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Long before I knew of the problems of Real ID, Raul Grijalva had written and collected co-sponsors of a bill to repeal Section 102C of the Real ID Act.  The Real ID Act has created insane-making amounts of misery for border residents trying to live their lives peacibly at the Texas-Mexico border.

Grijalva’s bill HR 2593 a.k.a. as The Borderlands Conservation and Security Act is a political work of diplomatic art.  As my political education continues,  I see the moderation and sobriety in this bill which seeks to achieve what so many have failed at: an agreed direction on border securities and controlling illegal immigration.   Regulating the US-Mexican border is a nearly impossible issue; being able to please anyone regarding the work is naive.  The word “challenging” is an understated description of the pitfall laden political traps set for ANYONE attempting to decide on this issue.  May the compassion of the heavens be with the Rep. Grijalva and his 49 co-sponsors with a set face to repeal the Real ID Act, Section 102C.
We here at salute you.  It takes brave people to stand up to DHS and the Bush junta.  It’s tough to negotiate with dictators.  We stand with you.