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Canada’s viral documentary on the Security & Prosperity Partnership

BTC  Review- The Nation’s Deathbed is one of the few documentaries out there about the SPP/NAU or the Secured Prosperity Partnership and how it affects someone other than the U.S.  In August of  2007, riots precipitated over meetings in Montebello, Canada evading common knowledge. Media manipulation obscured the challenge to national soverignty facing the North American Continent.

One stark example carried in the film, is the incorporation of propagandized vocabulary, like the word “harmonize” to directly affect trade barriers. This translates to lowering Canadian standards over many things including the use of pesticides with crops and food.

While it mimics other youthful, 9-11 Truth documentaries flooding the web and grassroots media, it brings a distinct experience of Canada’s open recognition of the challenges to it’s sovereignty.  This is identified right down to the Amero currency and a new continental identity in line with the Western Hemisphere Travel initiative.