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By Sheila Dean

Ron Paul, the competitive darling of civil libertarians now realises and embodies the contending hopes of fiscal conservatives and Libertarian prospects for the White House.  Many long years Libertarians have waited outside in the political cold for a chance to come in and make a difference for America. We are facing possibly the longest fiscal winter in modern history. Libertarians have got some great ideas. Debt in America is not new. Widespread poverty and ensuing civic unrest is not new.  Racism and it’s self-renewing baggage is also not new.

Racism follows Ron Paul everywhere and Ron Paul ignores it. Over the years he has survived in politics by tuning out all the tactical noise racism brings. That is how you can sustain the years of long working relationships with constituencies like the John Birch Society, certain right wing southern evangelicals and other Republican base groups known for links to white supremacy.  He doesn’t rock the boat by challenging their frail grip on reality.

The better question not being asked is, what are Ron Paul’s plans for creating Libertarian policy distinctions which would actually alienate the Republican white supremacist base in exchange for being more Presidential? Or put simply, would Ron Paul be okay with throwing out all those good conservative minority votes if he won’t make a move to clean up this mess (because ignoring it won’t make it go away)? It might be a good time to start thinking about what a national vote might mean if and when he wins in Iowa. For now, he risks remaining a candidate stunted by the limits imposed by some of his political peers.

Ron Paul is running for President of the United States of America; which includes but is not limited to: caucasians, hispanics, african americans, native americans, women, asians, the LGBT community, other people of color and faiths other than Christian.  It is the difference between being a small district congressional leader who is quite safe and unchallenged, to presiding over an entire nation of the unfamiliar.  Can this old dog create Liberty in a universal space?  He might get his chance if he can reach the unknowns and the Americans who really want Liberty regardless of what background they come from.

As it turns out, Ron Paul is handling issues of racism the way he always has.  As a man from a southern State, he long ago accepted a reality that racism, and whatever it seems to mean to those who value it, comes with Republican real estate. Ron Paul goes to the same Republican conventions every year with the same bunch of whiners who cry about the “civil war” every time.  It serves some benign purpose to sit through angry tantrums over whatever it means to lose esteem presumed entitled to all who are American, white and male.  As Ron Paul ignores the white noise of racism, many wonder why he won’t just try something new.  He’s been successful at challenging the platform on so many other issues.

The Republican party is and has been a crappy standard bearer in erring against civil & human rights. Most Libertarians martial a ‘live and let live’ standard; which fosters a self-sustaining lifestyle.  Slavery for none, especially themselves.  Liberty for me and none for you, because I own you is not a Libertarian idea.  That being said, there are more than 2 conservatives in the political world, who favor the concept of modern slavery. To be clear, that would be purchasing not just the services of someone as a rental, but ownership of another human being.  This points to the political housing of a whining abolished minority without Ron Paul to listen to them.


And how is Mr. Fussy today? Did we get our catered lunch and dry cleaning?

It becomes important to clarify we are a society catering to the indulgences of big children.  They want pampering by maids, nannies, gardeners and caretakers and anyone else who might assume dirty work and nuanced responsibilities of economic adulthood. This fantasy is about relinquishing power and responsibility to another to perform intimate, every day things you can do yourself. This is also the fantasy of governing authorities. The fantasy becomes a nightmare where everyone else is in control of your affairs- except you. Hence, how the power of being small and self-reliant overcomes the fantasy and empty delivery of big government catering services.

In American politics, the paternalist statists who want a government lunch provider, lean Democratic. Paternalist statists who want an absolute defense, lean Republican. Everyone else is on their own; to be ruled over and extorted by the State without adequate representation. Libertarians, political adults comfortable with the fact they are on their own, want less paternalism and more emancipation from the process.

The issue of personal responsibility may in fact be so foreign an object for the trained circus media to understand they reflexively do what they know how to do: raze the field with gotcha research and destroy missions.  It seems everyone is in a rut here.

The media will inevitably unleash the Kraken of clandestine relations with racist ties or bad money if there are any to be found.  Ron Paul cannot do what he has always done and gain the Presidency.  If he remains in his comfort zone, feigning ignorance, solely allied to those who keep more inclusive rhetoric and policy bound and gagged by southern conservative Republican conventions, he will retire from politics as a Texas congressman and wealthy inspirational Libertarian speaker.

If Paul wants to be President of the United States, its time to get out there and start kissing some babies of mixed racial heritage, courting the Conservative Hispanic caucus and shaking the hands of some Log Cabin Republicans on camera. Their endorsement and their vote affects the outcome of a US Presidency.

UPDATE: THE RON PAUL Rx for Media Initiation/Presidential Pressure Junket

In the last 22 hours the negative campaign attacks surounding Ron Paul has produced a chum-baited press frenzy. Mainstream media denizens, including pundit/R-hopeful Newt Gingrich, are completely flipping out over Libertarian prospects for an Iowa win going to Paul.

Cenk Uygur , Progressive olive-branch-bearer and non-Republican who says ” I will not be voting for Ron Paul”, has run interference plays for Paul on his Current TV program The Young Turks.  After featuring analyst reccommendations to Paul on how to overcome the hounding replays of racist newsletter events, he featured a c.1988 coverage of a NORML pro-legalization forum while he was still a (L)ibertarian front runner.

Ron Paul’s campaign janitorial/overnight editing crew dropped this much anticipated pinch hitter advertisement today.

The real litmus for an Iowa win are priorities high in the minds of Iowa constituencies.  Iowa legalized  gay marriage and sought to cut muscular spending in attempts to close 36 unemployment offices.  This a clear signal that Iowa wants less government intervention – period.  This makes the State of Iowa prime real estate for small government conservatism.

HEY! Who wants the Hispanic vote?  Not the Iowa GOP.  Here are a few Iowa parties who do want Hispanic voters: (L)ibertarian, Green, Peace & Freedom, Democratic, Constitution, Pirate, Socialist… they are all better than any party who refuses to represent you for being Hispanic. While Hispanics are the Iowa’s largest ethic minority, reports are in that the Latino Republican or Independent vote is not a local GOP priority.