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The Obama administration is looking into a 2 tiered systemic treatment for electronic mail privacy.
The first tier comes proposed by Sen. Rockerfeller as a lavish, no holds barred National Security power trip to commandeer private computer systems network in the United States by executive order. All Obama would have to say is, “Federal Disaster”. The second tier is a deep redacting E-scrub to cleanse and conceal the dirt of the Bush Administration followed by a sunblock of SPF 800 to protect from exposures to open records requests and subpoenas.

Today, RawStory reported that millions of Bush Jr. Presidential mails are mired in obscurity as the Obama Adminsitration seems to be hiding the skeletons of the Bush Administration. Not a good track record for a President who has an ideal to create a transparency towards the American public about the internal day-to-day dealings. reported updates on a legislative draft for the CyberSecurity Act, authored by Senator Jay Rockerfeller. The legislation might expand Presidential powers during federal disasters to include seizures of entire private computer networks.