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A kind, courteous notice for Apple Inc., Qwest and other corporate executives standing in the gap for US consumers

If privacy and technology weren’t powerful issues driving our society they would not be the targets of those who: love power, play with power and love legal leverages.

It does seem the only thing standing between most of us and unfettered information pillaging is a CEO and a crack team of lawyers.  The corporations are in the most unfortunate position, as data custodians, to also be the guardians of a perceived new chattel. 

What rivals the State for power are those who have more principal in human capital than they might have.  The only way to balance this myopic point-of-view is to for them to  have the same information of their rivals.  I do believe this is the perspective of the National Security State, a shard of government amid elected government.

One of the issues company culture faces is many company heads do not view themselves as separate from the consumer public when they relate to the State. It has come up more than once that the National Security State doesn’t comply with the same laws the rest of our society is held to.  That puts a wedge between corporate America and the National Security State, and all the consumer charges in their care, as well.

In the case of Apple hard-lining an FBI request to decrypt phones for access, or to break what they make, it is not just the executive culture at Apple who mistrusts the motives of the State. A majority of their consumer charges won’t ever trust national intelligence ever again after the Snowden leaks.  Apple lost ground and consumer trust because they complied and went along with unqualified NSL requests without a warrant in the past, like many bullied corporations.  Their simplified objective is to survive and to make profit.

Company executives with strong motives for profit and balance seek to acquire business from the US government.  In doing business with the government they become prey to their motives for dominance over their business lifecycle. Among whistleblowers like, Bill Binney, Thomas Drake and Edward Snowden there are other less sung corporate voices who have also come forward.  I think their stories are muted in intense, threatening legal attacks and attacks on their reputation for not serving the interests of the State. They are now gagged in arbitration and threats of incarceration.  Warrant canaries are the only some of the public evidence their infrastructure is being violated by National Security legal orders.

I think of one Quest executive in particular who was jailed.  This man didn’t really have an interest in complying with a national security request without a court order because it would have put his company in a position to be sued.  I think he must have said to himself, “If I allowed this illegal thing to happen to my friends and family, I expect to be sued”.  He feared betraying the consumers who trust him.  Wouldn’t it be corrupt for a government to ask someone to do something illegal?

He refused to comply with the government request for data without a warrant. Then the government pulled their business from Qwest. Then they sought to place him in jail. They wanted him to fear the government more than the consumers.  For him to take the fall for their illegal behavior is in their interest, not the interest of Qwest company or consumers. To be clear, it didn’t help Qwest or his customers for him to be jailed for 4 years. I would argue that it didn’t help the government either. He served his sentence. His conviction was overturned for malfeasance on appeal to clear his name.  It was later reinstated by a different judge.

It is an unnatural balance that National Security maintains.  Their poorly qualified demands for intelligence equity from US companies is sustained by force against the US people.  They have made points repeatedly that it does not require our trust to ‘protect’ us from terrorists.  They do not require our trust to dominate our information infrastructure in a competition over information fiefdoms.  Their administrators communicate consistently they do not need our trust to violate our interests and interfere with ordinary law as use of force against their own citizen.

So it is no surprise the State oppositions to “encryption dogma”comes as an executive “must not”.  Encryption stands to check them in a broken or corrupted system.  This is a system where the courts reinforce divided interests of justice. Law enforcement regard policy of avarice and plots of men instead of the laws. Business leaders play dangerous games with 2 customers: the consumer market and the more coercive market, the US government.

If this were a time when we were more ignorant or more trusting then perhaps Apple would wholeheartedly help the FBI more with a lawful court order.  However, the day has come where the path to compromise with the corrupt has met its limit.  To comply with their request would lead to self-harm. Thank God for this fateful day.  

Law enforcement must now moderate a self-correction or forge on against the public as an enemy.  They are not the market.  So we, The People, have the difficult task of retraining or correcting government structures we are compelled to endorse.

If I were a large multinational corporation, I would not submit to further aggression on my business. I would try to find a way to drop business with the US government for breach of interests.  In fact, I would advise, with careful consultation with contract lawyers, those who have interests in doing business with the US government to drop their most treacherous government clients, the intelligence actors. They have proven they will attack companies and business leaders against the interests of laws we must comply with.  Their reasons seem that they believe they are both separate and superior in constitution to a US citizen.  I might also prepare to countersue for retaliation and provide both more legal and physical security to company executives.  Spoiler alert: Refusing a tyrant is grounds for more tyranny.  So hire a great strategist.

The National Security state is operating under a corrupting falsehood that they have a separate law and separate governance than domestic and International law.  They are small in number in comparison to the rest of us. They will seek to degrade and undermine what they cannot directly or legally dominate. That sort of force should only be used on your enemies.  They are not currently trustworthy partners in any venture.  

We hope that will change because we are not their enemy. 

The national security agencies isolate themselves and divide themselves against the US people as if we are not their neighbors, their friends, their teachers, their relatives and their bosses. They have more than a PR problem.  They have a divided government problem.  We will still be America without a corrupt militarized National Security State.  However, will we still be America if we allow these agencies to continue to denigrate the interests of common and international law and domestic markets?

There is a range of choice and option.  You can choose who you do business with. 

Current government constituencies will not stop crying “National Security” prior to a power grab.  So let the proverbial wolves-of-want get them for overusing the anti-terror excuse to exhaust your trust.

Why is it that once elected some arcane invisible force will seize the reasoning faculties of a public official like … a drug?  I reconstitute some thoughts that came before me to inform the world, once again, power can perform exactly like a drug.  I describe here the corrupting influences, not of power, but of drugs.

The bad news is if you are on drugs you are not in control. If you do enough drugs on a regular basis you become a cause lost to addiction. Again, not a giant revelation.

When you mix drugs you may get casualties.  Many many actors, musicians and otherwise cherished people we may know mixed up their drugs and died. If the addict is not dead then they come out circumstantially or physically chewed up on the other end of the addiction cycle.

Some of the cast members from Walking Dead resemble LA’s skid row at 5:30 AM.  Those unfortunate bottomers lose their life savings, their teeth, and motor skills to chemically induced cerebral palsy. Substance abuse bores holes in your brain. The worst loss of all is dignity.

Sometimes the perils of substance abuse don’t stay quiet.  Especially when political figures mix the drug of power and crack cocaine. Every now and then you get a gory story of a capital town mayor hitting the ground like Icarus on the way back from the sun. A recent bookmark was Ontario’s Mayor Ford.  Reputation splattered all over the news. Institution temples desecrated. Swarms of bloodletting lawyers emerged like bats at dusk. There is awe but not shock.

I don’t hear much about anyone else in these capitol towns, their substance abuse or heavy party habits.  I am convinced there are still casualties because there is mixing of drugs: power & party favors. Hence, the speculation about capitol towns spoken of as an underworld escalator to crypts hiding in plain sight.

Let’s take a quick look at one drug of choice for people with far too much money, some power and self-granted immunity from criminality: cocaine. Cocaine induced psychosis makes you think you are God with a capital G, for Going TOO FAAST.  Unfortunately, it is  also a really addictive substance.  Addicts in their quest for the unending high become chemically induced psychopaths. Sometimes people die as a result. Usually not the addict, I’m afraid. Prisons are filled with addicts who created treacheries for themselves and others while completely high.  Obviously  addicts in prison are not in power or have mastery of their fate.

Everyone is a little bit scared of gangsters and drug dealers, including and especially addicts.  They are known to kill indiscriminately.  They are your proverbial bad guys endorsing the underside of life.

CAUTION: RABBIT HOLE AHEAD, watch where you step.

Now mix in the “investigative journalism” premise: the CIA runs the Latin American drug trade (confirmed) and perhaps, along with the US Military manages Afghanistan’s Opiate trade (unconfirmed). There are a couple of notable investigative reporters who broke the news about the CIA’s role in DEA corruption of the Los Angeles drug trade.Incidentally they also passed on fairly recently of “suicide”. [R.I.P. Michael Ruppert]  In fact, check out the full length biopic “Killing The Messenger” about the life and death of Gary Webb, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, due for release October 2014 from FOCUS films.  Webb ONLY went back over the Iran Contra justice scandal in 1996 to reveal the CIA was still in the narco business.

Is CIA drug involvement policy your fault? No. Is it the fault of drug addicts caught in the middle of business conducted by our clandestine services departments? Not really, but sometimes, yes.  Are prisons filled with small time guys who probably were set up for a life of trouble by the CIA?  We think so.

It’s moderate-to-popular to say the federal War On Drugs is a failure.  It’s somewhat scary to say don’t do drugs because the federal intelligence agencies are creating an independent source of wealth and a duplicitous system of prison controls through the drug trade. So it makes sense now, if Nancy Regan DAREed to be a moral person for 2 seconds of her life, to just tell people not to pay into the federal drug trade.  Why should the American people fatten up the CIA so they can throw addicts in prison?

People are dying every day in Afghanistan. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure what’s going on. However, if you check with your local homeless veteran back from Afghanistan with a serious black tar habit they might tell you they were patrolling poppy fields one day and then busting them later.  That might mean the Pentagon and US Intelligence agencies have access to no small amount of party favors. I don’t think any regulator really checks up on them because everything has “gone black” or is intentionally secret.  If my projected scare porn scenario is true it makes the Iran Contra scandal look like Ivory soap.

I think Washington D.C. is full of drugs. The people with clandestine access and immunity from the covert community is at an all time high. The hubris, lying and compulsive power tripping policy is also at an all time high. It might make more sense if they were trying to protect a well indulged narcotics habit.

However, I don’t think the narcotic of power by itself would be enough to keep up the level of corruption instituted in D.C. If the People in Power are mixing their drugs it might look like aliens are minding the store because they are so.. so.. HIGH.  I could totally see K Street lobbyists/hookers doing their mark ups completely high. I could see aides and elected officials making agreements to do things that aren’t in the public interest. Like greenlighting blank-check omnibus bundled crap they didn’t read while they are completely drunk or high. Everyone around them might be employed to be an enabler or scared to death to say anything for FOMO (fear of missing out) or…death.People who follow power for power’s sake don’t think long term.

Addicts only think as far as their next high.


When someone comes down from a massive high they are often paranoid.  If you have a lot of responsibility back in your district and someone introduced you to your new best friend Cocaine and you have to attend a committee hearing in an hour, who is in control now?  Your dealer.

Your dealer is now the source of All That Is, even if “That” is a totally illegal controlled substance.  You are going to do exactly what they tell you.  If your dealer is actually the self-declared King of Clandestine Access, they can get you a speed pass to Heaven so long as you don’t ever cross them as the source.  Since you actually just gave away all of your power and the power of your entire district to a drug dealer you are *definitely paranoid* now.

Power is no longer power when you give it away to someone else.

If you were coming down and trying to manage public office one would think that you couldn’t write in surveillance controls or clandestine immunity rules fast enough.  The Dealer could keep an eye on the dissenting insects who cannot possibly understand what it’s like now that you are God. They’ve got guns and muscle. It’ll be easy.

It’s not like I have proof, or anything, but it’s something to consider in light of what we have experienced in public affairs for the last 30 years. There are DUI laws. Perhaps we could do something about lawmaking conducted under the influence. People with substance abuse problems can legitimately be removed from public office. Obviously, you cannot be expected to run the country high out of your mind.

It is worth saying anyone who expects to trade in my civil liberty, unopposed, for a gratuitous, unchecked government contract must be completely high. If the court system entertained my notions in they might introduce a mass intervention against a real source of corruption in Washington.

It’s more likely, since this sort of  proposal is reasonable, that someone dumb and powerful will immediately ignore it.  I am gambling on a small percentage of justice professionals who would consider it given the powers granted to them to enforce Constitutional law.

The People have immediate cause to release problem addicts from “public service”.  If they want to beg for their job, they can liquidate their pension into a 401K as a severance package and pursue substance rehab or vocational rehab. If we were nice they could choose to apply for their job after 360 days of technical sobriety.  We would not be compelled to rehire at any rate.

Just imagine the D.C. gridlock caused by school busses filled with former public servants headed to the Ozarks for acquittal rehab.

Now..Take us home Donna Summer…

Sometimes life will imitate a desert.  One will search for miles, redoing the math, tearing down and rebuilding shoddy constructions, monitoring modern reporting for any sign of rain or relief.  Ignorance is soon to become an endangered species, if the Internet comes through the other end of the mean. We must first have accesss to the truth. This will take some convincing. For those who actually possess a truth, to bring it forward is no light undertaking.

I haven’t yet discussed the nature of the commission of the Indigo generations. They step outside the astrologically analyzed spin of each generation’s Pluto, Saturn and Uranus planets. This is repackaged in mass media as something you recognize: The Boomer Generation, The Lost Generation, Gen X, Gen Y or millennials.  Presently coordinating their territory against that of a lion with an endless appetite for the children of men, nature, and misery itself, are the Indigo children.  They carry the truth with them, whether they want to or not.

Indigos are jailbreaking an empire of lies, lead by liars and their dupes. The first, second and fortieth time an Indigo speaks their truth, they are not believed.  They are imperfect emissaries who are immediately gaslighted from the time of their first peep resembling light, truth and integrity. They are people who have made mistakes in life. They are society’s gender or moral deviants. They may have been someone’s victim most of their lives. They are financial reprobates. They have been overcommitted to the wrong direction. They have a history of hypocrisy in corporate or government fealty.  They are vulnerable people impossibly buried by reproach. They are people bound and gagged by achievement, success and family obligations.

If they survive the abuses of power, they make a powerful connection. The truth will be true; whether it is spoken by a donkey, a monkey, a priest or a poltergeist. The truth isn’t a subjective matter.  The truth is a subjective matter for magicians and liars taking you to spin class.

Then something truly groundbreaking happens. They open their mouth for the 41st time.   It finally sounds like something that matches the integrity and strength of their nature. They are a sudden convert to their own understanding by speaking aloud what is condemnable heresy to a liar.  Truth becomes their new master and the master of all who hear it. What remains is the tombstone of dearly beloved lies.

Lies have no permanent authority. They are an invention to protect the perceptions of those who escape into drugged lassitude of power, built on falsehoods.  All social ills come under the sickness of a lie’s polluted inversion. However, all it takes is the persistence and courage of someone who possesses a truth to portray it as medicine to be made well.

The right time and right place arrive. The tower cracks. The dark emperor falls.  The earth finds the splattered remains of all of his lemmings. Their survivors will be found weeping because they also were overcommitted to the lies at great cost.  This is precisely when the truth hurts.

What do you do when Chuthlu shows up in a smart suit to focus rhetoric from The Fear Insitute in your dreams?

From the mists of a dream a character appeared to me.  It was a serene Chthulu, H.P. Lovecraft’s dead god of the Underworld, in a grey suit and a red tie.  He calmly pointed me to one of the twin towers which had been struck by a plane.  He insisted that I focus on the displaced bodies of very unfortunate people falling to their deaths from the World Trade Center over a decade ago.

I have thought of those people from time to time.  Sometimes as ghosts. Other times as zombies.  Their imagined responses to being killed in the September 11th attacks are as varied as the people actually killed or victimized to death in the NYC disaster.  My thoughts of them rally forth as ghosts seeking the truth about their demise. Some of those dead gratefully surrendered to the event as a closure to their living on earth. Others are angry, misting around the NYC tower grounds grumbling at failed attempts at survival or unfinished business transactions; which may have been as meaningless as their end. Some, behind the force of their patriotism in life, would be for war or for civil sacrifice.  Some would be appalled at the demise of our privacy and the decommission of our liberty over their death to a point of grief. Today so much foreign war, torture and tyranny is couched on making their deaths purposeful by US leaders.

I would like to see the ghosts of the scattered fallen in NYC speaking for themselves. I imagine them haunting a corrupt Congress and Executive agencies to cease the excuse of mass surveillance. The dead from these buildings would demand justice and a return to normative freedoms we enjoyed before the 9-11 Commission placed itself above the US Constitution.

Yet, here we are with hardly any fear of god, devil or poltergeist in these Institutions.  Only the distillations of psychopathic intent forged on a fiat appropriations committee and then presented to the people under force of “law”. Corruption is the process. The plebean may not trust it. They are far beyond the insult into the paces of survival.

World trade concerns are simply temporal.  They have no lasting spiritual meaning or result.  The actions of the marketplace are as perishable as the  people committed to them.  You may wonder what the true fate of the WTC’s fallen would be, but it wouldn’t be that much different from when we say goodbye to living. Idealizing the fallen at the WTC might be a spiritual mistake.  We already know what the policy mistakes look like from misappropriating the reverence of these dead.

I awoke to a stream of texts from my boyfriend asking me if I did in fact need a medicine from the drugstore.

I think its more than odd, since I have never read a single H.P. Lovecraft novel in my life, that one of his dead underworld gods of apocalyptic destruction would usher in such a discerning request to think of in one of my dreams.

I learned that both Chthulu and the Dreamlands are the creations left behind by Mr. H.P. Lovecraft.  The Dreamlands were later populated with the stories of author, Johnathan Howard.  Howard animated the journey of a protagonist, Johannes Cabal. He was sent on a mission of reconnaissance into the Dreamlands to seize the Phobic Animus or the embodiment of fear, upon commission of none other than The Fear Institute.  This may have everything to do with the War on Terror.

It does seem that an Chthulu made his message of focus known to me to point to an agenda of The Fear Institute, as an analyst.  Chthulu, who is dead himself, had an agenda in reanimation.  It would be to end this world as we currently know and produce a reign of permanent arbitrary destruction.

It occurred to me that the War on Terror, the backwards thing that it is, has become the most appropriate vehicle for Mr. Chthulu to achieve his aims in resurrected living.  The War on Terror has become the thing it has feared. It fights and kills millions, adding the source of its origin as a target: American fears brocaded in the dead piles of a few thousand New Yorkers.  Chthulu simply wanted me to focus on the cascade of falling dead from the Twin Towers and nothing else.

I write this response to honor his peaceable visit from the Collective Unconscious; which yielded some musings on the Twin Towers’ dead.  Politicians love to speak for the dead, because they cannot speak back.  The truth may be if the dead of the Twin Towers could speak, would it get past the seared consciences of those in power to turn the policy from the Error of Terror (heh,~Era of Terror) to a beneficial type of  regressive defense reform?  What will it take for those in power to take the gloves off?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that  if you need the WTC dead to speak, it would take a necromancer as adeptly imagined by HP Lovecraft to produce the answer to that question. More to the point, why do we need to call up the dead to make a point for the intentions of the living?  Can’t we do this ourselves?

To Chthulu, my dream visitor, dead god of the Underworld, please, tell your fellows at The Fear Institute that I owe them nothing more and leave me be.

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How does it feel to get bounced, Gov'Zilla

Man stops Gov'Zilla from entering the Party over ID. Cold. So cold.

Time to think differently about surviving surveillance

BTC — One thing relevant to “beating the chip” is that we are always inventing and searching for new and different ways to do just that. The requirement is to think creatively about it. Surveillance continues to creep up on us.

What is beating the chip?  How do we beat the chip?  Why can’t we just do it once and be done with it?

These are the expansive, nagging questions which pursue doggedly long into the night, head underneath the pillow,  back turned to the conscious world.


In order to “beat the chip” we need to first understand what the chip represents.  The chip represents the social adoption of some transhumanist ideas including pervasive electronic surveillance, abdication of privacy boundaries.  If the transhumanists get what they want identity would become a possession overpowering the personal rights and property of the individual for a collective run by an unknowable entity via remote control.  It is staggeringly presumptive; to a point where it’s almost unbelievable.

Unfortunately, “we have the technology”.  Handheld computers, wi-fi enabled laptops and GPS systems tell on us all the time.  It’s just the next platform for transhumanists to get the computer inside of your body to perform the same function.  They would just get a more proficient admin, who does more, faster with the increased piles of data you and your body would generate.

The individual rightly fears a global tech collective for all the same reasons we fear the manifest abuses of empire.  Who wants to delegate their personal power to a central control grid completely dedicated to watching all the worker ants in society?  In a few words, it’s dehumanizing.  At the end of the day, humanity may seem cheap, but it’s really all we’ve got.  To rely on it’s strength and combined frailties has its own integrity.

There are more than a couple of people who can’t embrace the eventual breakdown of their mortal coil. They fear the eventuality of death, seeking to control what they can’t. They can’t leave the human and animal well enough alone, tampering and tinkering with DNA, genetics in evolutionary folly. Humanity becomes defined and interchangeable with imperfection in advertising and marketing.  Bettering ourselves and each other is one way to make a living in this world.

Transhumanism is supposed to be about shuffling off this mortal coil in exchange for a more decent robot who will execute our desires without the problem of societal judgement, legal intercession, morals or ethics. There is no need to incarcerate anyone, all harm is done robot-to-robot in this “evolved” scenario.

More than a few warnings have been issued, mainly from the film industry, one of the latest of which is in the film Gamer about the fundamental flaws of getting out of the way of Transhumanists.  In Gamer, an intermediate virtual society employs people to perform robotic functions as entertainment for other people in live versions of video games.  Some other films connecting the dots with the profound problems of using robots as intermediaries for human excesses are Surrogates, Minority Report, and of course The Matrix.

Transhumanism is one way to give up and keep on living if your desires can in no way be reconciled with the laws of physics, reality or concrete morals.  Wealthy cynics are it’s victims and their bank accounts become the hosts for a parasitic involvement with the can-do ingenuity of whatever technology can provide.  In fact, CNBC decided to come front and center with, Surviving the Future, a documentary which took over 45 minutes of apocalyptic runaround to get around to the propaganda: the future of humanity will require us to surrender to singularity.

Surviving the Future – Montage from Gabriel Rocha on Vimeo.

The transhumanist message is; the sooner you adopt this way of life the easier it will be to incorporate your chances of surviving an economic or geological collapse.  However, what kind of life is it if someone else can eclipse your life into some sort of efficiency pill form?

With so much apocalyptic detritus rolling around in media and on the Internet, you might consider the notion of an apocalypse occurring in the near future.  The transhumanists believe they can beat it if we all band together and fight it with comprehensive technocracy.  The point of an apocalypse is that you have absolutely ZERO control over an economic, sociological and ecological breakdown.  If you survive the disaster, you get to rebuild.  However, you don’t ask for obedience in advance, like some sort of undeliverable form of life insurance.  The message of the apocalypse is that nothing can save us.

The apocalypse is the biggest problem transhumanism will ever have in that there is no way to control it.


Disaster is a return to an uncontrolled unknown, the great chaotic void, and it may be the one place where you cannot generate any more data.

If we sit on the pregnant shores of decline, we can ponder a lot of great human questions which escape the mandibles of government and social controls.  Giving up on humanity is too easy. Letting a machine do the work of mankind beats us out of our soul’s survival.  Hard work assists mankind in accepting mortality as a personal handicapp.  Tiring of the body coerces epic efforts to forage into the unseen, the subtle and the creative on the premise that there must be something more than the demands of the animal.  Technology exists for this seat too; but it is not the substitute. It is designed to propell the expression of a mortal human being.  We are duty bound to help one another up from a place of frailty, not to a place of isolated proprietary absolutes or egotistical enshrinement.  Some of the greatest inventions come from terminally exhausted people; after being forced into a corner their gifts benefitted all.

I realize this runs a lot more philosophical than other commentary forged here.  I don’t have an answer to comfort the overconfident ideals of transhumanists.  However, someone did suggest an idea of how we can learn to think ahead to all the possibilities that do not yet exist; or to become a quantum activist.  You may find something trustworthy there, if you didn’t delegate that task to a robot.

The Quantum Activist : Dr. Amit Goswami Movie Trailer from BlueDot Productions on Vimeo.

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