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San Francisco City Hall at Christmas

Dear Readers,
This Holiday Season I promised a Tuesday news drop until the end of the year.
Due to adversity, misfortune and just really bad luck BeatTheChip disappointed. Please accept this Holiday apology in lieu of a much deserved news delivery catch-up very soon from a new location, the San Francisco Bay area.
I am not the only one suffering from humanity this Christmas.
One of the world’s strongest anti-National ID supporters EVER, Michael Badnarik, has suffered from a heart attack.

“I want to kill it, burn it … and shoot it into space!!”
Michael Badnarik on Real ID
Please send your prayers, kindness and thoughtful wishes c/o Elaine Badnarik at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital CCU in Lacrosse, WI . My heart goes out to Michael Badnarik, the ’04 Libertarian presidential candidate as he recovers.
At last word he is in a coma. We hope and pray he will stay on with us to help us just a little bit longer.
God Bless everyone who is struggling this Christmas. Obviously, we struggle with you.
Sheila Dean