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New Mexico reports are piling in about every facet and every detailed move DHS or their local governance makes in the direction of a national ID card. However, New Mexico’s Senators Udall and Bingaman both have responded to constituents demands to go against the PASS Act.
Most states are pacing themselves on the national ID debate to get through the Healthcare valley of decision. Provisional procrastination on PASS ID and the prospective DHS deadline drama has created a slow reaction time from most States. However, New Mexico’s political leaders are buzzing. State level press has been dispached on fact finding missions for any whisker movement from the national ID strata, reporting any leg of development as quickly as possible.
To wit, we feature Neala Schwartzberg for news and analysis in New Mexico. To follow is her latest on New Mexico’s relationship to Real ID and a digest of her recent work on the issue. We thank her for joining the ranks of media active in coverage of this issue.

New Mexico is not supportive of Real ID in its current form.When talking about Real ID, [Rick] Homans [Secy. of NM Tax and Revenues] says, “It was a bad law to begin with and that’s why 14 states have passed binding legislation that prohibits their state government from taking any steps to comply with Real ID.”


Special to BTC, Neala Schwartzberg

One of the issues for us in New Mexico is the issue of foreign nationals. New Mexico views border security as a federal issue and the safety of New Mexico roads and highways as a state issue.

The lack of compliance with the Real ID act does not come from poor security. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of Real and Pass ID, all the security measures, background checks New Mexico is fully in compliance.

Homans notes that people have the perception that if we solve the issue of foreign nationals we’d be home free – but we are still strongly opposed because the issues of privacy and compliance and federal government overstepping its reach.

Neala Schwartzberg is an Albuquerque-based freelance writer specializing in travel-related stories, and publisher of and and The Albuquerque Travel Examiner.


c/0 EFF UPDATE >> Julian

It appears that the only television news network that’s been regularly covering the PATRIOT Act renewal process in Congress has been FOX News, and its coverage has seemed a lot more like pro-PATRIOT propaganda than unbiased news reporting. Fortunately, Julian Sanchez of The Cato Institute has been fact-checking this closely.

In other news….

Obama Sides with Republicans; PATRIOT Act Renewal Bill Passes Senate
Judiciary Committee Minus Critical Civil Liberties Reform

It looks like most of the Senators on the Judiciary Committee weren’t swayed by last week’s New York Times editorial, which suggested they consider USA PATRIOT Act renewal a “critical chance to add missing civil liberties and privacy protections, address known abuses and trim excesses that contribute nothing to making America safer.”

Instead, the Committee passed a bill to renew all of the PATRIOT powers that were set to expire at the end of the year, with only a handful of the original reforms that were first proposed by Senators Feingold and Durbin’s JUSTICE Act and Committee Chairman Leahy’s original PATRIOT renewal bill.

No, rather than adding more protections to the bill, the Committee voted to accept seven Republican amendments to the USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act to remove the few civil liberties protections left in the bill after it was already watered down at the previous Committee meeting. Surprisingly and disappointingly, most of those amendments were recommended to their Republican sponsors by the Obama Administration.

As Senator Feingold so elegantly stated in his post-vote blog post on Daily Kos: “In the end…Democrats have to decide if they are going to stand up for the rights of the American people or allow the FBI to write our laws.”


Tell your Senators to support PATRIOT reforms like those in the JUSTICE Act!

BTC Editorial – We celebrate the victory of Net Neutrality by posting an editorial.

We recognize the static between mainstream press and newer sensational journalism being cranked out by smaller government conservative blogs. Bloggers, like myself, are willing to report exactly what is wrong with delegating too much steerage to today’s U.S. government. The tenure of the current federal corp of political players has become excessive and damaging to freedoms we are entitled to at birth as Americans. Big fans of the Constitution understand the integrity behind a positive, robust checks and balance system.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that system in good working order right now or we are not working with that system at all. In the case of the latter, we need dust off the enduring preserves of personal power we all possess and take responsibility for ourselves and for the actions of our government.
In essence, we call you to a different type of service to your country, government accountability. This service is not necessarily one where you take up armed weapons and storm a tangible enemy. Let’s not aim for the fly with a sledgehammer and wreck the building in the progress. You don’t send in a bull to negotiate in a room filled with fine china. You send a decisive shrewd adult who will tell the crooked merchant inside they have unpenned the bull and unlesss they correct their course in a hurry the bull will be by shortly to break their cases.
This is a preface for my criticism of the often reckless turns of some of my alt-news contemporaries who indulge in apocalyptic levels of fearmongering with no empowering equipment or solutions for the ill informed masses they incite to hysteria. Somehow the affect this creates is a calcification or a hardening to the concerns of the people by political leadership. When they are approached they tend to ignore people who have been stirred up into a hornet’s frenzy over irresponsible and inadequate reporting. Politcians tend to adopt a defensive mask which appears much like indifference.
Some people are simply addicted to the adrenaline shock alarmist news creates. Others take it too seriously. Oftentimes it does not produce active, responsible people empowered with knowledge of what they can do to manage their government and their lives. Regardless, it is our goal to herald some bad news, tamp down rumors and report news of victories and achievements of The People. (We do not recognize corporations as a populist voice and probably never will, regardless of current legal interpretation.)

This is blog entry is dedicated to Lori Smith, who inspired this diatribe with a more direct reprint about the misappropriation of the power of live blogging alt-press titled: “Illuminati” bullshit, “patriot” idiocy, and fear.

Please celebrate your 1st amendment today by writing a note of thanks to the FCC congratulating them for deciding correctly on Net Neutrality. It was the right thing to do.