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More sea changes for Waking Up Orwell include basic ad revenues


Dear Readers,

Bad things happen to good people everyday. Waking Up Orwell was narrowing on adding it’s air content to a Seattle metro station, when a sponsor was unable to monetarily sustain their end of the agreement. It’s a tough time for a lot of businesses right now; but it is also a really tough time for Waking Up Orwell.

Our broadcast goals are very tough to do on a low-to-no budget, but it is important not to settle for Internet broadcasts when you can really do better. We feature the high-pitched sounds of alarm on electronic privacy and ways you can manage on your own two feet.  We are your call to defend yourself from data surveillance and arbitrary government intrusion.

We intend to continue to serve and empower you.

We have shelved almost everything else to devote time and effort to shopping this program to the right affiliates and porting in the program to be a success this Summer. It wouldn’t be the first time in broadcast history for a sponsor to default on a contract or agreement when it came time to deliver. All the more reason we really need your referrals and assistance to support sponsorship of Waking Up Orwell. 

We need sponsors now to move forward and to reclaim our airspace duties.

The Seattle Metro area is an at risk community for arbitrary digital surveillance. Washington State has been one to consider the impacts of digital privacy only after it impacts the community. You could say they have a “privacy blind spot” when it comes to municipalities and their budgets. Supporting Waking Up Orwell’s programming in this region will encourage local businesses and local leaders to put consumer and public privacy higher in the list of considerations before opting-in more blanket surveillance tools, like the new FBI surveillance Iris and Fingerprint appliances for iPods.

Alt-media denizens, like myself, will provide the missing voice of community advocates in towns where there are dense populations of H1BV or highly skilled immigrant workers present in the US on a very specific work visa. These populations are very quiet and will not speak up or oppose federal prying into the communities they share with busy citizens. It is up to you and me to stand up and make privacy a front and center feature in these places.

There is no better way to make yourself heard than to get your voice on the local radio dial when people are listening in.

Support Waking Up Orwell’s voice today, by visiting our multimedia website: to refer contributors to keeping us on the air.

Thank you and many happy returns.

For Waking Up Orwell and,

Sheila Dean