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BTC –  Austin may witness the rueful day it’s City comissoner’s snubb citizen protest over a well publicized effort to bring about the North Lamar Fusion Center.   There was much concern expressed over the proposed centers data security and current police practices working against common privacy.   Intelligence Led Policing  and the “all crimes” reporting practice of siphoning seatbelt tickets into a Joint Terrorism Task Force database pipeline reveal a great deal of non-terrorist and even non-criminal activities being entered into Fusion Center intelligence hubs.

The likelihood is high that both political and racial profiling would have a police policy anchor in Austin, based on research released earlier this year by The Public Eye.  This could bring a chill to one of the most active and vibrant political communities in America.

For those advocating against it, there is still time to fight City Hall.  It is not “all decided ahead of time.”