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BTC- Project Censored ranked India’s national ID system 22nd out of their top 25 most recent list of censored stories, adding a plug for the American plight against national identity.

(22) 1.2 Billion People in India to be Given Biometric ID Cards

They’ll contain a person’s name, age, birth date, fingerprints or iris scans, “though no caste or religious identification.” Then in five years, a giant computer will hold data for half of them, receiving a 16-digit ID number by 2014 during the project’s first phase.

Thereafter, its use will be required for all government and private services from drivers’ licenses to hospitals to banking. Critics, however, balk, saying “the project will turn India into an Orwellian police state (able to) spy on citizens’ private lives.” Despite government denials, it may be precisely for that purpose.

Thus far not enacted, America’s Real ID Act plans the same thing, widespread state opposition over the cost having stopped it up to now.

Project Censored produces an annual book on the 25 most censored news stories in America.   Censorship is determined by whether or not a story has endured a range of systemic news omissions through corralled media conventions.  Rationale driving censorship are considered to be political, economic or legal.