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Someone has to say it.  This week I briefly endured the undiscernable excuse of “war coverage” on national TV channels.  I also watched Governor Rick Perry preaching to room of New Hampshire Republicans how the American people seem to deserve and are somehow entitled, by birthright or by God, to march into a sovereign nation like Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq. They want to continue bombing raids and drone campaigns; which separate civilians from their lives, their families and their livelihoods.

I think empathicaly in these instances what it might feel like to be an American citizen making a living to suddenly be struck by a drone, losing all I had, including family because someone was “inspired” by entitlement rhetoric. I can’t think of one reason in the world why I would harm anyone in these countries.  Nor can I think of any adequate, qualified reason why we are in the middle east bombing, terrorizing and destabilizing entire governments inconvenient to “national security interests”.  I was never given a solid excuse, and I’m an American citizen.

Can you imagine looking into the eyes of a Pakistani and telling them how helpless you feel to stop the American government from bombing their country? Can you imagine facing someone from Afghanistan, looking them in the eyes and telling them you did nothing to stop careless arbitrary hellfire campaigns?  They don’t want to look into your impotent face. They don’t want your crying confusion. They want the bombs to stop.


I think Republican political morality is make believe. Democratic indignation over repressed “others” is precisely hollow and fraudulent. Both serve themselves at the taxpayers table, getting issues lost trying to hang onto power that isn’t power. Political partisans use the ancient art of religious identification & represented “greater good” to recruit for their cause centers. They use ideals to justify culling unconditional loyalty of those whose power they depend on, until they are no longer useful.

Remember when they lied to you? That was the moment when your interests were discarded. The lesson is to not entertain vanity or tolerate its escalation by people who love secular power more than the divinity of life.

Secular political agitators easily dispatch the most inconvenient of the 10 commandments related to the semitic religions: Thou shall not kill, Thou shall not covet and Thou shall not steal.

If you believe you are so divinely entitled by “God” to to escalate a war conflict you may as well be marauding Vikings at sack.  No one will hail Amen at Gov Perry’s secular preaching of US defense of pork troughs unless they are Lockheed Martin or people who are bottomless pits of sheer fear and insecurity.  They go hand in hand.  One feeds the other.  They go to the same church. (What church is that?) The Communal Divine Right of Meddle Eastern Poison. Their doctrine is endless gaping hole of war pits and dead bodies. They make mistakes all the time, crowning themselves in the place of God to take the lives and property of others. They show the world the antithesis of spiritual leadership.

For this reason, I have a new-old idea, keep civil interests objective and separate from religious hysteria.  Political magnets aren’t qualified holy men. They don’t use religion for anything other than making themselves a war for conquest of stuff that doesn’t belong to them.  ISIS is mimicking a model that is tried and true by ancient institution of governance.  They get themselves an angry army, covered in religion and go on the take. It is not different from other governments.

I can’t even say the American economy benefits from our wars’ take home sack. The US government won’t let the oil market fail. So they make the ancient world a degraded squalor for bombs, intrigues and bloodlust so they can make themselves as fat and insane as Roman Emperors.  We Americans do not get much anything out of that deal, except receipts and mutilated soldiers covered in Middle Eastern dirt.  I don’t even think God is getting anything out of it.


People of faith understand that the Afghanis, Iraqis and other helpless civilians want God to save them from arbitrary firepower into their homes. They need God’s peace to help them survive the pain of losing home, family and basic security. They need the American people to be released from the shroud of ignorance of what is done both in their name and the name of God. They need American “help” to help escort themselves and their military heap right onto a jumbo jet back to whence they came. They need an intervention from real God, not the pale presuming, incompetent presence recklessly inserted into their lives.

There is one other commandment that is being overlooked, “Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain”.

When you kill and steal and lie and covet what is not yours against innocent poor people in nations far away in God’s name, you have baited God in the worst way.  You can only skate on such credit as insanity for so long.  Then God will show up.

You may fear God much more than falling into the hands of US soldiers or political machinery. If so, may God have mercy on all Americans for the poorly chosen rhetoric used to position us as whole for war in the Middle East.


ZillaMod – Belief is a challenging prospect for a lot of innocent people. Faith is releasing your resistance to a concept that everything will certainly work out to your favor in the end.  To some, actions done in faith may justify the end as a means.  Recently Downsize D.C. started tipping certain legislative holy-cows with action alerts containing “HERESIES” in the subject line.   It was certainly inspiring to me when I went rooting around looking for music to match the effort to reinforce why the term Heresy could apply to something as godless as government. Simply, some of these legislative powers believe themselves to be god.

I found an illustration of powerful egos operating destructively with the faith of its people. It demonstrates ideas in blind spots for some. This video displays the cruel duality of extremes between abusive cults and abusive government in terms of religious persecution. Music dubbed over has “opted out” of the extremes of faith in both institutions because of the innocent bodies littered on the path. It’s the downside. Skip it if you are devout or easily offended in terms of belief.

Here… Trent Reznor = Nine Inch Nails screams ideas from the speaker platform for those deaf to understanding the conflicts of interest in terms of faiths.  Here an egotistical government executed the population of an entire religious cult without legal precedent. Conversely, the egos must be completely out of control to ask innocent followers to join you in a cold cup of suicide.

The point of “God” in society is to represent a divine hand, protective of the innocent. “God” is murdered in mission to the point of chorusing “God is dead and no one cares,” because the followers were betrayed to the point of death. There was simply no one left to believe. God cannot exist without faith and believers.

While this has nothing to do with Downsize D.C., it might inspire you to understand there are enormous Godzilla sized destructive egos operating in American government. They entertain a form of narcissistic self-worship in developing law. Use this delusion to your advantage in squirreling away letters, actions and to gauge the effectiveness of leaders. You may let them know they are not God and that you are losing faith.

Let’s put it this way – if it’s about them, it can’t be about you. If it’s not about you then it is not a government of The People, for The People, or by The People.