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BTC – Popular Science, an online tech magazine, reveals the panoramic divide facing the National Strategies for Identity in Cyberspace proposal which held its first privacy centric workshop at MIT Cambridge Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The Point/Counterpoint column exhibits the polarities in debate discussions reflected in some of the work groups and their findings.

IN FAVOR: We Need a System of Internet IDs by Becky Ferreira
“It’ll save us money and provide secure (yet optional) ways to do our online banking, healthcare, and taxes.”

OPPOSED: Internet IDs Are a Terrible Idea by Bryan Gardiner
“Internet IDs will be ineffective, risky, and won’t address the root of our real problems with online security.”

Summary releases and updates can be found at and the NIST website. Other workshops and seminars are scheduled Monday, Tuesday of next week and throughout the Summer.

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