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Here is second life for news that matters.

BOSTON TEA PARTY OPPOSES NATIONAL ID,  PERIOD. I guess national id cards are officially unamerican.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t still trying to sell the EDL in Michigan.  Florida is fighting it.  Downsize D.C. amid coalition efforts wants their repeal.  Real ID after 5 years is still getting consistently bad press from the blogosphere.

Facecrook’s Mark Zuckerberg, dubbed Little Caesar, waits for someone to defend his privacy.  We hope for a different haircut and to know how much money is awarded to the person who sues the pants off of him …. again.

Facebook as Caesar

GPS tracks again… that’s what it does.  Now it gets your kids and the prisoners.  All sitting prospects in the public-private target range for the gubmint market.  I’ll bet you’re really surprised. Commentary by EFF.

FUSION CENTER UPDATE:  CIR reports… Special word goes out to the Electronic Privacy Information Center.  What do they do? They provide information about Electronic Privacy. It’s awesome when they do.

Alternet tackles naked body scanners on the street in broad daylight. God, what a weird feeling that must have been…

STATUS: We are wondering about the individual mandate for a national healthcare ID.

India’s issues with the Unique Identification Authority of India.  FYI…Don’t buy a cell phone in China...

BEIJING — China wants people who buy new cell phone numbers to register their personal details, joining many European and Asian countries in curbing the anonymous use of mobile technology.

There have been some changes to  FISA,  warrentless cell or telephone tapping are up for PUBLIC INPUT until OCTOBER 24, 2010.   I’m TELLIN’!!

Germany’s national ID cards move to contactless technology citing NXP as national ID card chip of choice.  c/o Contactless News

“The German government has selected NXP as the supplier of an inlay solution containing a SmartMX chip, packaged in an ultra-thin module. Issuance of German contactless ID cards, which will replace the current paper-based IDs, will start in November. More than 60 million cards are expected to be rolled out over the next ten years.”

FLOGGER Jim Harper takes you on an East German train ride and makes some connection you may have missed.

Denver has a nasty case of Bad Cop according to ProLibertate. However, here’s a report causing cognative dissonance in the deliverance of justice in a UK case where CCTV got a bad cop off the streets.

BTC – Think good thoughts.  Summer is almost over and soon it will be time for a new revolution.  This blog goes out to all the kids with runny noses, fat chicks and slaves chained to their desks who never get any playtime.  Listen fast- learn to play anyway because I really don’t think there is an organ donor program for adrenal glands.

The stuff you read on this blog will stress you in new ways and give you new perspectives.  What it won’t do is eat your ice cream for you, play with your kids, take arbitrary fashion tips from drag queens or call your mom.  There is life during and after the disaster of a bully surveillance society.

Pretty posh for post-surveillance functionality, eh?

Here is second life for news that matters:

PUBLIC INPUT: FCC charts cyber security roadmap with public’s help

More Top Secret America on FBI clearances.  Operation Rotten Tomato  & Obama admin digital surveillance grabs

Wireless Cars sensors vulnerable to hackers

Court rejects Warrentless GPS tracking

J. Sanchez get’s after the GPS throes

Privacy baked in from the beginning

Internet worker ungagged

No Naked Scanners for Denver – a bright idea would be to take these machines and enter them into the adult industry where they belong. I’m pretty sure Larry Flynt would get one for a Hustler NSA special issue or something…[TAKE A HINT, LFP!]

LaserCard gets bid for Italian national ID’s

$600M border bill unlikely to spur immigration reform

SIA defends biometrics from Alaskan bill

BTC – It’s finally happened.   Beat The Chip cannot possibly contain the news downpour coming from the havoc wreaked by our monster government.  

After doing this blog for over two years, I’ve broken down and decided to introduce another blog.  Godzilla Government is meant for the overflow of news to contain the ongoing political freak fest complete with miserable exploding pundits and the flopping and gasping of politicians in the evaporating shallows and the wreckage of what we get to live with.  Every revolution starts with a song and dance, listen here.

This is all the introduction the overflow blog is going to get.

Welcome to the gate of Godzilla Government.



Make sure to search “Facebook” on this blog’s search bar to pull all of the tangential news. Why waste a perfectly good show complaining about it, when really important news is getting no coverage – like in the case of our Special Guest.

NEW TO THE SHOW: Ambient Music!
Here’s how it works… cue it up from this link and hit the play button during Ed Hasbrouck’s world class interview. You can listen to the interview with or without the sound. It should calm it down so you can be a rational sane person during and after this interview vs. someone super agitated while you have to get through the rest of your day.

CAN YOU PROVE YOUR NOT A TERRORIST with the Identity Project ?

SPECIAL GUEST: Edward Hasbrouck, leading privacy and travel identity blogger/advocate (blogvocate?) updates us on what is happening to paid escalation services to bypass or to expedite time consuming trips with the TSA. Heads up for Nexxus and CLEAR card owners – this is very bad news.

Hasbrouck also discusses the latest on a New Mexico man who is facing jail time for refusing ID to fly. In the trend of the exceptional becoming the norm, it is really high time we started paying WAY more attention to travel surveillance. The US is leading the international pack in the quest to surveill everyone. We discuss what’s driving this in a very special 53 minute interview. Do we still have to worry about an RFID chip? Oh yeah.

SEE ALSO: USA presses travel surveillance and control agenda at ICAO

DIY GOVERNMENT: Continue to send your opposition to National ID programs. Washington needs to hear from your one man army.

A Letter from the Editor,
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BTC – The POTUS does not have privacy. The Washington Post has made it a point to expose Obama’s every move through a widespread national database virulently available to …anyone.

How’s that for pressure? My thought here is that maybe the Post’s database will go away if the federal Government can find a way to keep that from happening to us. I have a suggestion: REPEAL THE REAL ID ACT.

As I have said in the past, the American people do not share the benefits, the immunity or the power of the United States Presidency or of elected officials. We need the dignity of our privacy.

Is having stalkers cool?
It’s disturbing and creepy. If someone we knew were singling us out this way, we would go get a court order to restrain them for such behavior. Why the hell should we tolerate it from our government, whatever their excuse is?

BTC Editorial

I’ve noticed the amount of coverage that passes as news about Real ID and national identity, my own angles included is actually editorial. That’s why I don’t print Numbers USA’s longwinded and desperate comment tirades on this blog. Everything currently on the news market about Real ID is editorialized.
The important question to ask is, why?
As Real ID news complies with current national news trends; he who has the dollars is buying the news. Secure ID Coalition can beat the drum all day long, but it won’t change the actual number of States from 25 opposed to 13. The corporate press and Washington can say the number of States opposed to Real ID is 13 instead of 50% of the United States. It doesn’t changes the fact that Governors signed off on bills from the ground up through 2 chambers of State government which established their policy and legal application of how to not handle Real ID. If you merely rebrand it PASS ID and continue Real ID on the books, the States will punt your sorry game back to your court doorsteps, just like it has done over a year’s time.
Maintaining Real ID as hubris to save Sensenbrenner fiscal loss and embarassment, and others like him, is really a bad championship for the identity of every adult American. We here at Beat The Chip, represent a voice who will carefully explain truth to the powers, without apology, who have underestimated exactly how personal this is. The Senate and Congress can repackage Real ID 10 times, as they have – once people know what is wrong with what you are doing THEY ARE GOING TO STOP YOU FROM DOING IT.
Someone, maybe several, is going to lose their seat for attempting to shove Real ID down our throats 2 and 3 forms over. The U.S. government has simply gotten it wrong this time. We are not the only countrymen on this planet who have a big problem with a national ID card process.
We know what national identity is about.
National identity has not much if anything at all to do with security according to varied sources. There’s not a hint of moderation about Real ID. It works exclusively in the favor of a select few businesses, who are continually asking for permission to continue with an agenda to create identity that goes against both democracy and a constitutional republic. They are overly attached to the RFID technology as a consequence.
Case in point, regulations inclusive of RFID technology which are unsafe and insecure as part of the continuance of the Real ID Act sing the symptomatic problems with the PASS Act. The information trade is a huge boom, if businesses can glean your information for no extra costs from RFID tag trails and then sell this information idefinitely as their property, it’s better than slavery for them. Specifically, if you don’t protest and you don’t know about it. As usual, those who know security believe they know what’s best for Americans as long as it means that it profits them.
They aren’t just wrong this time; their hands will be tied behind their backs again and again for insisting against the gentleness of the American people. The same people who have been repeatedly betrayed by their immediate government. There is none left to trust among the 3 branches, so they must either stop what they are doing or be replaced. It’s entropy.