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BTC – If national identity has plans to go through AAMVA or the Department of Motor vehicles, the ship for secured identity has sunk before it sets sail. New York’s newest example of internal fraud is not the first or the last instance of its kind in recent history.

DMV Staffers made 1$Million selling fake IDs to criminals & sex offenders


Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Two state employees, working for the Department of Motor Vehicles, have been arrested for knowingly using stolen personal information to issue driver’s licenses to convicted felons and sex offenders.

The DMV employees allegedly had a deal with a guy known as the “License Man.” Felons, sex offenders, even a fugitive featured on America‚Äôs Most Wanted, would pay him up to $10,000 to get a drivers license using someone else’s stolen identity.

Robin Jones-Woodson and Glenda Hinton, two DMV employees who worked in New York City, signed off on more than 200 fraudulent licenses according to the NYS Inspector General. The ring collected more than $1 million in the scheme which has been going on for at least the past year.

An undercover officer investigating the ring, got an id after claiming he’d once been deported from the US and now was on the government’s no-fly list because he was a suspected terrorist. He told the ring, he wanted to go to Pakistan, handed over some cash and walked away with a fraudulent ID.

In all, 22 people have been arrested, 7 who were involved with the production or sale of the licenses, and 15 who were customers. The two DMV workers are on disciplinary suspension and are not allowed on or inside of any property owned by the DMV.

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