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Is it possible to not relate to the relative magnanimity given to other writers when you are one?

I guess musicians may go through a similar thing.  They create music.  They make a tune or a symphony. Someone is beguiled by it. Then someone projects all certain desires upon it and its creator.

Most often I have seen artists just shrug and go back to their business of making. Love or not loved they produce because they produce, like a Salmon on a spawn run or a fruit bearing tree. There is just a natural compulsion driven by known-but-unseen forces to produce an image or an art object.  The making is simply not dependent on the market. It is the only hope left for magic.

I guess I have been under some illusion writing is in some separate mundane magic where its craftsmanship is dammed up behind misers of a different type. Those who are word-killers. I imagine a type of A-list hunter who seeks to kill the craft for the sake of completive spite or avarice. They  seek to control a maker making or a writer writing. It’s the anal retentive would-be-Svengali who sits on what other people make for their own perverse solitary power trip. Few seem to think the joke is funny, but, again, they shrug and move on to whatever gets published that day like organized insects busy on their pile of dirt.

Prior to this tirade, I read a prop piece on Edna O’Brien’s recent book in Smithsonian magazine. (What was I doing reading Smithsonian in my free time? It showed up in my mailbox, suspiciously, one day.  It was later discovered a relative had sponsored a subscription for us.) The prop piece was written by someone truly fascinated by the author. It wasn’t just her book process.

I guess I have been so spoiled by professional behind-the-scenes relays from filmmakers and directors, that I was somehow offended when this magazine writer became a starry-eyed drone hovering over Edna O’Brien. Despite my discomfort I realized this author wasn’t merely observing and reporting about another  author. They were commenting on journey and style of Irish writers.

I took a class on Irish authoring. This may tip a few Holy Cows here but I don’t get Irish writing. I don’t get why people fawn over Irish derived writing as if reading the geographic or even genetic writing is somehow like watching a live birth of an elf covered in opals telecasted in a rough gaelic translation. I just don’t get it. To this day when I read or witness people nearly worshipping Irish writing I feel really strange.

I have a similar reaction to people who flock to the feet of New York writers because they made publishing space for some new display of carnality or vileness for really bored and vile rich psychopaths as if it can be newly understood gutter oil under this piano lamp. I can’t share their fate. I have to run. Far. Away. To a Turd Polisher’s Anonymous meeting.

Criticism has to be justified. In Edna’s case this coverage was somehow about the integration of a genocidal war maker on the lam with his love story in her new book. The notion is unsavory and a little outrageous, but in some universe also conceivable and human. I think humanizing psychopaths who routinely get a break in all runs of the press daily everywhere is bad form for human life.

I guess this comes from a deeply disappointed bitter place that nearly psychotic writers and editors end up in charge of what I read. Its the same type of publishing parsonage who bank the prosperity of their writing career on being taken into intimacy with convicts.They have been making terrible editorial decisions my entire life to let genocidal megalomaniacs off of the hook by not printing the horror of what it is they do or demurring to political forces who want to smooth over what genocide actually is to some socially accepted thing.

I think this is happening so certain world leaders don’t have to face the emperor in his nudity or when they are proximally close to the same people who ascended to power by killing hundreds or thousands of regular people. I am so sorry for their discomfort, because I have been there. However, the writer and journalist must call spade ‘SPADE’ when it is our turn to use the written word to tell the truth. They have to stop being sops to deadly or powerful people because they can kill indiscriminately.

Someone has to be the adult in the room.  To adulate Edna O’Brien for her careful pass at probably humanizing the love interests of a genocide perpetrator is conservative form and noteworthy for me. The Smithsonian’s coverage is the same tone and caliber of whitewashed insanity that makes some intentionally enforced poverty and segregation of native americans and former slaves in America kept humming consistently in the background unnoticed by the regular people. There are tons of it in inventory in vast grades and quantity in this market.

I know the whitewash will still be reliably printed and ran. Writers will make their living from conflicts either bowing to them or defying them. I just cannot be expected to read on happily without a single complaint.

A kind, courteous notice for Apple Inc., Qwest and other corporate executives standing in the gap for US consumers

If privacy and technology weren’t powerful issues driving our society they would not be the targets of those who: love power, play with power and love legal leverages.

It does seem the only thing standing between most of us and unfettered information pillaging is a CEO and a crack team of lawyers.  The corporations are in the most unfortunate position, as data custodians, to also be the guardians of a perceived new chattel. 

What rivals the State for power are those who have more principal in human capital than they might have.  The only way to balance this myopic point-of-view is to for them to  have the same information of their rivals.  I do believe this is the perspective of the National Security State, a shard of government amid elected government.

One of the issues company culture faces is many company heads do not view themselves as separate from the consumer public when they relate to the State. It has come up more than once that the National Security State doesn’t comply with the same laws the rest of our society is held to.  That puts a wedge between corporate America and the National Security State, and all the consumer charges in their care, as well.

In the case of Apple hard-lining an FBI request to decrypt phones for access, or to break what they make, it is not just the executive culture at Apple who mistrusts the motives of the State. A majority of their consumer charges won’t ever trust national intelligence ever again after the Snowden leaks.  Apple lost ground and consumer trust because they complied and went along with unqualified NSL requests without a warrant in the past, like many bullied corporations.  Their simplified objective is to survive and to make profit.

Company executives with strong motives for profit and balance seek to acquire business from the US government.  In doing business with the government they become prey to their motives for dominance over their business lifecycle. Among whistleblowers like, Bill Binney, Thomas Drake and Edward Snowden there are other less sung corporate voices who have also come forward.  I think their stories are muted in intense, threatening legal attacks and attacks on their reputation for not serving the interests of the State. They are now gagged in arbitration and threats of incarceration.  Warrant canaries are the only some of the public evidence their infrastructure is being violated by National Security legal orders.

I think of one Quest executive in particular who was jailed.  This man didn’t really have an interest in complying with a national security request without a court order because it would have put his company in a position to be sued.  I think he must have said to himself, “If I allowed this illegal thing to happen to my friends and family, I expect to be sued”.  He feared betraying the consumers who trust him.  Wouldn’t it be corrupt for a government to ask someone to do something illegal?

He refused to comply with the government request for data without a warrant. Then the government pulled their business from Qwest. Then they sought to place him in jail. They wanted him to fear the government more than the consumers.  For him to take the fall for their illegal behavior is in their interest, not the interest of Qwest company or consumers. To be clear, it didn’t help Qwest or his customers for him to be jailed for 4 years. I would argue that it didn’t help the government either. He served his sentence. His conviction was overturned for malfeasance on appeal to clear his name.  It was later reinstated by a different judge.

It is an unnatural balance that National Security maintains.  Their poorly qualified demands for intelligence equity from US companies is sustained by force against the US people.  They have made points repeatedly that it does not require our trust to ‘protect’ us from terrorists.  They do not require our trust to dominate our information infrastructure in a competition over information fiefdoms.  Their administrators communicate consistently they do not need our trust to violate our interests and interfere with ordinary law as use of force against their own citizen.

So it is no surprise the State oppositions to “encryption dogma”comes as an executive “must not”.  Encryption stands to check them in a broken or corrupted system.  This is a system where the courts reinforce divided interests of justice. Law enforcement regard policy of avarice and plots of men instead of the laws. Business leaders play dangerous games with 2 customers: the consumer market and the more coercive market, the US government.

If this were a time when we were more ignorant or more trusting then perhaps Apple would wholeheartedly help the FBI more with a lawful court order.  However, the day has come where the path to compromise with the corrupt has met its limit.  To comply with their request would lead to self-harm. Thank God for this fateful day.  

Law enforcement must now moderate a self-correction or forge on against the public as an enemy.  They are not the market.  So we, The People, have the difficult task of retraining or correcting government structures we are compelled to endorse.

If I were a large multinational corporation, I would not submit to further aggression on my business. I would try to find a way to drop business with the US government for breach of interests.  In fact, I would advise, with careful consultation with contract lawyers, those who have interests in doing business with the US government to drop their most treacherous government clients, the intelligence actors. They have proven they will attack companies and business leaders against the interests of laws we must comply with.  Their reasons seem that they believe they are both separate and superior in constitution to a US citizen.  I might also prepare to countersue for retaliation and provide both more legal and physical security to company executives.  Spoiler alert: Refusing a tyrant is grounds for more tyranny.  So hire a great strategist.

The National Security state is operating under a corrupting falsehood that they have a separate law and separate governance than domestic and International law.  They are small in number in comparison to the rest of us. They will seek to degrade and undermine what they cannot directly or legally dominate. That sort of force should only be used on your enemies.  They are not currently trustworthy partners in any venture.  

We hope that will change because we are not their enemy. 

The national security agencies isolate themselves and divide themselves against the US people as if we are not their neighbors, their friends, their teachers, their relatives and their bosses. They have more than a PR problem.  They have a divided government problem.  We will still be America without a corrupt militarized National Security State.  However, will we still be America if we allow these agencies to continue to denigrate the interests of common and international law and domestic markets?

There is a range of choice and option.  You can choose who you do business with. 

Current government constituencies will not stop crying “National Security” prior to a power grab.  So let the proverbial wolves-of-want get them for overusing the anti-terror excuse to exhaust your trust.

[Or how to deal with the unwanted attention of parasites]

Godzilla Government blog has been around for years. This blog has successfully influenced people to think bigger than themselves, than machines, and what is conventionally expected.

Godzilla, after taking a City and ruining things back into balance, retreats into the sea to recharge, to eat massive quantities of radioactive waste and/or seafood. I too have been known to hibernate anything: causes, blogs, campaigns or art projects. I do this to successfully develop new concepts to lead to productive outcomes.

So here is what is going to happen. I will set aside mirth at Twitter and this blog for a time to produce different work, books. Godzilla Government will be around, just not as actively for many months to come. I am overcoming long beset difficulties. The road is cleared for a productive haul.

I love the freedom this blog has given me to maul modern structures, like the English language.  Godzilla government will always set its design to free others.  I cannot guarantee later reports won’t unpack some sort of mayhem and critical mass damage in the process.  Godzilla government blog has had moments for play and for charm the same way grown adults will buy action figures and run around in capes like 7 year olds.  It’s also the runoff for all sentiments going afoul of practical understanding.

I’m so happy about Godzilla because he has been: blasted with radioactive waste, hit with acid, shot with bullets, attacked by man-made mechs, poisoned, bombed and tripped up.  He still gets up like a champion and lays waste to defeat his chosen enemy. He doesn’t trouble himself with the terrified little men who don’t understand his goals. He’s a big guy. He has to go big because that’s who he is.  He’s a survivor.  He leaves the wreck behind. People get to rebuild in his wake, begin again fresh.  That has value.

I think of Kathmandu at the peak of the world being left to ruin by seismic destruction. The quake has certain meaning to me. It caused me to consider that deeper meaning will find its way out. If needed change is not accommodated by peaceful means with regular decompression outlets, then life allows for hard reckless destruction, repressed to terrible momentum, later leading to mass violence and death. This victimizes everyone in its path; even the best, highest and most spiritually centered of us all.  [Of course, we gave help to rebuild.]

Our society often lacks the humility which allows for small decompressing changes to take place. This is why you see periodic riots in American cities and gun violence in Middle Schools. Little Plutonian men & women try on massive crowns of leadership. When the find they are too small to fit into the crown and how heavy it is, they opt for a wearable imitation. From the base of an enormous ego, they continue to present the public with service which only accommodates their actual, not their projected, size. The service is then too small for public benefit. So they alienate themselves from the purpose of public service and mass leadership. They present the public with a hollow non-controversial fabrication for show and then ask for more endorsement of this kind of progress.  It’s all they can manage.

Much of the public wants a “bigger” person in office to do what they often can really do themselves.  If the small man you elected does nothing for you from a gigantic office, with means of public money, you should realize you are on your own.  You have better luck guaranteeing personal results on your own than depending on someone small, weak and likely paranoid. If a leader makes Godzilla sized promises and seems like a really big guy who can handle it all, have a back up plan.  Politicians will more likely use and take. They may even demand an apology from you for not giving more. That’s not really the way it’s supposed to go.

Try flipping the script. Tell the politicians, bureaucrats, or propped up “elite” cutouts whatever they want to hear and then do whatever you need to do put your needs first.

We all have a purpose here on planet earth. Let’s presume it has nothing to do with feeding parasites. If a tick had latched onto a body part, you would unapologetically go get a lighter to burn its ass until it let go. Then you would extract it from your body and dispose of it. You wouldn’t make your life’s work sustaining and promoting the tick or justifying it’s need for your blood when all it does is … suck. The moment you realize the actual purpose of a government body is to suck, give due diligence to rid yourself of the parasite.

That will require you to do something that others won’t do for you, though.

Act like a grown up. Be brave, think and then act responsibly.

See you eventually.  Thank you for reading Godzilla Government.

Sheila Dean

Someone has to say it.  This week I briefly endured the undiscernable excuse of “war coverage” on national TV channels.  I also watched Governor Rick Perry preaching to room of New Hampshire Republicans how the American people seem to deserve and are somehow entitled, by birthright or by God, to march into a sovereign nation like Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq. They want to continue bombing raids and drone campaigns; which separate civilians from their lives, their families and their livelihoods.

I think empathicaly in these instances what it might feel like to be an American citizen making a living to suddenly be struck by a drone, losing all I had, including family because someone was “inspired” by entitlement rhetoric. I can’t think of one reason in the world why I would harm anyone in these countries.  Nor can I think of any adequate, qualified reason why we are in the middle east bombing, terrorizing and destabilizing entire governments inconvenient to “national security interests”.  I was never given a solid excuse, and I’m an American citizen.

Can you imagine looking into the eyes of a Pakistani and telling them how helpless you feel to stop the American government from bombing their country? Can you imagine facing someone from Afghanistan, looking them in the eyes and telling them you did nothing to stop careless arbitrary hellfire campaigns?  They don’t want to look into your impotent face. They don’t want your crying confusion. They want the bombs to stop.


I think Republican political morality is make believe. Democratic indignation over repressed “others” is precisely hollow and fraudulent. Both serve themselves at the taxpayers table, getting issues lost trying to hang onto power that isn’t power. Political partisans use the ancient art of religious identification & represented “greater good” to recruit for their cause centers. They use ideals to justify culling unconditional loyalty of those whose power they depend on, until they are no longer useful.

Remember when they lied to you? That was the moment when your interests were discarded. The lesson is to not entertain vanity or tolerate its escalation by people who love secular power more than the divinity of life.

Secular political agitators easily dispatch the most inconvenient of the 10 commandments related to the semitic religions: Thou shall not kill, Thou shall not covet and Thou shall not steal.

If you believe you are so divinely entitled by “God” to to escalate a war conflict you may as well be marauding Vikings at sack.  No one will hail Amen at Gov Perry’s secular preaching of US defense of pork troughs unless they are Lockheed Martin or people who are bottomless pits of sheer fear and insecurity.  They go hand in hand.  One feeds the other.  They go to the same church. (What church is that?) The Communal Divine Right of Meddle Eastern Poison. Their doctrine is endless gaping hole of war pits and dead bodies. They make mistakes all the time, crowning themselves in the place of God to take the lives and property of others. They show the world the antithesis of spiritual leadership.

For this reason, I have a new-old idea, keep civil interests objective and separate from religious hysteria.  Political magnets aren’t qualified holy men. They don’t use religion for anything other than making themselves a war for conquest of stuff that doesn’t belong to them.  ISIS is mimicking a model that is tried and true by ancient institution of governance.  They get themselves an angry army, covered in religion and go on the take. It is not different from other governments.

I can’t even say the American economy benefits from our wars’ take home sack. The US government won’t let the oil market fail. So they make the ancient world a degraded squalor for bombs, intrigues and bloodlust so they can make themselves as fat and insane as Roman Emperors.  We Americans do not get much anything out of that deal, except receipts and mutilated soldiers covered in Middle Eastern dirt.  I don’t even think God is getting anything out of it.


People of faith understand that the Afghanis, Iraqis and other helpless civilians want God to save them from arbitrary firepower into their homes. They need God’s peace to help them survive the pain of losing home, family and basic security. They need the American people to be released from the shroud of ignorance of what is done both in their name and the name of God. They need American “help” to help escort themselves and their military heap right onto a jumbo jet back to whence they came. They need an intervention from real God, not the pale presuming, incompetent presence recklessly inserted into their lives.

There is one other commandment that is being overlooked, “Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain”.

When you kill and steal and lie and covet what is not yours against innocent poor people in nations far away in God’s name, you have baited God in the worst way.  You can only skate on such credit as insanity for so long.  Then God will show up.

You may fear God much more than falling into the hands of US soldiers or political machinery. If so, may God have mercy on all Americans for the poorly chosen rhetoric used to position us as whole for war in the Middle East.

 It might be time to get our people and our stuff back from Americanized Nazi’s.

I noticed today how much better I would feel about working with local offices if I was merely spared the indignity of their recording my every interaction.  They can’t seem to perform the most rudimentary of actions without fear of being strung up for allowing a potential terrorist an opportunity.  Most of these offices are required to behave towards the public like everyone is a potential terrorist. Everyone they know is a potential terrorist. It’s still just Bob the plumber, and their Mom, but try telling that to the “federal authorities”.

They are equipped with meta tracking software; which pushes them to the discomfort of being inappropriate towards the majority of the public.  I use the word inappropriate because not every orifice of our society should be retrofitted for the National Security aperture. It occurred to me these local officials feel as bored down upon, if not more, as we do.  Due to the nearly inexhaustible demands of the National Security state they are urged to document every jot and tittle of every person’s movement in their immediate society or else.

I think one of the most glaring examples of where excesses of militarized status interferes with local life is our education system.  Children growing up in America are already firmly challenged in their ability to trust themselves and trust others. Their job is to recognize their responsibility to perform in their roles at learning institutions.  However, when the rules are arbitrarily administrated at the end of a gun by SROs, it takes a whole different tone.  If a permanent record is scribbled down in their National Security chart, you get the idea children can’t necessarily be who they are. A mark for throwing a ball when they should have tossed it or turning their head to the right or left against the unspoken wishes of a demoralized teacher.  Zero tolerance of what?  Children? For the crime of existing and being compelled to come to a school?  There are now crimes that aren’t crimes! We all get a vague feeling that we did something wrong.  That is certainly intentional.

The National Security state seems to be creating a subtier of crime where none existed so a certain segment of their employees have data to move around. We now worry about rules that are manufactured to coerce us into doing what the security state wants when no law exists to substantiate their claims. So don’t be surprised when someone with a gun and a security badge shows up and demands that you do something they have no right to ask you to do. They might try to refuse us the right to be where we are doing things that are clearly normal without a need to qualify it with a law.

The DNI expects too much from the innocent. The DoD does not respect the heiros of their charge to protect their citizens from enemies foreign and domestic.  When an agency abuses their potential and invents rules to rob, kill and demoralize otherwise productive decent citizens they become a self-defeating prospect for their own existence. It makes you quite curious about what is going on inside their closed doors.

I suspect, for living with someone who was used by the clandestine state for civil service, they are routinely terrorized and interrogated for the most nominal things and are themselves afraid to look to the right or the left for the paranoia of their bosses.  So I would say we lost the War on Terror before we ever took up arms to make it someone elses issue.  Our government committs acts of terrorism upon themselves every single day as Standard Operating Procedure.

Many active duty, reservists, former and current military dependents recognize patterns of militarism and on-base protocols. They know there is a difference between military life and civilian life.  They know when there is scope creep of operational security when it is applied to civilian networks. Unfortunately, this whole of the United States is being treated like one giant military base, by a handful of agencies.  For the sake of argument, it will not be legal if someone from the National Security blog patrol reads this and decides to correct us all tomorrow, saying, this whole of the United States, is in fact, declared to them a military base. Your person and property now their assets. Resistance is futile. Give up now and it will go easier on you?

That violates the 3rd Amendment in the US bill of Rights.

Now it’s a weird feeling to consider US martial forces occupying their own country, because your grocery store and the mall are not PXs. Surprisingly, for pointing out agenda potential of this I will be shouted at from three different directions the same message, “Be grateful for your security!!”  No. No, because I don’t feel safe.  Why don’t I feel safe?

I don’t feel safe because there are enforcement authorities behaving as if there is a war going on when there is none. Militarists are inserting their agenda into the most benign areas of my life without a discussion, or consent of the governed. I feel as if they are going to continue to barge into my life, my computer and my home to take what is mine so they will have it and I will be left without it.  That is a distinct feeling of insecurity.  So you can’t expect a ‘Thank You’ for undoing what securities were legitimate to expand the range of a military base, illegitmately at that.

The majority of us are not enrolled in any sort of military convention.  We don’t rely on military networks.  We don’t think we are in a war. People selling T-shirts on the beach are not in any kind of war in America.  I’m not at war with anyone. However, when a nation’s military leadership decides you are in a war, unless diverse diplomats and a lawfare army shows up to challenge that assertion, you are, unfortunately, in a war. It’s coming to you.


We cannot reasonably be expected to take military orders when we are not soldiers. There is no kinetic war on US soil, except for what may be maufactured on paper secretly by “experts”.  If they intend to spread the cause of war to us, The People, by way of an offensive to take what is yours to make it theirs, they will start with your dependencies: the safety of your family, your economic flows and your communications networks.  First, they must gather intelligence.

Let’s start with the martial takeover of your Internet interactions. That seems to be the least bloodless.  They have digital eyes quartered in every online store you visit. Daily, they rummage through your mail and listen to your phone calls. It’s not because they need the Intel.  It’s so you will feel owned, intimdated and demoralized.  If you cease to use conventions they spy on, then it’s a temporary win for your peace of mind. It won’t stop their intent.


I see a problem. It’s not the usual problem other people see with this scenario. It’s the problem that US government networks are themselves compelled to do unnatural and abusive things against the commission of their oath to serve The People.  So the guilt for them is tremendously corrosive. They are forced hands. You can’t expect a whole lot of reason from within. The standard for US military compliance is austerely absolute, even among themselves.  For instance, “Lay down and do not resist,” was rape prevention advice in literature given to their own soldiers working amongst each other.

They are not given good excuses to do things against the US people.  They are urged to comply or face firing, or worse, jail time for refusing a military command.  What’s weirder than threatening a civil servant or a civilian for disobeying a military order when they are not a soldier, with an indefinite sentence in a brig?  This military always behaves as if there is absolutely no one who will defend them if they refuse the US military whatever it is they demand. It’s just not true. That’s a lie. The whole premise is a lie.  It’s a tactical mind game. They mean to defeat you mentally, to minimize your grounded right of refusal, when and if they show up to take what is yours or take you away.

The POTUS can scribble out and sign off 5 EO’s tomorrow; which defy the 3rd Amendment. Every single one will be shut down in a legitimate court.  Militarists have to resort to threatening you, Normal Guy, with a military court system and the peril of being submerged their seemingly bottomless dark state. To the credit of the legitimate courts, we have no small numbers of people who need not comply with an undeclared war on American soil.  They can walk away a free American and not worry about the use of force. They just have to know they can.

Do they still argue that the military MAY disappear anyone in broad daylight? Yes. The NDAA 2012 and the NDRP are still being contested in the courts.

There are definitely people in the press who lick the hands of the military and eat their table scraps because they’re “into power”. They will print propaganda as news; which is legally fake, but seems as real as any Hollywood set. On their propaganda sets they get their cast of expert actors to shake down scapegoats like criminal crash test dummies in courts, to make all the children fearful they are next. This military may take a few more “examples” to shock you with the absoluteness of their propaganda power. They may kill the victim in front of you, and say, “You’re next, if you say anything!”  Sounds a lot like, “Lay down and don’t resist,” to me.

If so, just know that’s their in-house literature. It doesn’t apply to you. Walk away. You’re not a soldier. You’re not in a war on your own land. If you can’t walk away, it’s because you work there.

What is this whole scenario about?  Fear. Intimidation. Power.

Why is this chicanery being levied onto us?  We didn’t think enough of our armed service members and civil servants to place more limits on interagency abuses when we had the chance.  It didn’t get this way overnight. However, it might have had something to do with the fact that we brought over thousands of defeated Nazis, to continue their worst crimes against humanity while the ink was still wet on Truman’s National Security Act.  If a lot of today’s spy complex looks like Nazi policy to you, there’s a good reason for that.

What do we do?  Refuse to be afraid. Don’t submit to unauthorized military force in strange areas of your life like your police departments and your schools.  Support agency watchdogs and get them private legal and physical protection when confronting abuses. Get behind legal contests to those who want to gather endless military intelligence on US citizens as potential targets. Repeal the NDAA indefinite detention clauses. Don’t pick fights you can’t win. Stay out of their prison cages.

Don’t share your mind with cowards who already forfeited their rights. You know who they are. They’re the ones who gave up before there was even a fight. They always believe you should give away your rights to serve the ones in power, just like they do. They obey whoever without much explanation, as long as they are in power. They don’t stand up for anyone. They always suck at defending rights. They act a lot like Adrian Llamo, who turned out PFC Manning for true public service. If this were 1775, they would be milquetoast crown loyalists cowering in their basements, while patriots were out their getting their asses handed to them and dying. The go-alongs-to-get-alongs get inherited into every population. Surprisingly, the only way to piss them off is commit the blasphemy of refusing the powerful what they want, because they believe they have to comply, even when they don’t! There will always be people like that. So don’t share and politely acknowledge their impotent advice without event of argument.


If you’re not a soldier, you shouldn’t get suckered into a fake, undeclared unending war on American assets. The State might try to pick a fight with you in 2015, because they’re used to winning over Americans. They’re very used to “winning” over the bureaucrats and other people they’re legally allowed to terrorize all day long in their ranks.  Those are, in fact, the people who are legally compelled to comply with their demands. They are told frequently how they are government property because they have a GS prefix on their HR documents or they signed up for the armed or clandestine forces.  It’s the lie they spread around like scat to mark their territory.

I feel very sorry how things went for them.  It’s very sad the way they surrendered their blood, DNA, fingerprints and every iota of privacy and sacred boundary in their life to perform public service. No good deed went unpunished.

However, they need to realize, I am not them. They don’t get to surrender my boundaries and my rights for me because they did. That’s not fair to Americans who are sure to prevail in other destinies other than government service.

The US National Security State does not really have the right to treat citizens like government serfs. The truth I can tell today is they never really had the right to treat one single American citizen like their property. They never had they right to compel soldiers to break their oath to this public or Geneva human rights conventions. I guess I can draw the line today. Maybe you will too.

You may not be their employee. However, now you might know what it’s like to work for the government these days.  It’s filled with Nazi exploits and Nazi enforced dark corporations who export hushed up Nazi policy. They want America to be one big Nazi farm in exchange for some clandestine stuff we can never know about.  The only way you can truly know if you’re dealing with an Americanized Nazi, is when they tell you precisely how your Bill of Rights do not matter and then tell you that you are a terrorist, if you choose to resist them.

All the space junk and military technology on this planet cannot give me my Liberty. I have to get that myself. However, I do know as Americans we can take our people and our stuff back from Nazis.  We’re proven.

You can call their bluff.

That’s the truth.

Editor’s note:  I dedicate this satire piece to the staff at Charlie Hebdo and mundane American life for peaceful Muslims.  May the dignity of your every day life be restored to normal levels of organized chaos, including: billing, arguing with your staff attorney, sandwich orders, what kind of fabric to get for your nieces wedding invitations etc. etc.

PITTSBURGH – A man known only as, Mike, recruited three friends at close of business yesterday to launch a private security contracting company specialized to guard media companies deemed at risk for terrorist attacks.

The 32-year-old Pennsylvania native stated his reasons for developing the company were diverse.

“The reason you open any private security company is to provide specialty security services  in the marketplace.  The reason why I’m opening a private security company is to keep the National Security State from getting any ideas about planting martial forces inside places who make the funnies I read,” said Mike.

Mike expressed further concerns about the proliferation of TSA reaching into people’s pants, DHS running X-ray vans into schools & neighborhoods, CIA abuses and NSA mass surveillance.

“The way I see it, these National Security guys can’t get anything right these days. I wouldn’t let them hold my wife’s handbag.  I know local businessmen have the right to defend themselves with a revolver from the local reprobates. Those frenchies couldn’t do that. If you’ve ever watched these news nerds working, they don’t look up from their computers. They don’t wear guns. They need security!”

The burgeoning security contractor hopes to approach a variety of media clients who have been threatened by what Mike calls, “deranged cult members bent on killing members of the media.”  He hopes to fill a need where he believes government security priorities might not act or abuse their role with the media.

“Yeah, terrorists seem to only become terrorists after they’ve killed a few people and been arrested, but not before,” says Mike.

Phil McWonkerstein, a former CUNY professor and private National Security data analyst, affirmed this trend. After wiping beads of threat-sweat from his balding head, he indicated while FBI and other National Security agencies possess the data on the movements of known terrorists, and everyone else in the known world with a mobile device, their priorities have been a successive let down. This was attributed to FBI attempts to recruit & develop homegrown terrorists themselves to maintain informant quotas and the Obama administration’s shortsighted work to arm unstable rebels in transient Middle Eastern conflicts.

“Mike has a great idea for a marketable enterprise. He could save a lot of lives, of not just satire cartoonists. Legitimate media members need security support from crazed Islamic State fundamentalist cult members who we armed six months ago in Syria.. now! It’s sad that we stand to manufacture domestic terrorists in order to scrub up a budget to fight them. Before ISIL, fundamentalists coudn’t get here on their own dime. They’re proven to kill western journalists.

It’s a really dangerous time to be a journalist. Hey, remember that Rolling Stone journalist who “wrecked” his car after sending DoD Chief Alexander’s career up the river? He could have used an extra pair of eyes to watch out for him.”

Mike’s business, who is in process of being registered tomorrow, has yet to release a formal name.  That hasn’t stopped him from staffing up and looking for customers.

“We’ve got plenty of great, amped people coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan who, frankly, are still looking to fight terrorists. Let’s get them on the payroll and keep National  Security out of the media business. We got this.”

Mike will be primarily advertising on radio to reach his target talent pool. According to Mike, “None of them read the actual newspapers, but they will look at the funnies!”

At the close of the interview, Mike offered this news agency his services for a reduced introductory rate.

After showing our editor a critical cartoon of ISIL Islamic leader we ran after last year’s beheadings, Mike was given a spontaneous closed-door appointment.  No further details were available at press time about the close of a security contract bid.

Lessons filed between the plant world and the Twitterverse

I have a neighborhood. In that neighborhood, I found a live oak plant growing from an old dead stump at the beginning of the Summer. I also found a strange blight around the base of some of the leaves. I knew it was a problem for the plant. I did nothing because I did nothing. I forgot and thought about what to do and did nothing. I knew one day cedar oil would kill the blight. I forgot about the plant. I walked by the plant maybe another 20 times this Summer while it grew and grew and suffered with the blight. Amid my many forgettings the plant continued to grow and suffer with the blight. I continued to know what to do and did nothing.

One day this Summer I was given a tomato plant free of charge when I took in my aloe plants for diagnoses at the local nursery. Just because I have plants does not mean I always know what to do and when to do it and how to do it. I knew something was wrong with my aloes. I took them to the nursery. My aloes are doing much better today due to heeding the nursery’s good advice. As a result of the visit, I was given an organic tomato plant. The nursery believed that I cared about my plants and would care about this plant.

I planted the tomato plant in my neighbors back yard. She is an elderly single woman who lives alone. The gardener cleared out all of the weeds leaving her backyard garden area with nothing much to look at except dirt and shrubs. She gave welcoming consent to plant the tomato vine there. I planted the vine and left it to God’s caretaking over several weeks.

I checked on the plant periodically. I came back this week to find the plant had dropped a tomato, lost a tomato, grew a foot and had contracted the nasty blight I had recognized from the live oak. I created a cedar oil medicine to kill the blight and added it to a spray bottle. I pruned away dying leaves and treated the tomato plant. I then took the small tomato fruit and presented it to my neighbor as a gift. She accepted the gift.

I asked her if she wanted to look after the plant with some cedar oil because it had contracted a blight. She declined, adding that she was a retired master gardener and that she no longer wanted the responsibility. I replied saying that perhaps it was time to receive fruits from gardens she did not cultivate. She asked me if I wanted to share the tomato with her. I also declined. We traded gracious smiles and ended the conversation on the acknowledgement of a certain relationship to responsibility to community growth and community blight. Each of us were playing a respective role as Earth custodian.

As I had the medicine prepared, I decided to treat the small live oak; which had suffered with the blight all Summer. I hosed the resilient branches with the cedar solution. At that moment, it dawned on me that perhaps if I had cared for this plant the blight would not have spread to my tomato plant. On my walk back, I saw a gigantic Holly plant covered in the blight. Apparently, the blight did not discriminate between plant breeds. I sprayed the blighted tree in patches unsure of what good I might do because the Holly tree had quite a prolific blight affliction. I sprayed the tree and evaluated the difference between a healthy leaf and the blighted ones. It was a matter to consider in context of accountability, labor and the magnitude of a treatment job. I was inadequate to the task, but I also did far more than others.

As I walked back, the words of my boyfriend rang in my skull like a gong, “There’s a point where this stuff does not take care of you. You need to take care of yourself.” Of course, he wasn’t talking about these neighborhood plants. He was talking about my first-responder method of jumping into media activism and other grasping conflicts.

Of course, this week it was the conflagration of the Ferguson drama of excessive force, media manipulation and the arbitrary detention of reporters. The week before that was the transition shader moving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to one of genocidal mania. All the while, the American foreign policy snake is coming full circle to chomp on its own rattler of a return to war in Iraq. I did not watch Jim Foley’s snuff film because it was a snuff film. The deaths of NASCAR drivers, comedians, unarmed black children and journalists seem to float on media streams like some notion understood; all is not okay in the world.


At times in my life, I too have been scared and bullied by incompetent and murderous idiots. I know the American military does not feel normal or safe unless they are nearby. They cannot be sustained without them. To be temporarily frightened from your wits is not a crime. However, if a gun is pointed at you, try to stay in the moment.

It concerns the result of a simple conversation.

“I CAN KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!” says idiot with a gun.

“Yes. Yes, you can, but no one is asking you to do that,” says the smart man with a desire to live.

If the idiot doesn’t really have a plan, you usually remain alive. Don’t dare bait your luck because an angry idiot will shoot you. They just need an instruction. Be nice to the guy with the gun. It’s a way to survive. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t speak.

My government does the work of terrorists for them. Next-gen warthogs demand applause for sitting around in US military combat surplus hand-me-downs, just like the snuff producers at ISIL productions. They both want my fear because they don’t have my interest at heart. If you take the surplus away they will still be what they are. They just won’t present a wrecking ball to the peace and civility of their hometowns.

I’m not a very malleable asset for US militarized interests. I am not terrified by actual terrorists. The terrorists have failed miserably in that department. So there is no sense of interest. I won’t beg to go to war. So instead of conceding to attrition, they want to stoke endless conflicts against the consent of people like me. They threaten to label me, another American, a terrorist for not agreeing with their war inflated wallets and the mass surveillance.

This nation state is in a fragile place of hysterical acceptance. We live in a global totalitarian regime emerging from a cocoon of sleepy “freedom” rhetoric. Extreme statists are happy: someone is in charge, the no’s are absolute, all the decisions are made for them and they are okay with the results so long as they are infantilized by the State. Anarchists are happy because the small window is finally open for them to make their ivory tower point; that all government leads to mass dysfunction or slavery. This happens before they set sail as pirate mercantilists in the black market. Partisans are happy because the chaos will legitmize craven street fights for power in previously rhetorical for-and-against pluralistic conflicts. The angels and demons of global special interests and non-profits are losing their minds because they are sliding straight down the 90-degree angles and can’t pull each other down quick enough. Gangs and the mentally ill are having fun watching it. Normal people, heads up or heads down, still have to go get the groceries, get the kids to bed and pay the bills on time to keep the lights on. It’s all some version of doing what we already do but in a state of world hemorrhaging dysphoria.

I’m someone who is not unlike others who understand when the need for help exceeds both the capacity and the ability to care for the surge of those needs. What it requires is often not what I render. There are plenty of people who don’t have the instincts I do. There are plenty of people who have better instincts than I do, who choose to do nothing. I have also proven I am able to do nothing and be uninvested. Yet, if I do nothing it does not help and the suffering continues. Criticism is survivable. To live with the fact I did nothing when help was needed, is not a life lived well. So I choose to help anyway. Not because of a generic moralistic quell or dogmatic reflexive religious creed; which are both fine as moral motivations to do justice. I help because I prefer the situation bettered and believe I can make it so by taking action.

In such a time, we have to accept one thing at a time, choosing the fights carefully. For instance, the blight was there. It spread  from the wind and some misunderstanding of a relationship to responsibility or neglect. Treating the blight took me 20 minutes. It didn’t hurt me. I helped the plants get well with tree medicine. I am okay. In fact, I learned more from plant care than I did from hundreds of hours of media consumption over the same time span. Let’s compare the lessons learned from two productive yields of community involvement.

Here’s what I learned from plant care.

I think about those trees and the growing things. Children and people are like growing things. They continue to grow. They continue to suffer unless you help them and make them better. Get help when you run into problems. Take good advice. If a blight crops up, don’t ignore it. If you know what to do, find some time to make things better. Present the fruit of your doings to elders, whose lives rely on what God grows for them at this point in their lives. They can share what they know if you have time. Take some responsibility on if it won’t kill you. Do something about the blights in your life or they will spread big.

Here’s what I learned from the Twitterverse.

There is confirmation of what I already know. There is false advertising in government packaging. I’m not alone in being a non-consensual constituent to unelected governance. The lights are coming on in all the darkened little houses online. US military presence is not on the scene to protect your Bill of Rights. We are not in agreement about what to do about it. I am only one of many grown from families coerced with militarized thinking and militarized force as “THE ONLY WAY”. US militarization is not the only way to make life worthwhile in America. To assert your interests encourages other’s hearts & minds.

Here are some thoughts of my own.

Be nice to yourself and others. You can help someone see things differently. Sometimes all you need is someone to show you what’s right in front of you as a kindness. We are all in some strange sense exactly where we need to be. Take good care of yourself to be force of responsible good in the world. You can balance the fulcrum so you and others are okay.

It is simple but not easy to balance the fulcrum to “okay”.

Here are some lines from the Sometimes-Lyrical-Dept.

They are inspired by the day’s events, of which there are many and the example of the Open Source community’s higher aims.  They started here, but now they belong as much to you as they do to me.  You can Open Source music like any other technology.  So I figured I would try.

If you like these lyrics pass them to a productive musical maker to make a song.

(justice would)


There is a tree

It’s been growing in my backyard

My entire life

It started blooming 7 winters ago

The fruit it grows

Wants to eat me

And every Summer it harasses me

within an inch of my life



And one day this Summer

I told it

I’ve had enough

You’ve had your ticker time tree

And now I’m going on a

chopping spree









That tree threatened me again

In the way it has all my years

I stood there

No tears

No cry

I said TREE



This time all the squirrels came by

The nuts began to roll

And the rocks began to fly

The axe started swinging

The crows can’t stop cawing

Nothing’s gonna stop me now


This, this is the end of you and all the bad you do (x 2)









Distanced observations on cults and active politics 


“ When a religion is good, I conceive that it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it, so that its professors are obliged to call for the help of a civil power, ‘tis a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.”  –  Benjamin Franklin


It’s not hard to observe the ardent manipulations to “heed the will of God” by lending your money, labor or power to any number of religious or spiritual groups active in politics. The following observations could apply to almost any cult or major religion active in the political field.  However, instead of picking on someone really obvious like LaRouche PAC, I’m going to go for the one hiding in plain sight. The one we see influencing media, appropriations committees, a war-driven economic and foreign policy: zionism.

I am choosing now to make my assertions in writing, because I am aware of the fiscal, psychological and draining emotional fatigues of zionist led policies. Many people are as afraid of zionists as they are of crossing the capo of a mafia family.

Now, I must say I am not in any danger of losing to or pissing off a zionist, because the worst has already happened. My employment has already been threatened from petty cult tyrants. My nation’s government has already been thoroughly weakened by the persistent demand for aid and foreign policy contortions. The economy has already been decimated due to a 90 degree right angle funnel towards the liquidation of old manufacturing wealth in the US in exchange for a debt-State dependent entirely on further sabotage and foreign war. My digital privacy has already long been exploded out by a private zionist intelligence firm located in Israel. The NSA mimics their intelligence capability and shifts the blame around so you will never look there. Is it all the zionists’ fault? Not really, but most of this is their idea.

So using zionism as our case study, I will move ahead.

Dealing with any cult member is a one-sided, parasitic relationship if you are not a member (and even if you are a member).

I don’t get any benefits from any cult if I am not a member. The problem with cults is that they are often deliberately withholding from members so they will overcompensate in the “proving” stages to exploit them for the maximum amount of labor and loyalty.  Cults, like a lot of religions, start as a voluntary excursion, but later become compulsory, controlling entanglements, leading to estranging isolation from family and normal people, and then comes the brainwash.

In fact, cult members routinely claim that people not in the cult are unclean, not human, not worthy, and of inferior moral integrity.  Any wealth or possessions belonging to non-cult members are considered wasted because they are not possessions or capital in service to the cult. So if you “liberate” the unclean, unhuman non-cult member by stealing their lifetime, possessions or money you have done a great good by translating their filthy earthly wares to the grandiose aims of the cult.

That’s exactly how it works. They dehumanize you. Take from you and that’s good for them. What happens to you is of no consequence to them because you are not cult.

Zionists don’t really care if they insert public policy that isn’t good for my rights, decimate my liberty or my economic prospects. They believe it benefits their hot pursuit of a Middle Eastern dome on land I will never see. The believe I owe them unconditional funding and compliance, even though I don’t get anything out of it. Don’t get me wrong, Israel the nation is not essentially zionist. US foreign policy towards Israel is essentially zionist. That’s good for zionists, but it’s not good for me and a lot of taxpayers.  As a US stakeholder, the ancient fight over the dirt in Jerusalem, Gaza or Palestine doesn’t get me anything but grief. I don’t want to feed into it or fight in it using our national resources, either.

To be really clear, I have ZERO stake in Israel and Palestine as an American citizen.  That conflict does not help me or my prospects in the United States. To give Israel money to keep it uncomplicated or to keep the controlling tantrums to a dull minimum is an insult to the purpose of our foreign policy body. I think we can do better. To me, its been a long exploited relationship where citizens don’t get any benefit.

The conformity aims of cultists are not obvious, unless you trip the brainwash wires.

A lot of zionist cult members are, more or less, normal nice people. You can and will be encouraged to share and be genuine about what you think, your religious beliefs, and what you value in life and any possessions. This is the customary intelligence gathering to help them organize the sticks and carrots they will try to put together a little later to get whatever it is they might want from you.

You won’t always know you are dealing with a zionist cult member. They don’t always let on. You may not be deemed worthy of knowing their deeply valued beliefs because you’re an insect to them. Zionists are members of a wide variety of political parties, causes, and institutions. Zionists are not necessarily Jewish, but they are almost always very religious. 

Regardless of actual religious beliefs, zionists are entirely pro-Israel, whatever that means that day. Even if they are not in any way remotely an Israeli citizen.  Finally, they are openly hostile to non-adherents that can’t know why they don’t conform to the priorities of the cult, because they are not cult. [If this sounds familiar to the intelligence community’s policy of invocation of State’s Secrets for everything, you are probably onto something.]

This leads me to the one true life anecdote of how I experienced the completely transparent display a mind-controlled zionist adherent.

I was interning in a small Hollywood PR office off of Vine and Cahuenga.  I was dispatched to do the most mind numbing, menial and career irrelevant work by the women who recruited me. It shouldn’t surprise you that I learned nothing that would help me advance in my operational ability in the field while I was there.

To whittle away the time, I started conversations on topics I felt were interesting because I was quite religious at the time.  They seemed, oddly, okay with this. Until one day, without warning or provocation, one of the bosses stopped cold and screamed at me that I had murdered people and I was guilty of murder and that I had plans to continue to murder innocent jews all over the world. My religious preferences were set to something that tripped her brainwash wires.

Now, it did seem to come out of the sky blue for everyone else in the office that day I was now considered a murderer by the boss. The delusion was precisely that I was convicted of murder by a non-judicial, unprofessional court of ONE zionist. I broke the shocked silence by correcting her for reality that, in fact, I had never murdered anyone. I had no plans to murder anyone. I did not know what her orientation was to lead her to that conclusion. I never would. She wasn’t the kind to explain herself for obvious reasons. Everyone, wide-eyed, went back to working in silence because something truly insane had just transpired. We shifted focus to pay dirt and left for the day.

Years later I realized my in-depth indiscretion against zionism had probably started the minute she picked up my resume. The cult nature was out of the bag. Anything I did or said would be framed by inaccuracies and character assassinations by this person.

So to wind down my rail against cults and the discharge of their one-sided social offerings, is do your due diligence to know who you are dealing with.  It’s not your fault certain people break their backs to get into cults and then realize they still don’t have anything. You can’t make the cultist happy. Cults are never ever done with all forms of extortion. If there is no strenuous grasping to manipulate using overextended illusions, the slavery is over.

The tragic secret is that peace, liberty and freedom is for people who aren’t cult members. Slavery is over.

It’s really simple, don’t accept a bad deal. That goes for banking policy, tax policy, foreign policy and overcomplicated ancient foreign wars that have their “holy” purpose. Just know cultists will take everything you have: your life savings, your family, your home, your money, your rights, your economy, your freedoms and your life. Your life is not for you, it’s for the cult. Don’t be surprised if you weren’t at the meeting when they decided what to do with your life and possessions.  It’s not personal.

The only immunity you have is to understand the deal you have been offered. The offering is twisting the quid pro quo. It is one where the cult tried to convince you the world is theirs to give you so you actually possess nothing of your own. So everything that is yours, is theirs and everything that is theirs, is still theirs.

See how that works?


Remarks on the transactional workers of a global psychic corral


Fear. Apathy. Character assassination. Each one has its place in the collective affliction of mass surveillance Americans face alongside anyone with a dial-up connection in West Africa or the south of Spain.  “We are all guilty of something,” the surveillant says.

I know what happens to you may happen to me if I am honest.

There’s a numbness that must overtake someone before they commit an act against their conscience: violating someone else or hurting some part of themselves. The misled follow a process. First there is a lure. Then a seductive offering.  If you accept the distraction as a offering, the trap closes around you. Then you become the pet of your captor.  Then perhaps later a slave.  Once your captor is done exploiting you for the essential product or service desired, they release you by disposal or, more unfortunately, death.

Think of what it might be like to work for an animal slaughter house. Every single day workers see the vital intact form of a conscious animal separated from its life. Then blood and skin from meat and bones.  Everything a rote transactional process. From the unfortunate animals corral, to its collapse, to its dismemberment, to package for market. The organized workers in compartments perform like bees. They are paid a servants wage to perform the death processes to a living thing.  Do you wonder what kind of people they are?  How long they stay in that job?

What if I said surveillance feels like the conveyor processes of a psychic slaughter. That may be why it is so often a precursor to mass genocide campaigns. The surveillance is invisible, but it isn’t painless. We are collected and corralled.  If we are conscious of it we wrestle in our minds.  We struggle against it.  Then we try to forget how we have been so exposed against our will, captured in a slave plantation the size of an office cabinet. The blinking quartz LED lights lead us down the digital conveyor belt where the psychic carvers dismember, clean and store pieces of our lives, our faces, our actions, for people we don’t know for reasons not provided.

All of this happens while we are alive. We are alive.

I’m sure analysts must learn to shut off the fact that we are alive while they carve us to into  datasets and spreadsheets. From there we are reduced to frozen facts in one clip of restrained, refined product for government or the market.

It must be the pay. You would think that the repeated psychic dismemberment of entire nations, families and people you may know would finally get to you. We know it eventually got to Edward Snowden. In the span of his life as an Intelligence processor he was paid a lot of money to perform these functions.  At some point he must have arrived at the conclusion that he was not performing analytical slicing, dicing and profiling of dead people but whole, living, conscious human beings not unlike him at all.

90% of the FISA or NSA bulk data collected isn’t to stop terrorism or crime. That is just a lie. The data collected is to stop you: from being normal, from being free, from dignity, from being anything but a source of exploit for profit or power by data brokers or human information traffickers.

I’m sure these analysts would scream in my face, telling me they are doing nothing wrong, that I am crazy, and I deserve the surveillance.  Confronting them directly is a waste of energy. They will get up and do it all again tomorrow to someone who is merely a little bit different and equally alive. They won’t admit to feeling anything about it. You are not human to them. They don’t know how to be ashamed for what they do.

What happens to us is sad. What happens to the people who work to process their fellow man this way is worse. To perform atrocities on a mass scale begins a transformation to the worker.  I sense these people separating from themselves underneath the roofs of their own skulls because they are not that different from you. They begin to fall apart and to fracture into pieces of themselves. On the outside they look and sound normal. Just underneath you find a cracked person, determined to self-destruct with an irrational compulsion toward pay for this line of work.

They may be in denial that their choices brought them and bought them to this, for cheap. Until one day they notice they can’t function normally. They became a collection of mere fractures, floating around in a sack of blood, siphoned through organs to bones and moving meat parts. They are dying souls. They rationalize what they do because … any excuse fits really.

They just want their check.