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The 5-11 Campaign, American’s Against Real ID  is contending with the following:
  • globalized identity
  • elitist think-tanks with entitlement issues  
  • governed collusion with corporate sociopathy
  • ego driven electioneers who do nothing and get in the way of progress
  • exhausted embattled legislators
  • national security operatives bullying local government officials
  • otherwise clueless indoctrinated masses
  • bad people thinking they are doing what’s right 
  • good people thinking they are doing what’s right
  • mirage competition from otherwise allied non-profits seeking achievement claims
  • misinformed reactionaries who believe they have the patent on news formula
  • ego driven bloggers
  • newspeople who don’t report the news
  • fatigue
  • age
  • cold feet
  • inexperience 
  • manipulative and untrustworthy political veterans posing as allies
  • flaky volunteers
  • inadequate resources 
  • unfair odds
  • limited time
  • Extension deadline expiry December 31, 2009