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BTC – Our weekly online radio digest, Waking Up Orwell (WUO) has overcome many mishaps to reach the remote location it is at today. What no one really realized was how many hits we were actually getting on podOmatic.

WUO success rates online via podomatic have completely dwarfed most of our previous online listenerships put together. We looked at lots of radio channels, but it seems that we have found our yodeling point on the mountain of listeners we get on podOmatic.

BlogTalkRadio broadcasts repeatedly compromised, suffered from repeated DeLays

“This was by far, the most obvious outside attempt to maliciously pre-empt us in the program’s history. Based on where our program was rerouted it appears politically motivated by those entertained by neo-conservative talk.”WakingUpOrwell

3/29/10 -11:00 PM PST – We’ve just discovered the copy of our lost program. The show sounds a lot like a recording of someone running on foot during the Blair Witch Project while reading news. It looks like the information available on BlogTalkRadio is consistent with what happened Thursday. We are still not going back… give today so we can keep the show alive.
BTC – Waking Up Orwell,’s regular weekly radio news magazine, has been compromised for the 3rd time in its history of airing on BlogTalkRadio. The show was interrupted by an aggressive hack.
The hack preempted the airing of an interview with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s FOIA counsel, Lee Tien who explained their findings about FBI intrusions on social networks like Facebook and The hack consisted of successive browser crashing to interrupt media uploads, account episode deletions and disparity between the front end display of the episode and oustide interference with the host’s back end capability to view, acknowledge or operate the engineering ports of a rescheduled episode.
“We sincerely apologize to regular listeners who expected to hear the scheduled programming. Unfortunately, we cannot reconcile the repeated attempts to hack our accounts with and are actively seeking a new radio home for our weekly program. I did all I could do today to air the program,” says Sheila Dean, host, producer and engineer for the dystopian news program.
What audience members witnessed at airtime was a non-aired episode scheduled late at 11AM CST featuring the EFF speaker. What the host-engineer saw was a prompt saying, “There are no shows that can be scheduled 3/25/10”. Dean published her technical difficulties using Twitter until the 11 AM CST airtime. She dialed into the BlogTalkRadio host mainframe using the caller code and later spoke for over 30 minutes. The broadcast was never heard. Operating browsers from her MacNotebook crashed repeatedly, interfering uploads of the pre-recorded media and back end access to host tools were rerouted to another webpage.
Dean first noticed problems with excessively slow access to her account. She restarted her computer and logged back into her user account. She then discovered her scheduled episode was deleted. BlogTalkRadio, in a reply to service the account said that only a person with access to the account could have deleted the program and that “it could not be done from our end.” The episode was submitted to BlogTalkRadio’s PR department for promotion earlier in the week.
In an EFFort to continue to air the radio program another episode was immediately scheduled to air at 11AM CST. Soon to follow Dean experienced interruptions and disparities consisting of successive browser crashes minutes before airtime after logging into her account. Dean mitigated this by switching to another PC right before airtime. She then logged into’s online account to produce Waking Up Orwell as scheduled. The Internet Explorer browser then repeatedly rerouted Dean to another newscast featuring Tom DeLay on and refusing her user access to her account.
“This was by far, the most obvious outside attempt to maliciously pre-empt us in the program’s history. Based on where our program was rerouted it appears politically motivated by those entertained by neo-conservative talk,” said Dean, producer of WakingUpOrwell.
WakingUpOrwell, often features controversial news specific to privacy and promotes involvement of citizens in affairs which directly affect American civil liberty. Dean’s broadcasts feature staunch criticisms of current government policies governing citizens rights and national security. While she was dissappointed in her inability to air the program, she is optimistic about funding for a new online and terrestrial home for her popularizing program.’s technical staff claim no culpability in the hacking attempts from their end.

BlogTalkRadio Premiere of Waking Up Orwell

You are invited to listen and even call in, as technical proficiencies permit.

Our special featured guest is impeachment activist and now bestselling author, David Swanson. Swanson’s new book DAYBREAK: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union is flying off the shelves for good reason. He was arrested Monday for civil disobedience in Washington during a protest to continue the policies of indefinite detention and endless war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the middle east.
OP-ED News featured this clip from mostly progressive democratic interests in D.C. at the protest where 82 people were arrested for civil disobedience.
I’ll take this opportunity to goad my libertarian sisters and brothers over at to increase their philosophical tolerances and try to get together with these folks for the sake of fiscal sanity by ENDING THE WAR WE NEVER AGREED TO FUND FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS.
We recently discovered that the Bill of Rights Defense Committee has a campaign to disbarr the legal enablers of the Bush Administration’s crimes against humanity. We will be touching briefly on that.
Debra Sweet and Bob Parson’s from World Can’t Wait and Deadline Live’s, Jack Blood (and his axe to grind) were invited to drop in and “christen” the show. DJ Ball granted permissions to feature his protest music during this webcast.
Swine flu..blah blah blah… Don’t take the shot. Call a lawyer if they threaten to fire you over it. NEXT! And a rhetorical comparative political fruit inspection and news, news, news.
It should be a good time.

BTC EXCLUSIVE- Barcodes, microchip nano-implants, and RFID embedded licenses containing DNA laminates don’t discriminate based on race, creed, religion, background or political efficacy.

Some of the most dedicated and vocal opponents of Real ID are right wing liberty minded Republicans, minarchists, 9-11 Truth subscribers and Alex Jones fans who listen to survivalist advertising for precious metals and solar generators. Caucasian christian republicans are not the only ones who will inherit the “mark of the beast”. Real ID is dangerous to all Americans. Whether their favorite politicians are championing that fact or not is important.

CHANGE is becoming unbelievable as Obama assumes more of the Bush positions every day on privacy and domestic intelligence efforts by climbing into the Internet. With Democrats dominating essentially every branch of the U.S. government, their representation on this issue becomes a focal point for anyone with federal legislative agendas.

We put in a call to the social conscience of the Anti- War movement, author, peace mom and celebrated activist Cindy Sheehan to compare notes on diversity as to who will be affected by a future with a Real ID compliant license and subsequent immigration policies overextended.

Cindy represents the survivors of an American war whose death and destruction has no bottom. Those who return from Iraq and the Iraqi nation itself struggle for misunderstanding.

Today I met Tony; a homeless veteran of the Iraq war who had problems holding down a job because of PTSD. He didn’t know the local Iraq Veterans Against the War, but he knew who Cindy Sheehan was.

Thankfully, we were welcomed onto the program to discuss more about Real ID, provide solutions and information for agendas and progress in todays federal forum.

Please listen to Cindy’s next program on Cindy Sheehans Soapboax on demand.

 “Emergency communications” is another reason for disaster mongers to cut your mic or cell phone.   While this is infinitely annoying and intrusive; privacy, technology and  A/V nerds are not without recourse.

FEAR NOT because obscure basement hogging ham radio operators have suddenly become a challenge to DHS, as “opposition” if they so much as cough without an FCC license.  This reminds me of when DHS decided that Mule skinners needed port of entry TWIC cards in tourist traps.  Only in America, land of WAYYY more force than is necessary.

At least HAM-talk Live! Arkansas might be more eventful while DHS stacks paperclips and figures out the cheapest way to get drunk after work.

The Turner Radio Network has obtained the complete radio interoperability guide for the Department of Homeland Security, issued by the DHS office of emergency communications. The guide, issued just days ago, includes updates for the entire nation through March 10, 2009. [We’re way late, but you should still read it.]

This 76 page guide lists the radio frequencies, repeater input / output / talk-around frequencies, trunked radio network details including CTCSS codes for “private line” carrier squelching, satellite communications codes, radio programming instructions and more!

In the event of a national emergency, – or the round-up of “dissident” citizens — this is how the various agencies of the federal government will communicate with each other AND with various agencies of the state and local governments.

Thanks to this guide, we’ll know what to tune-in, so as to monitor what they’ve begun doing and, if need be, be able to plan in advance to jam those frequencies if the government tries to attack the citizenry or round-up “dissidents.”


Because Alex Jones isn’t doing anything new, really. And Glenn Beck doing the lounge version of Alex Jones’ Rex 84 song doesn’t really do it for me.

Remember this? Roll tape…