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BTC – An international day of protest of news and public affairs handling of the Wikileaks incarcerations (Bradley Manning, Julian Assange) is rumored to take place at US and/or British embassies worldwide tomorrow THURSDAY 12-16-2010.

FAIR news association peition here.

Here is second life for news that matters:

Truthout interview with ANONYMOUS hackers

Celebrity sponsored bailout of Wikileaks Assange

Larry Flynt publishes on the sex lives of dead Presidents

Chairman Paul: “AUDIT THE FED

Partial defunding of the Real ID Act aggravates isolationists who want to market your identity data with as many “immigration” databases as possible.

Ahh-CHOO! *SMART DUST* A double-edged public technology for service or data/identity surveillance.

TRUE: Creepy Huxley driven Patriot app available on iPhones to iSnitch on your neighbor. Bring it with you to Wal-Mart!

GUIDE: How to “fall off the grid” 

BTC  –  Julian Sanchez saves the day by tweeting @normative.

Here is second life for news that matters:

What it looks like when the government regulates the net

The Rambles and The Panopticon

DHS has a privacy office.  They released their guide to implementing privacy.

Global proliferation of biometric identity systems 

New Zealand to share asylum seeker prints with UK, US and Canada and Australia

Iowa’s terror watch fusion center catches petty thief