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Also very good from the Family catalog, Stand! 


Make sure to search “Facebook” on this blog’s search bar to pull all of the tangential news. Why waste a perfectly good show complaining about it, when really important news is getting no coverage – like in the case of our Special Guest.

NEW TO THE SHOW: Ambient Music!
Here’s how it works… cue it up from this link and hit the play button during Ed Hasbrouck’s world class interview. You can listen to the interview with or without the sound. It should calm it down so you can be a rational sane person during and after this interview vs. someone super agitated while you have to get through the rest of your day.

CAN YOU PROVE YOUR NOT A TERRORIST with the Identity Project ?

SPECIAL GUEST: Edward Hasbrouck, leading privacy and travel identity blogger/advocate (blogvocate?) updates us on what is happening to paid escalation services to bypass or to expedite time consuming trips with the TSA. Heads up for Nexxus and CLEAR card owners – this is very bad news.

Hasbrouck also discusses the latest on a New Mexico man who is facing jail time for refusing ID to fly. In the trend of the exceptional becoming the norm, it is really high time we started paying WAY more attention to travel surveillance. The US is leading the international pack in the quest to surveill everyone. We discuss what’s driving this in a very special 53 minute interview. Do we still have to worry about an RFID chip? Oh yeah.

SEE ALSO: USA presses travel surveillance and control agenda at ICAO

DIY GOVERNMENT: Continue to send your opposition to National ID programs. Washington needs to hear from your one man army.