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Posted: January 30, 2011 in partisanship

BTC – Voting is not a matter of national security.  It’s in your longterm interests to make sure it doesn’t suddenly become an issue of national security.  I think that’s how coups happen.

c/o Ken Bonner at The Daily Sentinel  on Real ID, NSTIC and the burgeoning surveillance state.

It’s not about party affiliation — it’s about control.

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Here is second life for news that matters. 

Texas Senate passes GOP-backed voter ID bill

“This session we have real problems that require real leadership. The people of Texas want us to work on those issues, not focus on narrow, partisan games. Voter ID is not an emergency and should not be our first priority.” 

– Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis in the Digital Journal  

Why is Voter ID an emergency?” 

Why Texas is behaving so badly.