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BTC – Every now and then it’s good to get an update on how RFID is being used in corporate IDs. Our government functions more on a corporatized model every day, I think it’s safe to say that if the general public inherits RFID technologies for voluntary-compulsory identity we will be surveilled. When I say surveilled, I mean someone monitors and supervises when you open and shut doors, exact times of when we entered and left rooms, if we did or didn’t attend the company luncheon in the cafeteria etc.
In the following instance, RFID monitors whether or not you wash your filthy disgusting bathroom hands before you come back to your desk and use your even more disgusting hair and dandruff filled keyboards. I believe hand hygiene is a secret reason why the Japanese cao tao or bow to one another – they don’t want to be bothered who wipes and who doesn’t.
I’ve got a solution so the government doesn’t step in. Everyone can easily identify the nastiest most unhygienic person in the office. Lord of the Flies rule says they shouldn’t use the office facilities with other healthy people. They use the port-o-potties in the front of the building. Security lets them back in after they disinfect their biohazard paws. Make an example – everyone else figures out “it could be me!” and washes their hands. Everything else is TMI.
This update reveals basic information with minimal digging of advertised uses of RFID technologies.
RFID chips reports hand washing habits to the boss

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I was amused to find out that apparently some people think that RFID chips having the ability to track and monitor our behavior is a “conspiracy theory”. I went to the first RFID industry site that popped up and scrolled down through the news section looking for one article that demonstrates how [RFID tags] can and are being used to spy on you.

Didn’t take but about 2 inches of scrolling to find something suitable.

“CenTrak’s RTLS infrastructure was built to provide certainty-based room and bed-level location for both assets and people, so we had the core attributes of the required system already built into our technology,” said Ari Naim, Ph.D., President and CEO of CenTrak. “We are pleased we can help address such an important issue for our customers that not only impacts the safety of patients but also the bottom line of these hospitals that are already operating in a financially challenged environment.

The CenTrak Hand Hygiene Compliance System can be deployed on a stand alone basis or in conjunction with CenTrak’s full RTLS. Battery powered Dispenser Monitors can be mounted to any dispenser, canister, pump, or sink to track their usage. The system automatically captures a specific caregiver’s badge ID and entry to and exit from patient care areas along with hand hygiene events, based upon hospital determined compliance business rules. The Dispenser Monitor communicates each event to the network and records each caregiver’s compliance performance. All of the recorded data is stored on CenTrak’s local or hosted server and can be accessed by compliance management and reporting solutions.”

This is a really good example because the chip used is the one in their ID. A passport would work with this very same system as well as an Enhanced Drivers License, which is a fave of DHS Sec. Napolitano. Expect to get a chance to find out for yourself very soon! PASS ID (Basically a name change for REAL ID. Sure. We won’t notice!) is likely to be passed this year. Without HB 2569 which would have prohibited the chips in our ID’s, we will surely get a chance to experience the real conspiracy. That would the US Governments plans to keep close tabs on its flock.

I feel safer already!