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DENVER – Web cameras make it easy to keep in touch with far away friends and family. If you have a web cam on your home computer, laptop or even your cell phone, a hacker can be lurking, just waiting for a chance to gain control.

Right now, hackers are spying on innocent users via their web cam and microphones. It starts with a simple email, link or program sent to you.

“The bad guys go out there and find vulnerabilities in different applications and programs,” says Michael Gregg, COO of Superior Solutions Inc.

Once you click on it, your computer is overrun by the hacker’s program.

“When the hackers find a problem before its fixed, its called a Zero-Day or IE-Exploit,” says Gregg.

The exploit programs can remotely turn on your web cam, watch what you’re looking at online; even listen to what you are saying. Even worse, the longer these programs are available to hackers, the easier they are to use.  :::MORE HERE:::