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Nice to see that NC is doing all it can to become a police state.  I will spread this story to as many people in NC and encourage them to move out like I did.  Perhaps they can move to TN where there is no state income tax or SC where a person have a religious exemption from having their photos taken.  I have met some of the Amish and will get word to them the old fashioned way and encourage them to move out of NC as well.”  – JP 

Police unjustly arresting media and photographers during political protests is an ongoing issue. Hetznecker warns of this “dangerous development” saying “I think this has become a pattern throughout the country that individuals who attempt to independently document an event that is governed or controlled by police action are going to be subject to arrest, unfortunately false arrest, and accusations of involvement or participation in the particular demonstration is an issue.”

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From Freedom’s Phoenix

While Nash-McAdam doesn’t think that this incident will keep him from visiting Downtown Phoenix in the future, he says that it has cemented his view that Phoenix is a “police state to me when held in comparison to my hometown of Orange County and the numerous other cities I’ve traveled to.”

Photography is not a crime.