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BTC- SAN FRANCISCO- The San Francisco Entertainment Commission announced a decision by Mayor Ed Lee to postpone continuance of new proposed rules during last night’s scheduled hearing.  The rules would require increased electronic surveillance and police presence for the city’s venues, drawing substantive local outrage and national scrutiny from civil liberty groups.

The Entertainment Commission intended to support law enforcement after an increase of violence was attributed to local entertainment venues.  The Commission was created, in part, as the City’s answer to appropriate local police policy towards clubs and venues.  The Entertainment Commission has since gained a reputation in the arts and entertainment community as an organization who serve’s the interests of the police over San Francisco’s entertainment culture.  California’s police policies continue to test the boundaries of privacy, technology and civil liberty.

According to attendees, the Entertainment Commission is merely continuing a trend in what some have called, “A war on fun.”  The San Francisco Bay Guardian maintains a series on the actions of the Entertainment Commission.  Local promoters present to give comment  at last night’s meeting complained the new rules would decimate their ability to profit from one time events.   One promoter stated customers are simply going elsewhere to be entertained because they don’t want to deal with the hassles currently present in the city.  Others gave account outside the meeting that in just a year’s time the Commission has marginalized clubs and venue businesses, enforced pat down requirements and has caused many clubs to shutter their doors.

However, the new rules are considered so offensive to privacy and due process by the Electronic  Frontier Foundation they have precipitated threat of suit, if continued.  KTVU 2, San Francisco reports.

“Enterainment Commission considers new saftey rules,” KPFA Pacifica Evening News, reports @ 35:14

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