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What’s in it for you?

SO… What’s in a census? Harmless, right?  Just a knock at the door and a few questions, right? No big deal, right?

Well.  Then what happens to your information?  Where does it land? Who has it and why do they have it?  Moreover, when you find out, you’ll wonder why you ever volunteered your info in the first place.

Well.  Everyone has my information already. Why should I care, right?  

You should always care how accessible you are to others to whom you have no relationship. Unless you benefit directly from the information racket, you are a resigned, apathetic, lazy, reckless, socially irresponsible slob with no identity standards and are complicit to living with no rights.  You shouldn’t be making decisions for the rest of us who haven’t quit. 

By the way, if needlessly shoveling over your information without compensation has benefitted you; we definitely want to hear your story! Please send your stories to . Please include the name of your employer and what you do for a living.

You might need a gauge for what kind of information is already out there about you and how far corporations have gone to try to get a few bits of information about you without your involvement.  All that may be needed to expose your Social Security Number is your date of birth and the State you were born in.

The more you just lay there, the more The Corporation has a stationary object with no resistance to their violating behavior. They won’t stop taking.  See below…

Sprint  has  role in next year’s census

The Kansas City Star

The U.S. census is wrapping up preparations for making next year’s count, which will use a communications network and support provided by Sprint Nextel.

Sprint was picked in 2006 by Harris Corp., the systems integrator for the census, to be the exclusive wireless data provider and to provide both wireline and wireless support.

The resulting automated system is expected to increase the accuracy and efficiency of next year’s count, in part by using handheld devices that will transmit the collected data almost instantly to the Census Bureau over the Sprint network.

“As a result of the combined solutions and technology provided by Sprint and Harris, the 2010 decennial census is expected to be the most accurate in U.S. history,” Mike Murray, vice president of Harris Census Programs, said in a statement.

Census information was previously collected manually by workers, including relying on paper address lists and maps. But besides sending the data, the handheld devices can also verify addresses using GPS. The automated system developed for the census will for the first time make the canvassing virtually paperless.

In addition, Sprint is providing other support for the census, including security, program management and data centers that will help provide the infrastructure needed to collect the census information.

“Sprint is honored to play a critical role in this historic evolution of the decennial census program for 2010,” said Bill White, vice president for federal programs at Sprint.

The value of the Sprint contract was not disclosed.