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BTC — Maine has tread a rocky road to success and compromise towards resolving Real ID compliance and State boundaries. Rep. Ben Chipman, a freshman elected on an Independent ticket, used Maine’s legislative history and his experience on a local People’s Veto initiative to gain support and sponsorship for An Act To Protect the Privacy of Maine Residents under the Driver’s license Laws [LD-1068]. The bill has been recently re-worked to include an Amendment; which united partisan interests and gained a nod from the Governor.

Rep. Chipman discusses the bill, the Amendment, the legislative priorities for LD-1068 and Maine’s conflicted history with Real ID.

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BTC – It’s like no one listens when I scream “THE ZOMBIES ARE SHUFFLING!” Except, Jim Harper.  What am I talking about?  The Center for Immigration Studies released their legislative agenda about the natural, incremental progress of Real ID – or the federalizing your drivers licenses.

Jobs are not as plentiful to kick down to local or national contractors. So they’ll hang onto dear life to that little gold star or the holographic laminate they are paid to produce so they can keep the lights on.  Life is so sad when all we are left with is sympathy for the economic cannibalism of the American taxpayer.

What am I supposed to say?  Hey, Janice you didn’t look fat on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory? GO 9-11 Commission? What should I do?  Shout in the faces of people who can clearly see Real ID is a gutted zombie sloth which relies on the public’s attention deficit and short term memory to survive?  How about the fact that Real ID compliance gets dumped off at the 3rd rail because there are like 4 or 5 different national identity programs trying to spin off in Washington because Real ID didn’t exactly take off?  It would be easy to kill but certain folks are really attached to it.  So why isn’t it really really dead?

The national identity proponents don’t yet have the FIAT identity capital or the control that a comprehensive national identity program promised to deliver SO THEY KEEP TRYING.


“We’ll lose federal funding” or “What about the 9-11 Commission report reccomendations?” or “What will they replace Real ID with once it’s gone?” or “What about illegal aliens with the drivers licenses?”

These are the excuses going in my ears when I say, “Let’s repeal Real ID.”  We still want to disconnect one of the most totalitarian measures of social control known to human history from American life.  We are talking a national ID card program here. Real ID doesn’t just compromise privacy and cause discomfort to civil libertarians – it’s a sure shot way for the government to criminalize you for being because IT CAN.

I think John Stewart cut up the 9-11 Commission credit cards for leaving the first responders for dead. I think Naomi Klein showed the world what crisis/disaster (global interventionist) capitalism is really about.   I think CIS’ strategy for whipping up an immigration/identity distraction this spring should be swapped for HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET JOBS FOR AMERICANS, LIKE YESTERDAY?

You don’t want Real ID benchmarks and incremental rigor mortis running your life?  Pick up a phone or get off your duff and get down to your State and federal leaders office and demand a repeal.  Then it won’t be your fault, because you did something.

BTC – Nevada resumes regular license issuance today for licenses. The option to get a “gold starred” federal license compliant with the Real ID Act expired after a 120 day trial period, ending April 30, 2010.  The local legislature is expected to schedule a hearing to review the effectiveness of the new license programs later this week, according to Rebecca Gasca of the  ACLU-NV.  

Governor Gibbons issued an executive order to move forward with the Real ID program late last year due to national security pressures following a failed terrorist attack over Christmas 2009.

The State of Nevada passed a resolution requesting the repeal of the Real ID Act in 2007.


Utah’s bill to opt out of the Real ID Act , HB 234, has passed both chambers of the State legislature and is now on the way to the Governor’s desk today. The bill was signed by the Senate President late afternoon.
Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, author of the bill, introduced HB 234 at the beginning of the Utah legislative session. He then watched it rocket through the local legislature after mounting public outcry over decisions to move forward with implementation of Real ID regulations for drivers licenses.


WASHINGTON – Based on reports from Liberty Coalition mover, Michael Ostrolenk, Representative Ron Paul has picked up a legislation to comprehensively repeal the Real ID Act of 2005 with no substitutions.

Several privacy, civil liberty and technology coalitions increased discussions about the Real ID Act calculating efforts towards a comprehensive repeal late last year. A draft was hatched during that time. Congressional leaders were solicited in order to seek a repeal. Rep. Ron Paul was the first to step up to the plate.

More news on coalition based developments to come.

BTC – It’s either kick the can or repeal it the correct way.

Congress appears increasingly unlikely to repeal a sweeping driver’s license law by the end of the year, which may force the Homeland Security Department to grant blanket waivers to states unable or unwilling to issue licenses that meet federal security standards.

Without the waivers or a congressional repeal, the Real ID law goes into effect Jan. 1. Officials across the country fear that would set off a situation that could include a requirement that tens of thousands of airline passengers go through secondary screening at airports every day.

Senate Democrats have been unable to get an agreement from Republicans to bring legislation to the floor that would repeal Real ID, which many federal and state officials say is unworkable and some consider an unfunded mandate from Washington.

National ID bashing with Cato’s, Jim Harper

by Jim Harper

I’ve written here before about how the National Governors Association is seeking to peddle state power over driver licensing and identification to the federal government in order to cement its role as a supplicant for states in Washington, D.C.

NGA is currently seeking to drum up a false, end-of-year driver license crisis to convince Congress to pass a new version of REAL ID called PASS ID, moving the national ID project forward.

The letter says that states must be “materially compliant” with the REAL ID Act by the end of the year or their citizens will not be able to use their driver’s licenses as identification to board commercial aircraft. This is technically true, in one sense, but it omits some important information.

The statutory deadline for REAL ID compliance was actually a year and a half ago, May of 2008. No state was in compliance then, and the Department of Homeland Security gave out deadline extensions wholesale—even to states that didn’t ask for them.

If Congress takes no action by the end of the year, the DHS will simply do this again. There is no end-of-year driver license crisis.

And it’s no harm, no foul—nobody who has studied identity-based security believes that the national ID law would cost-effectively protect the country. Ignoring or repealing REAL ID are the best paths forward.

The NGA, of course, believes that states will be better off with its preferred version of REAL ID. Some of the sharpest corners are taken off REAL ID in the new ”PASS ID“ version, but states are kidding themselves if they think PASS ID is good for their bottom lines.

As I wrote beforetwice!—PASS ID is likely to cost states as much or more than REAL ID. Its requirements are essentially the same, and its implementation deadline—one of the biggest cost drivers—is tighter in some respects than REAL ID.

Will Congress slip PASS ID into law by the end of the year the way REAL ID was slipped into law four-plus years ago? It’ll be interesting to see…

BTC – The POTUS does not have privacy. The Washington Post has made it a point to expose Obama’s every move through a widespread national database virulently available to …anyone.

How’s that for pressure? My thought here is that maybe the Post’s database will go away if the federal Government can find a way to keep that from happening to us. I have a suggestion: REPEAL THE REAL ID ACT.

As I have said in the past, the American people do not share the benefits, the immunity or the power of the United States Presidency or of elected officials. We need the dignity of our privacy.

Is having stalkers cool?
It’s disturbing and creepy. If someone we knew were singling us out this way, we would go get a court order to restrain them for such behavior. Why the hell should we tolerate it from our government, whatever their excuse is?