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Big brother could be keeping a closer eye on you
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OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma lawmaker is calling a piece of legislation under consideration in the U.S. Congress a “big brother, big government bill.” The Pass I.D. Act calls for standardizing driver’s licenses across the country, but State Representative Paul Wesselhoft says the bill is an invasion of privacy.

“I think it’s big brother at its worst. I know the motive behind it is to curb illegal immigration and other security issues but I think it’s a violation of our 4th Amendment,” says Rep. Wesselhoft (R-Moore).

Representative Wesselhoft believes the Pass I.D. Act could give the government unprecedented access to your personal information through your driver’s license.

The republican claims there’s a provision in the bill that calls for ID’s like licenses to carry radio frequency identification chips.

“They could embed that with a chip, they can track you and find out not only where you are, but who you are,” says Rep. Wesselhoft.

The U.S. Senator from Hawaii who is sponsoring the act says that’s just not the case.

We contacted Senator Daniel Akaka’s office; his staff told us the bill implements the 9/11 commissions requirements for driver’s license security.

In a written statement, the senator’s office says: “Neither REAL ID nor PASS ID call for computer chips of any sort. As recommended by the 9/11 commission, the existing REAL ID regulations require IDs to contain machine readable barcodes much like you would find at the supermarket. Police officers can scan the barcodes to easily verify the information printed on the front of the ID and detect fake IDs. Many states have been using the barcodes for years.”

Despite what the congressman’s office told us, Representative Wesselhoft says there is language in the bill that could allow for computer chips in driver’s licenses.

However, he does admit he has not read the bill in its entirety.

The representative is now proposing a new bill aimed at protecting Oklahoma driver’s licenses from government intrusion by preemptively disallowing state and local governments from tracking a persons location or obtaining personal information from an individuals driver’s license.

RUMOUR HAS IT …Oklahoma is hard at work with partners Constitutional Alliance in stopping Real ID.  No recent bill activity is confirmed yet.  However you can check for details on  Axxiom’s (a.k.a. Kaye Beach) newest blog to track back Real ID for her state.  She covers a host of other issues and is one of’s hotshot bloggers.

AUSTIN  – LEGEerazzi are roundabout hounding 5-11 Campaign members for details on their bill.  A bill so secretive that very few committee members had the courage to appear for the final vote. Committee members may have lost their motivation due a requirement to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to cast final amendments votes to their bill draft.   Campaign leaders are being asked for details on the bill, but have explained to national talk show hosts that information is limited.   “Sorry, no comment – I signed an NDA, ” said Sheila Dean, the recently elected President of the 5-11 Campaign. 
If anyone is worried about that pesky Real ID Asylum clause in Texas, they should look into what Lawrence Rushton is doing.
Maryland’s Governor met with Team Obama about prioritzing Real ID in the space of a crapshoot economy where the odds of losing are greater the more we invest in unfunded mandates.    
It goes something to the tune of indicating citizenship on a license.  (AHEM- YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE?)  Citizens get painted by the same brush as “illegals”.  Press affiliates have their palms up, titling editorials like, “Real ID doesn’t have to be like Big Brother”.
Give an inch, take a mile.  This is not the identity requirement they want greenlit so close to Washington.
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Lipan Apache border wall opponents are supported in their stance by many national and regional organizations, including the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, International Indian Treaty Council and Alianza Sin Fronteras.

The Lipan Apaches Women Defense group’s letter followed a similar appeal this month to Obama by elected officials from El Paso, Texas. Initial signatories of the El Paso letter included Texas state Senator Eliot Shapleigh (D-El Paso), El Paso city Councilman Steve Ortega and US Congressman Silvestre Reyes (D-El Paso). Reyes is a former Border Patrol sector chief for the El Paso area.