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Supporters of bill S.978 to make streaming a felony have given U.S. Senators more than $85 million

BERKELEY, CA–June 20, 2011 – On Thursday, June 16, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved S.978, sponsored by  Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D, MN), which would make it a felony to stream copyrighted material online. According to a MapLight analysis, the bill is supported by a broad coalition of industry heavy-hitters, including organizations such as the Recording Industry Association of America, the Motion Picture Association of America, AT&T, NBC Universal, CBS Corporation, Time Warner, The Walt Disney Company, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Together, interest groups supporting the bill have given more than $85 million in campaign contributions to current Senators over the last six years.

To conduct a search for campaign contributions to Senators in office from the individual organizations listed above click  here. Or, contact MapLight, our research team would be happy to assist.

Methodology: Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of Senators in office during the 112th U.S. Congress, from interest groups invested in the vote according to MapLight, January 1, 2005 – December 31, 2010. Campaign contribution data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics,

Something evil is happening to our rights. I realized today that the US Constitution has been hermetically sealed for it’s own protection as a historical document.

” In 1951, The U.S. Constitution, U.S. Declaration of Independence and U.S. Bill of Rights were hermetically sealed with helium gas in glass cases housed in the U.S. National Archives in Washington, DC. In 2003, they were moved to new glass cases hermetically sealed with argon.[1]”

Our constitution went from storage in Helium based on the word, Helios,

In Plato‘s Republic (516B), Helios, the Sun, is the symbolic offspring of the idea of the Good.

In 2003 it was placed in Argon.  Argon also has a root word with some meaning.

“The name “argon” is derived from the Greek word αργον meaning “lazy” or “the inactive one”, a reference to the fact that the element undergoes almost no chemical reactions.”

Our Constitution is now a time capsule item suited for space travel.

If you were to use the view of an alchemist who believes in symbolic evolution, the elemental containment of our Constitution reveals a consequence. The original document of the US Constitution, imbued with the sweat and energy of the Founding Fathers, is suspended from nature and the life and times of Americans. The daily erosion of our inalienable rights and freedoms, formerly enviable by the rest of the world, seem to be under a horrific slumber spell.

One might imagine the Constitution to be a legal force suspended in a cryogenic chamber, rather than an active force for good.

The Constitution represents an ideal, emanating brilliant prospects for any American who will adopt its principles. Regardless of its physical state or even its symbolic state, an alchemist can reverse engineer the negative elemental effects of slumber by enacting active principles in waking life.  The conditions preceding the document were actions of wise colonial revolutionaries and those willing to die rather than be taxed without representation.

Today we have a form of representation which fails to function.  It too seems to be suffering from an annullment or a form of slumber.  We have undeclared wars which overlook constitutional rule of law and international human rights conventions.   Our Representatives continue to reauthorize the Patriot Act, which also annuls basic rights and liberties protected by the US Constitution.  The Dept. of Justice looks the other way at telecomm and wiretapping lawsuits and egregious impeachable offenses.

It looks as if America has again slipped into the colonial straits of the forefathers.  The very same ones who pitched tea into the harbors, tarring and feathering tax collectors.

Today we suffer; denied the benefits and protections of the US Constitution.

Unfortunately- it is Tax Day 2011. Citizens everywhere endure taxation with runaway misrepresentation, endorsing our country’s self-sabotage, leading the generations to a 3rd world debtor State with threat of imprisonment.

Where do we go to experience taxation without coersion?  Where do we go in America to have adequate representation when the Constitution gets voted down in order to expand government control?  Where do we go to get the hell away from a monstrous, mutating government model which only support the profit base for its growth?

Corporations whose  business model is built on government sales and distribution, will endorse the expanded role of government so their market share can grow.   Entire businesses will fight you – the citizen- to your death over their ability to be entitled to the involuntary easy money spilling out of  your paycheck.  Your tax is their gain.  They will support iron fisted efforts to crack down on taxpayers who refuse to give the government the means to buy their products.

If you cut federal contractors from the budget, forcing the US government to rely on skeleton crews for operations of its departments, the government will shrink.

It may be time for an entirely new legal document suitable for this day and age to lead America back to autonomy and economic freedom in 21st Century. One where the lines are clean this time, in a triangle of a different separation of powers.

Separation of Church and State +

Separation of Economy and State +

Separation of State from Federal Powers =

A more perfect union of the people and their freedoms.

ZillaMod – Belief is a challenging prospect for a lot of innocent people. Faith is releasing your resistance to a concept that everything will certainly work out to your favor in the end.  To some, actions done in faith may justify the end as a means.  Recently Downsize D.C. started tipping certain legislative holy-cows with action alerts containing “HERESIES” in the subject line.   It was certainly inspiring to me when I went rooting around looking for music to match the effort to reinforce why the term Heresy could apply to something as godless as government. Simply, some of these legislative powers believe themselves to be god.

I found an illustration of powerful egos operating destructively with the faith of its people. It demonstrates ideas in blind spots for some. This video displays the cruel duality of extremes between abusive cults and abusive government in terms of religious persecution. Music dubbed over has “opted out” of the extremes of faith in both institutions because of the innocent bodies littered on the path. It’s the downside. Skip it if you are devout or easily offended in terms of belief.

Here… Trent Reznor = Nine Inch Nails screams ideas from the speaker platform for those deaf to understanding the conflicts of interest in terms of faiths.  Here an egotistical government executed the population of an entire religious cult without legal precedent. Conversely, the egos must be completely out of control to ask innocent followers to join you in a cold cup of suicide.

The point of “God” in society is to represent a divine hand, protective of the innocent. “God” is murdered in mission to the point of chorusing “God is dead and no one cares,” because the followers were betrayed to the point of death. There was simply no one left to believe. God cannot exist without faith and believers.

While this has nothing to do with Downsize D.C., it might inspire you to understand there are enormous Godzilla sized destructive egos operating in American government. They entertain a form of narcissistic self-worship in developing law. Use this delusion to your advantage in squirreling away letters, actions and to gauge the effectiveness of leaders. You may let them know they are not God and that you are losing faith.

Let’s put it this way – if it’s about them, it can’t be about you. If it’s not about you then it is not a government of The People, for The People, or by The People.

I have had my ups and downs with churches.  Eventually, I became alienated from Americanized faith fellowships due to the blatant and endless consumerist pitches enmeshed from the pulpit, to the congregation; which seamlessly bled into endless covenant mall shopping.  There was no end to the soulless dissipation of chinese-sweatshop-made crap. Jesus bobbleheads?  Bumperstickers and pencil toppers?   I eventually stopped, dropped and rolled out of the hellfires within my own church when my pastor bought a property across the street and kicked all of the poor residents out into the same street.  One near destitute family refused to leave and the pastor dragged the entire congregation across the street and tried to SHAME them into leaving their home.  Who can stand up to the power of the Lord, right?

Well.. I did.  I told the choir leader that I wouldn’t be returning for practice.  I never returned. There was no salt left in the salted.  The only thing that stayed with me is that we should have supported our community instead of casting them into the street for being an obstacle. This family was guilty of being poor; having no buying power to shop for their new home or new crap for their new home.

I was sure that Jesus would have found those people jobs, made sure their needs were met and then made sure they were empowered to keep flourishing, free and unindebted.

Years later I discovered Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.   He helped me understand I wasn’t astray. I was just following my own inner light of The Truth.  When I can’t help my fellow American find what they need to sustain basic dignity, there isn’t something wrong with Jesus – there’s something wrong with us and our cultural priorities.

Elected officials are completely influenced by all the stuff they “must buy”.  In this case, it would be through cheap globalized trade agreements and no-bid contracts buying stuff in your name; whether you need it or not.  14 trillion in federal debt; which you and your grandchildren can pay for.  That is just an unholy, ungodly amount of federal debt. The US government and the federal bankers don’t even care if we are broke.  Our job is just to keep buying and keep making tax money so they can keep buying.  This is a crisis of sheer moral terpitude!  The federal government needs to STOP SHOPPING!

That’s when in my misery, I snapped to and discovered the question, “What would Jesus buy?”

America, her monetary system and her national economic policy must be born again.  Now, I don’t mean throwing out the freedom of buying and selling what you want for an honest currency.  I’m talking about breaking free of the economic bondage of eternal crisis servitude.  Let’s prefer the businesses in our communities over the massive Global Godzillas who knock over entire countries for right-of-might business monopoly. That’s not a free market.

There is a great deal of freedom in saying, “I’m not going to pay for something I don’t need,” and walking away from anyone who wants to put you in a bad position.

We all witnessed the ’08 crash and beheld the federal fleecing of TARP.  We are now reliant on a corrupt FIAT monetary system; which is as good as the paper it’s printed on. It is only a matter of time before we go to hell economically.

Don’t go to hell. Listen to the good news message of Reverend Billy.


Frontline: Are we safer? Dana Priest explores the terrorism-industrial complex since 9/11

WATCH PBS SPECIAL : Are we safer?



ZillaMod –  This SUPERGEM was tweeted down from the graces from the Hillicon Valley Tech blog. Rep. Rush said a pretty awesome thing.

“The Color of Change campaign, which supports strict regulations for phone and cable companies, has sought to unhinge Rush’s bid to become the top Democrat on the subcommittee overseeing telecom issues. The group says net neutrality is essential for helping minorities get online, charging that Rush has not done enough on the issue.

But Rush suggested in his speech that net neutrality is not a key issue for minorities; rather, it is a clash between corporations who are akin to “Godzilla and King Kong.”

I’m not so sure if I really agree, but it sounds bad a**!!


NEW! Digi-Godzilla dragnet lands on Washington D.C.

State of the Net Conference [It’s a big monster…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!  SAVE YOURSELF!!]

Rep. Paul goes in to repeal THE PATRIOT ACT.

[See case law example ..DAVID v. GOLIATH]

California-Zilla decides you and your mobile phone won’t need a 4th Amendment if you were ever arrested- EVER!

[Yeah, that means you..especially that one time. Remember?  At that one rally? The one where the police got you and threw you in a truck for protesting?  Yeah – YOU, activist!]

ZillaMod-  Sometimes I don’t want to do much at all.  Sometimes my slacktivism includes lit, TV and film reviews for the benefit of those who want a sense of achievement by being better informed. Here are a few recent treasures on the path to awesome deep dark terrible truth. They soften the landing for people who want to get it over with and still enjoy some real entertainment value.

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV

The former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura may be termed out but he is definitely not done serving the public interest. Conspiracy Theory made me a fast convert after catching this episode on Goldmann Sachs and the defrauded the American taxpayer.  You have to watch Ventura turn the heat on.  Once you see the beads of sweat accumulate on the faces of the Goldmann Sachs jackals you’ll be on the edge of your seat cheering. 

His show is making a difference. It stops insulting the intelligence of struggling people who see evidence of surveillance and corruption interrupt their lives everyday.

Get your Public Officials names ready, with pen, paper or e-mail. Once you see this, you will want to do something about it.

Downsized on WE tv

This reality TV series debuted this Saturday about the immediate future of America. Nothing says Godzilla Government like watching this family of 9 scrounge for a living after Wall Street walked away with Americas wealth.

DISINFORMATION : 100 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know


Try this on for Christmas or Thanksgiving

Try this on for Christmas or Thanksgiving


This compact disinfo trivia is a great gift for family members and others who are just putting their toe in the water by talking to you about dark, tough subjects which don’t often see the light of day.  You can’t beat what it tells you for under $10.





Taking of Pelham 123 Starring Denzel Washington ,as Garber and  John Travolta, as Ryder.

From the film:

Ryder: Now you understand commodities, don’t you? You know, pork bellies, gold, light crude.
Walter Garber: Listen. No disrespect, but maybe I’m not the guy you should be talking to.
Ryder: Oh no, you are exactly the guy I wanna talk to. Now I want you to look at the ticker and I want you to tell me what is the going rate for a New York City hostage today. You think a million dollars is too much? I do. I think it’s corny. Now get your calculator out. You got one?
Ryder: [Garber hesitates] Do you have a calculator?
Walter Garber: Yeah, we got one. I got one.
Ryder: Okay, good. Now add this up. You got $526,315.79. That’s $526,315.79 Now times that by 19. What do you get?
Walter Garber: [looks at calculator] That’s $10 million?
Ryder: What do you get?
Walter Garber: That comes out to $10 million plus 1 cent.
Ryder: Oh that is a deal. Now I want you to call the mayor and tell him the price. And then you tell him I want it in 100,000 $100 dollar bills. You got that?
Walter Garber: Okay I got that. What about the 1 cent?
Ryder: Well you keep that 1 cent. It’s your broker fee.

You can read more examples of some of the gemmy dialogue in this film on

Denzel Washington as Walter Garber took careful aims with a NY Subway’s bad guy, Ryder by displaying middle class vulnerability on a shaky but resilient upwardly mobile trend.  The writing was good enough to bring home a 1/2 gallon of milk to the wife. The film truly delivers on a disturbing revelation of how Wall Street PUT options might make certain people rich every time there’s a terrorist threat in NYC.


Hopefully,  this will provide a decompression valve for some of you to enjoy as much as I did.