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BTC  – This little tidbit came in from Daily Kos analysis of the Texas GOP platform.  It’s endemic of how Texas does things.

Real Americans, but not Real Americans 
c/o Mark Sumner

You city slickers think you’re so slick. And citied. But your mind can’t hold up to a fast one-two punch delivered just… like this!

We propose that every Texas driver license shall indicate whether the driver is a U.S. citizen. No such documentation shall be issued to anyone not legally in the country.

Yessir, that’ll stop those charges of racial discrimination. It won’t be the color of your skin that matters, but the federal information stamped right there on your drivers license. (What happens if you have a drivers license from another state? Well, you’re a foreigner by definition.) But here’s the clever bit from another section of the platform.

As the Real ID Act effectively creates an unconstitutional and privacy-inhibiting national ID card, we hereby call for its immediate repeal.

See, the Real ID Act doesn’t actually issue a national ID card. Instead it sets out rules so states can issue drivers licenses that can be used as federal ID. Like for proof of citizenship. The Texas GOP is against that. And for it. Remember: only weaklings turn to lawyers to sue for whiplash induced by contradicting policies.

Ironical, Ain’t It?

BTC –  Did someone forget to tell Rep. Lamar Smith of the 11th District that the Texas GOP adopted the repeal of the Real ID Act into the Lonestar State platform?

I expect him to butt heads with Rep. Ron Paul and over 10,000 Libertarian interested constituents as he continues to tow the national security- DHS line.  That’s before we even discuss minority voters and Democratic interests who hate Real ID in an anti-incumbent election year.  Check your boosters, Smith. You should hope you still have a job by November if you plan on moving Real ID like it’s a positive prospect for national security.

Federal Texas officials are beholden to the constituents and to the party they serve. They asked for a repeal.

Which means, PUBLIC, if you have anti-national ID concerns you may now ask any elected Texas Republican for anti-Real ID service and they should deliver.

So – Rep. Smith, where is my repeal bill?

Senator John Cornyn introduced an amendment which would spend up to $360 million of unspent US stimulus money to pay for more border fence surveillance technologies.  As recently as this week, SBINet and ISIS program border surveillance technologies were reported to have failed in providing security to the border.

The prospect of spending bailout funding on incompetent border security is a slap in the face to families and future generations expected to pick up the tab for these excesses.

Please tell Senator Cornyn not to spend stimulus funding on machines and programs which do not work to secure our borders.

Here is a sample of what you could write:

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I recognize the combined constituent pressures from the national security industries in Texas, abroad and on the border.

The people who opposed the bailout do not want you to spend any of their money on technology and infrastructure which failed to competently protect our border. Senator Joe Lieberman recently declared SBINet and ISIS a “failure”.   Please do not use the stimulus funding to pay for incompetent border security surveillance technologies in the amount of (up to) $360 million US dollars.

The Amendment to Supplemental Appropriations Act (HR 4899) may have support for “boots on the ground” from President Obama, but our nation cannot sustain needless and expensive surveillance costs when it is clearly time to cut the waste pork projects from our national budget.

Please only ask for what America absolutely needs and do not put forward any more funding towards a failed fencing project which keeps no one safe from danger.



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You might remember Mr. Briggs as the comedic author of the infamous Drive-In Movie Review columns (which popularized such terms as bimbo-fu, the sign of the two-backed beast, and three and a half breasts). He’s successfully branched out, becoming a Twain-like cultural critic, while retaining his reputation for honesty, impartiality, and accuracy (unlike his erstwhile competitor Michael “Mike” Medved, whose judgment can’t be trusted, given his ridiculous “two thumbs up” reviews of Israel and illegal immigration).
Check it out.

    “What if you spent 1997 hanging out in Rudy’s Adult Video? It was just sort of a PHASE you were going through, and yes, you did charge $3,500 on Rudy’s Adult Video three-for-the-price-of-two video specials. But you had no idea that when you applied for a job 10 years later at one of those super-high-security Enron-type companies, they would do a “deep background check” tied to your National Eye-Dee Card. “Take a seat, Mr. Wilson. We have a few questions about the ‘Nurse Nasty’ video series starring Jasmine St. Clair. Is it true that you watched all 34 volumes?”

    There aren’t many people left alive from the Depression years, when the Congress first passed the Social Security Act, but part of the big debate over it was whether it was constitutional to REQUIRE people to have an official number. I can remember old coots in Texas who were ready to go to prison rather than to submit to being numbered by the government. There were preachers who said it was Satan’s work, a sign of the end times, when everyone would have the mark of the beast.

    And look what happened. The old coots were right! After Congress repeatedly said that the Social Security number would ONLY be used to keep track of pension benefits, it was used by every government agency — including law enforcement — and every private agency — including credit card databases that can track you back to the beginning of time — to make sure you weren’t pulling a fast one.

    Later the same thing happened with drivers licenses. The purpose of a drivers license is … class? … to DRIVE A CAR. Nothing else. I don’t imagine there are people still around who, when getting their license, say, “Now you’re not gonna use this information for any other purpose, are you?” Because they already know the answer.”

      Think he’s being paranoid? Guess again.

      More reasons why a national ID is completely unacceptable.

San Francisco City Hall at Christmas

Dear Readers,
This Holiday Season I promised a Tuesday news drop until the end of the year.
Due to adversity, misfortune and just really bad luck BeatTheChip disappointed. Please accept this Holiday apology in lieu of a much deserved news delivery catch-up very soon from a new location, the San Francisco Bay area.
I am not the only one suffering from humanity this Christmas.
One of the world’s strongest anti-National ID supporters EVER, Michael Badnarik, has suffered from a heart attack.

“I want to kill it, burn it … and shoot it into space!!”
Michael Badnarik on Real ID
Please send your prayers, kindness and thoughtful wishes c/o Elaine Badnarik at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital CCU in Lacrosse, WI . My heart goes out to Michael Badnarik, the ’04 Libertarian presidential candidate as he recovers.
At last word he is in a coma. We hope and pray he will stay on with us to help us just a little bit longer.
God Bless everyone who is struggling this Christmas. Obviously, we struggle with you.
Sheila Dean