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BTC HUMOR – Again, preoccupied with the other perilous dangers to modern identity freedom we had to let a better qualified, free market racer to think the “FCC Regulation” of the internet through.

[We think it’s an impossible undertaking for the FCC to do. For them to even try is really funny.]

Yes, Jim Harper can change government with the sheer power of his mind. It’s because he’s really a Jedi knight who has the power to go on TV. After watching this, ALL the chunky kids will eat salad and wanna be on TV too.


This morning on Waking Up Orwell, Shahid Buttar had to be angry- while- speaking concerning the chronic erosion of personal privacy and he let a “Pacifica word” slip out.

Buttar’s work to end “disturbances in the force” from the PATRIOT Act is vitally important to cover on any outlet that will give him a microphone. Listen to the last 15 minutes of the program for details on how to get your community involved in tried and true methods to push back against -really, totalitarian surveillance agendas- and when Shahid drops his FCC conventions online.

In the end, we had a laugh because we know online Radio or netcast is not FCC regulated.
We activists are really happy about that.