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BTC –  Through my travels, I have observed a seasonal effort to increase local passenger surveillance on public transit. Sometimes passengers actually do create problems for themselves and others. That’s part of the public transit system. However, it really adds a touch of cold war scope creep when you get to hear announcements made by the DHS Secretary “if you see something, say something”.   This also means terrorism is subject to interpretation by the general public, who are not trained law enforcement professionals.

Today Operation Rail Safe was set in motion by the TSA nationwide to supervise trains, specifically AMTRAK systems. 

To keep it in perspective, recent reports compare that more people die of poverty than from terrorism.   *Ghandi’s said once, “Enforced poverty is the worst violence against a people”.

So here’s my casual advice for passengers;  do not allow ANYONE on public transit to provoke you.

Here are my reasons.

There may be a rider who: doesn’t like your hair, who is having a bad day or for whatever reason wants to see otherwise innocent people lose their freedoms. Transit personnel may and have openly tested riders, just like police officers, to initiate a confrontation so they have cause to search and detain people they simply don’t like.  There are a lot of malicious people in life whose aim is to put you in a bad situation. In these treacherous times, a confrontation on public transit could lead to your name and events being dumped into a terrorist watch list.  We know this because basic traffic infractions have been entered into fusion center databases.  Suddenly, someone who had a speeding ticket is in the same database as someone with reasonable suspicion of being an international terrorist.  In won’t be fair, but the results are the same.  Ask one the hundreds of thousands of innocent people on TSA’s no-fly list.

We are asking you to not be that fearful working class hero. Be that reasonable innocent getting from A-to-B.

In the Bay Area, it’s all seems to be part of TransitWatch. In the East Bay and Oakland, where a securely detained passenger may be murdered in broad daylight by local police working the public transit beat; the TSA has initiated Operation Rail Safe.

MORE HERE: Video@KTVU- OAKLAND: Security Beefed Up At Local Amtrak Station

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