avarice for information, power and of course, money.
So what does this have to do with you? You are present on planet earth so Corporate vampires can make money off of you. Anything else is some sort of weird blasphemy to the likes of Yahoo!, Google, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, AAMVA, Choicepoint, Lexus Nexis, and any other business that will sell your information for cash.

I’ll go as far as saying that Democrats who don’t find problems with extended surveillance agendas plaguing the US have said, often directly, they have had their identity stolen – what more can they do to us with this license or database agenda?

I have to think about what they might really want. They want security in their government. They want protection from terrorists. Somewhere in the Democratic brain, where government is always the best path to problem solving, they may have said – unfunded mandate bad, extra surveillance as a compromise- OK! Which is why the Supermajority might continue to greenlight the PATRIOT Act and subsequent FISA agendas.

Moderate and even extreme left can understand when an agenda could lead to totalitarian behavior, but they often are not as sensitized at times to how that plays out in America. This is, unfortunately, in stark contrast to millions of Americans who are in between and outside of this 2 party system. There has been a general lack of sensitivity over issues made certain are problematic for civil liberty with the ’06 crop of Democrats. They were not necessarily the first to see what was wrong with the Real ID Act until a bunch of Republicans snuck it in without asking them first. Then it was: “How dare you ask for money!! That’s an unfunded mandate!!”

That was until 36 states and almost 5 years later the federal government was told to go pound sand until they can get the plan for average American identity right.


What the American people are left with is another food fight, but this time to save face over what was obviously a bad idea as the Real ID Act. Real ID has become a herald of 10th Amendment actions – nullification. States might think Real ID looks okay but they just couldn’t get the nasty taste out of their mouth, no matter the incentive.

Real ID is headed for a repeal. No matter what they throw at the likes of me or anyone who defends themselves from individual intrusion it won’t ever make Real ID a good and decent law for the benefit of the people.
You simply can’t polish a turd.
by Sheila Dean

It’s quizzical to me and many others why the Internet needs any regulation. Open source platforms don’t require any interference. Nevertheless, everyone who uses the Internet should be considering what would be gained or lost when it comes to web governance, myself included.

First, I needed to do some research. I started looking for more and any information on the debate outside of expert conventions. This, of course, was just to explore what’s out there.
And that is when I found – an e-forum promoting competitive Internet choices for consumers. They explain the arguments for and against Net Neutrality and give updates on what is actually happening in the struggle for control of web communication.
As a fallback position, I applied a convenient personal algorithm to any government propulsion league like the FCC: that which governs least, governs best. I’ve recently become quite spoiled by unregulated free speech, as a blogger and online talk radio host. It is really nice not to worry about hefty fines for dropping an f-bomb.
When I think of a society where the government regulates communication, specifically the internet, I think of China. China doesn’t have a super high jail population. So who are the criminals in their jails? Sometimes, it is people like muckraking journalists and other “dissidents” who spoke up against totalitarian governance. China pinches off access to sites in order to control populist communication. Their people cannot view things the government interprets as wrong for the country. So regulation of the internet can be done, because it was done in China.
The Chinese standard of net communication is certainly not appropriate for America. Many tend to believe that an open source Internet is an extension of our 1st Amendment.
The U.S. government flirts with totalitarianism for many reasons, among them unparalleled militarized empire. However, its is still an aberration to hear about U.S. citizens imprisoned conveniently for disagreeing with our government; indefinitely and without representation. We are still pretty far from that being the standard.
A unique problem in America, and unfortunately the world, is when we can’t reign in U.S. corporations for being criminal and unethical reckless destroyers of private property, human life, and perpetual occupying aggressors in foreign nations on the public dime. That is why giving the FCC the go ahead in this arena seems to be a different face of the same group of power grabbing corporations. Special interests step in and tell the government what they want to happen.
Balance is required. Important questions asked are: do we regulate businesses so they won’t dominate what people get to see? Or … Do we not regulate the open source wild west we all know and love? Is it really that free anymore and is the party really over?
The illusions come off as more information becomes available about ambitions to control or block control of the internet. The net neutrality game is definitely something that requires our attention. It is more complex than the options to do nothing or let the government decide.
The good news is there is currently is no cost or government rules against thinking about the subject and we certainly encourage you to do just that.

BTC – On January 11, 2008, the House Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee spoke his truth about privacy and domestic expenditures in the Real ID Act.

Representative Bennie Thompson sent correspondence to then DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff the day before Real ID Act regulations were announced to national press. Please read his eye opening letter ; which confirms current objections to the Real ID Act were present among lawmakers before the release of its regulations.
The bottom lines of his letter were profoundly clarifying where expenses are applied to the American people over Real ID.
“The Department has spent close to $300 million on programs that have been discontinued because of the failure to adhere to privacy rules and regulations. It is crucial that the Department take the necessary safeguards to ensure REAL ID does not become the next cancelled program.”

“In sum, this measure may not serve to make our nation safter.”

House Homeland Security Chairman, Bennie Thompson

BTC Editorial – We celebrate the victory of Net Neutrality by posting an editorial.

We recognize the static between mainstream press and newer sensational journalism being cranked out by smaller government conservative blogs. Bloggers, like myself, are willing to report exactly what is wrong with delegating too much steerage to today’s U.S. government. The tenure of the current federal corp of political players has become excessive and damaging to freedoms we are entitled to at birth as Americans. Big fans of the Constitution understand the integrity behind a positive, robust checks and balance system.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that system in good working order right now or we are not working with that system at all. In the case of the latter, we need dust off the enduring preserves of personal power we all possess and take responsibility for ourselves and for the actions of our government.
In essence, we call you to a different type of service to your country, government accountability. This service is not necessarily one where you take up armed weapons and storm a tangible enemy. Let’s not aim for the fly with a sledgehammer and wreck the building in the progress. You don’t send in a bull to negotiate in a room filled with fine china. You send a decisive shrewd adult who will tell the crooked merchant inside they have unpenned the bull and unlesss they correct their course in a hurry the bull will be by shortly to break their cases.
This is a preface for my criticism of the often reckless turns of some of my alt-news contemporaries who indulge in apocalyptic levels of fearmongering with no empowering equipment or solutions for the ill informed masses they incite to hysteria. Somehow the affect this creates is a calcification or a hardening to the concerns of the people by political leadership. When they are approached they tend to ignore people who have been stirred up into a hornet’s frenzy over irresponsible and inadequate reporting. Politcians tend to adopt a defensive mask which appears much like indifference.
Some people are simply addicted to the adrenaline shock alarmist news creates. Others take it too seriously. Oftentimes it does not produce active, responsible people empowered with knowledge of what they can do to manage their government and their lives. Regardless, it is our goal to herald some bad news, tamp down rumors and report news of victories and achievements of The People. (We do not recognize corporations as a populist voice and probably never will, regardless of current legal interpretation.)

This is blog entry is dedicated to Lori Smith, who inspired this diatribe with a more direct reprint about the misappropriation of the power of live blogging alt-press titled: “Illuminati” bullshit, “patriot” idiocy, and fear.

Please celebrate your 1st amendment today by writing a note of thanks to the FCC congratulating them for deciding correctly on Net Neutrality. It was the right thing to do.


The fight for Net Neutrality took a big step forward on Monday with the chair of the Federal Communications Commission announcing plans to expand the rules to protect a free and open Internet.

In a speech at the Brookings Institution, Julius Genachowski said the FCC must be a “smart cop on the beat” preserving Net Neutrality against increased efforts by providers to block services and applications over both wired and wireless connections.

Genachowski’s speech comes as a breath of fresh air in a Washington policy environment that has long stagnated under the influence of a powerful phone and cable lobby.

“If we wait too long to preserve a free and open Internet, it will be too late,” Genachowski said citing a number of recent examples where network providers have acted as gatekeepers:

We have witnessed certain broadband providers unilaterally block access to VoIP applications (phone calls delivered over data networks) and implement technical measures that degrade the performance of peer-to-peer software distributing lawful content. We have even seen at least one service provider deny users access to political content.
A Call for Wired and Wireless Neutrality
The agency has earlier noted concerns about the blocking of applications and services on new handheld Internet devices such as the iPhone. :::MORE HERE:::

But first a witness….

On Monday during a testimony hearing of HB 4036 before the Public Safety Committee, DPS Chief Judy Brown was called as a neutral witness by Rep. Tommy Merritt, who filed the legislation. HB 4036 is a state legisation that would provide Texas with one Real ID as intended in accordance with the federal regulations.

Rep. Merritt asked if there was any RFID chips in this version of the bill, if it had any biometrics and if there was in fact a DHS database. Chief Judy Brown replied no on all three accounts.

Later, I was called to testify as opposed to the federal-to-state legislation, in which I pointed out that Section 2.14 of HB 4036 called for “facial comparison technology and digital fingerprints” – which is biometrics and verified that there was in fact no RFID chips called for in the licenses.

However, I did add a correction to the notion of the non-existence of a database saying, “There is no DHS database. However there is a database maintained by State Agencies called an Information Analysis Center which stores and shares all kinds of sensitive voter information, license and identity information such as {…} in which the DHS has oversight.”


Janet Napolitano and Texas Governor Rick Perry’s danced a 2-step to preserve continuity of government with some immigration posturing. This trifling of the American identity through the sieve of political documentation came out in this murky account, in the San Antonio Express News.

So to make a point expressly clear to conventional mainstream media, the 5-11 Campaign released this statement to editors and to news outlets.

Dear Editors,

The federal call to complicity with a national ID card is an inappropriate approach to identifying the “bad actors” in our society.

America is a strong nation. Texas is a great part of that nation. Commercial confidence is not the only priority we have. We are maintaining ourselves well in the face of prospective dangers while persevering in financial crisis. We are strong and capable of answering for ourselves and living above fear.

This is our identity and our heritage.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I do speak for those who have watched the terrible erosion of freedoms taken for granted over the last several years. These error’s apparent, began with what the Austin Chronicle called “the legislative blitz of 2005” : The Patriot Act, The Military Tribunals Act, and the former suspension of Posse Comitatus and the Real ID Act of 2005. This later led to Homeland Security waiving 36 essential state and federal laws to forge eminent domain claims against objections of Texas property owners.

Moreover, The Real ID Act calls for a nationalized ID card [containing biometrics or facial comparison technology and fingerprints, along with your Social Security Number] to be added to a highly insecure national to international database. Your personal data then takes a journey as it joins an Information Analysis Center operated by a State agency. From there it is joined to a network of 57 other fusion centers cross country and then shared with customs in Canada and Mexico, mostly as unprotected data. Contrary to a popular belief, a National ID card doesn’t weed out those undocumented or criminal aliens who have long since figured out how to work around a system where their black market work force identity sustains itself. A National ID card causes Americans to declare their citizenship within their borders as an internal passport.

I do not need an internal passport in the country I was born in and have travelled in all of my life. A driver’s license is for operating a vehicle. It is only one form of acceptable identity in this country. For those so compelled to declare their citizenship as a priority, get a passport.

The Real ID as a National ID plan has been around before the September 11th attacks.

I ask Texans to take their identity personally and to not allow the federal government to slip this leash around your neck. From here law enforcement may conveniently forget who you are and no matter how much identity you materialize it will never be enough to satisfy their demand to arbitrarily detain Texans on the whims of unelected officials.

Don’t get suckered with a nationalized ID.


Sheila Dean

Barr Urges Congressional Action to Repeal

Rep. Bob Barr, small-government party prodigal returned, as Libertarian Presidential nominee cites he has been consistently in favor of a repeal of Real ID.

Unfortunately, skepticism naggs Libertarians who soured against a penitent Barr over his affirmative Patriot Act vote while he was a Republican Congressional leader. In an election where Constitutional mores are muffled by Corporate media censorship and cast aside in favor of “Homeland Security” by the Bush Administration; civil libertarians are exceptionally sensitive to any hint of losing ground.

Those who stopped watching OBAMA TV a.k.a CNN, NBC/MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX {You get it.} months ago for any peep on gains of Constitutional relevance may still have an eye out for any resurfacing of approaches to halt the massive attack on our country’s fundamental documents. 

“’September 11’ has become the catch-all excuse for virtually every proposed expansion of government power,” notes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president. “One example is a national identification card and data base, long desired by some in government, and which was mandated by legislation passed by the Congress in 2005 with the support of both Senators McCain and Obama. Although I was no longer in the Congress when this bad legislation was passed, I had vigorously opposed it in the years since it became law, just as I led the successful effort to rescind a previous mandate for a national ID card, ” says Barr of his opponents unfavorable voting record.

Those looking to Obama to uphold the Constitution should take account of the only sneak-preview they may get prior to the November election. He voted “Aye” for FISA. Which means we’ll have green energy solutions and the warrantless wire-tappings will continue with carte-blanche immunity for highly compensated Telecomm traitors. Only the greed of corporate whistleblowers can save us now.

He voted AYE for the Patriot Act and AYE for Real ID. Benefit of the doubt?

We’ll be checking in with the McCain camp for any radar regarding Real ID – even though it’s not really a war or economy issue. Maybe if we pretend its a taxation issue he’ll look.

Barr’s campaign release included an Executive Branch plan of action on Real ID.

“As president, I would submit legislation to repeal the law.  I also would use my authority as president to limit the law’s impact to the extent allowed by law—establishing privacy safeguards, extending compliance deadlines, and relaxing license requirements.  Protecting the people’s liberties and privacy is central to government’s role, not an afterthought – factors obviously not important to my opponents in both the Republican and Democratic Parties who supported the Real ID Act.”