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Personal Identification Driver’s License RFID Reader:
1600 Ellis St, Bellingham, WA 98225 Cross Streets
(Near the intersection of Ellis St and N State St)

Don’t Get an Enhanced Driver’s License/Border Speed Pass
In the following report from The Resourceful Bear, cites both studies and physical evidence of the use and instillation of RFID license readers by the City of Bellingham, Washington.
They will follow the chip they give you.

ACLU Reports Privacy And Security Concerns For Washington’s Enhanced Driver’s License
SATURDAY, 25. OCTOBER 2008, 15:02:52

The Resourceful Bear News Service

Christina Drummond reports that Researchers from the University of Washington and RSA Labs just published a paper on the privacy and security vulnerabilities of the RFID tags embedded within Washington’s Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) and the U.S. Passport Card. In addition to confirming that the EPC Gen2 RFID tags in these documents can be remotely copied (i.e., cloned), this paper uncovered a number of concerns. The ACLU of Washington has been watching the EDL’s development closely, submitting comments on the administrative rule and highlighting privacy concerns at an RFID policy roundtable. With the support of the Department of Licensing we worked to pass HB 2729, the first state law to deter RFID tracking by making it illegal to read the RFID tag on an EDL when not at a border crossing.

The Resourceful Bear News Service is reporting that Bellingham Washington has been installing personal identification, driver’s license and border-crossing ID card readers on many streets since April 2008.

Apparently these devices will be used for homeland civil security identity, real-time ID identification, wireless, DMV, geo-location, GPS, biometric, facial recognition, secure credentialing, information purposes, to track the movement and whereabouts of individuals in Bellingham.

Throughtout the whole city we have something beyong REAL ID, we have total RFID ID. Here is a photo of a street corner Personal Identification Driver’s License RFID Reader located at 300 York St.