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A kind, courteous notice for Apple Inc., Qwest and other corporate executives standing in the gap for US consumers

If privacy and technology weren’t powerful issues driving our society they would not be the targets of those who: love power, play with power and love legal leverages.

It does seem the only thing standing between most of us and unfettered information pillaging is a CEO and a crack team of lawyers.  The corporations are in the most unfortunate position, as data custodians, to also be the guardians of a perceived new chattel. 

What rivals the State for power are those who have more principal in human capital than they might have.  The only way to balance this myopic point-of-view is to for them to  have the same information of their rivals.  I do believe this is the perspective of the National Security State, a shard of government amid elected government.

One of the issues company culture faces is many company heads do not view themselves as separate from the consumer public when they relate to the State. It has come up more than once that the National Security State doesn’t comply with the same laws the rest of our society is held to.  That puts a wedge between corporate America and the National Security State, and all the consumer charges in their care, as well.

In the case of Apple hard-lining an FBI request to decrypt phones for access, or to break what they make, it is not just the executive culture at Apple who mistrusts the motives of the State. A majority of their consumer charges won’t ever trust national intelligence ever again after the Snowden leaks.  Apple lost ground and consumer trust because they complied and went along with unqualified NSL requests without a warrant in the past, like many bullied corporations.  Their simplified objective is to survive and to make profit.

Company executives with strong motives for profit and balance seek to acquire business from the US government.  In doing business with the government they become prey to their motives for dominance over their business lifecycle. Among whistleblowers like, Bill Binney, Thomas Drake and Edward Snowden there are other less sung corporate voices who have also come forward.  I think their stories are muted in intense, threatening legal attacks and attacks on their reputation for not serving the interests of the State. They are now gagged in arbitration and threats of incarceration.  Warrant canaries are the only some of the public evidence their infrastructure is being violated by National Security legal orders.

I think of one Quest executive in particular who was jailed.  This man didn’t really have an interest in complying with a national security request without a court order because it would have put his company in a position to be sued.  I think he must have said to himself, “If I allowed this illegal thing to happen to my friends and family, I expect to be sued”.  He feared betraying the consumers who trust him.  Wouldn’t it be corrupt for a government to ask someone to do something illegal?

He refused to comply with the government request for data without a warrant. Then the government pulled their business from Qwest. Then they sought to place him in jail. They wanted him to fear the government more than the consumers.  For him to take the fall for their illegal behavior is in their interest, not the interest of Qwest company or consumers. To be clear, it didn’t help Qwest or his customers for him to be jailed for 4 years. I would argue that it didn’t help the government either. He served his sentence. His conviction was overturned for malfeasance on appeal to clear his name.  It was later reinstated by a different judge.

It is an unnatural balance that National Security maintains.  Their poorly qualified demands for intelligence equity from US companies is sustained by force against the US people.  They have made points repeatedly that it does not require our trust to ‘protect’ us from terrorists.  They do not require our trust to dominate our information infrastructure in a competition over information fiefdoms.  Their administrators communicate consistently they do not need our trust to violate our interests and interfere with ordinary law as use of force against their own citizen.

So it is no surprise the State oppositions to “encryption dogma”comes as an executive “must not”.  Encryption stands to check them in a broken or corrupted system.  This is a system where the courts reinforce divided interests of justice. Law enforcement regard policy of avarice and plots of men instead of the laws. Business leaders play dangerous games with 2 customers: the consumer market and the more coercive market, the US government.

If this were a time when we were more ignorant or more trusting then perhaps Apple would wholeheartedly help the FBI more with a lawful court order.  However, the day has come where the path to compromise with the corrupt has met its limit.  To comply with their request would lead to self-harm. Thank God for this fateful day.  

Law enforcement must now moderate a self-correction or forge on against the public as an enemy.  They are not the market.  So we, The People, have the difficult task of retraining or correcting government structures we are compelled to endorse.

If I were a large multinational corporation, I would not submit to further aggression on my business. I would try to find a way to drop business with the US government for breach of interests.  In fact, I would advise, with careful consultation with contract lawyers, those who have interests in doing business with the US government to drop their most treacherous government clients, the intelligence actors. They have proven they will attack companies and business leaders against the interests of laws we must comply with.  Their reasons seem that they believe they are both separate and superior in constitution to a US citizen.  I might also prepare to countersue for retaliation and provide both more legal and physical security to company executives.  Spoiler alert: Refusing a tyrant is grounds for more tyranny.  So hire a great strategist.

The National Security state is operating under a corrupting falsehood that they have a separate law and separate governance than domestic and International law.  They are small in number in comparison to the rest of us. They will seek to degrade and undermine what they cannot directly or legally dominate. That sort of force should only be used on your enemies.  They are not currently trustworthy partners in any venture.  

We hope that will change because we are not their enemy. 

The national security agencies isolate themselves and divide themselves against the US people as if we are not their neighbors, their friends, their teachers, their relatives and their bosses. They have more than a PR problem.  They have a divided government problem.  We will still be America without a corrupt militarized National Security State.  However, will we still be America if we allow these agencies to continue to denigrate the interests of common and international law and domestic markets?

There is a range of choice and option.  You can choose who you do business with. 

Current government constituencies will not stop crying “National Security” prior to a power grab.  So let the proverbial wolves-of-want get them for overusing the anti-terror excuse to exhaust your trust.


Lessons filed between the plant world and the Twitterverse

I have a neighborhood. In that neighborhood, I found a live oak plant growing from an old dead stump at the beginning of the Summer. I also found a strange blight around the base of some of the leaves. I knew it was a problem for the plant. I did nothing because I did nothing. I forgot and thought about what to do and did nothing. I knew one day cedar oil would kill the blight. I forgot about the plant. I walked by the plant maybe another 20 times this Summer while it grew and grew and suffered with the blight. Amid my many forgettings the plant continued to grow and suffer with the blight. I continued to know what to do and did nothing.

One day this Summer I was given a tomato plant free of charge when I took in my aloe plants for diagnoses at the local nursery. Just because I have plants does not mean I always know what to do and when to do it and how to do it. I knew something was wrong with my aloes. I took them to the nursery. My aloes are doing much better today due to heeding the nursery’s good advice. As a result of the visit, I was given an organic tomato plant. The nursery believed that I cared about my plants and would care about this plant.

I planted the tomato plant in my neighbors back yard. She is an elderly single woman who lives alone. The gardener cleared out all of the weeds leaving her backyard garden area with nothing much to look at except dirt and shrubs. She gave welcoming consent to plant the tomato vine there. I planted the vine and left it to God’s caretaking over several weeks.

I checked on the plant periodically. I came back this week to find the plant had dropped a tomato, lost a tomato, grew a foot and had contracted the nasty blight I had recognized from the live oak. I created a cedar oil medicine to kill the blight and added it to a spray bottle. I pruned away dying leaves and treated the tomato plant. I then took the small tomato fruit and presented it to my neighbor as a gift. She accepted the gift.

I asked her if she wanted to look after the plant with some cedar oil because it had contracted a blight. She declined, adding that she was a retired master gardener and that she no longer wanted the responsibility. I replied saying that perhaps it was time to receive fruits from gardens she did not cultivate. She asked me if I wanted to share the tomato with her. I also declined. We traded gracious smiles and ended the conversation on the acknowledgement of a certain relationship to responsibility to community growth and community blight. Each of us were playing a respective role as Earth custodian.

As I had the medicine prepared, I decided to treat the small live oak; which had suffered with the blight all Summer. I hosed the resilient branches with the cedar solution. At that moment, it dawned on me that perhaps if I had cared for this plant the blight would not have spread to my tomato plant. On my walk back, I saw a gigantic Holly plant covered in the blight. Apparently, the blight did not discriminate between plant breeds. I sprayed the blighted tree in patches unsure of what good I might do because the Holly tree had quite a prolific blight affliction. I sprayed the tree and evaluated the difference between a healthy leaf and the blighted ones. It was a matter to consider in context of accountability, labor and the magnitude of a treatment job. I was inadequate to the task, but I also did far more than others.

As I walked back, the words of my boyfriend rang in my skull like a gong, “There’s a point where this stuff does not take care of you. You need to take care of yourself.” Of course, he wasn’t talking about these neighborhood plants. He was talking about my first-responder method of jumping into media activism and other grasping conflicts.

Of course, this week it was the conflagration of the Ferguson drama of excessive force, media manipulation and the arbitrary detention of reporters. The week before that was the transition shader moving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to one of genocidal mania. All the while, the American foreign policy snake is coming full circle to chomp on its own rattler of a return to war in Iraq. I did not watch Jim Foley’s snuff film because it was a snuff film. The deaths of NASCAR drivers, comedians, unarmed black children and journalists seem to float on media streams like some notion understood; all is not okay in the world.


At times in my life, I too have been scared and bullied by incompetent and murderous idiots. I know the American military does not feel normal or safe unless they are nearby. They cannot be sustained without them. To be temporarily frightened from your wits is not a crime. However, if a gun is pointed at you, try to stay in the moment.

It concerns the result of a simple conversation.

“I CAN KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!” says idiot with a gun.

“Yes. Yes, you can, but no one is asking you to do that,” says the smart man with a desire to live.

If the idiot doesn’t really have a plan, you usually remain alive. Don’t dare bait your luck because an angry idiot will shoot you. They just need an instruction. Be nice to the guy with the gun. It’s a way to survive. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t speak.

My government does the work of terrorists for them. Next-gen warthogs demand applause for sitting around in US military combat surplus hand-me-downs, just like the snuff producers at ISIL productions. They both want my fear because they don’t have my interest at heart. If you take the surplus away they will still be what they are. They just won’t present a wrecking ball to the peace and civility of their hometowns.

I’m not a very malleable asset for US militarized interests. I am not terrified by actual terrorists. The terrorists have failed miserably in that department. So there is no sense of interest. I won’t beg to go to war. So instead of conceding to attrition, they want to stoke endless conflicts against the consent of people like me. They threaten to label me, another American, a terrorist for not agreeing with their war inflated wallets and the mass surveillance.

This nation state is in a fragile place of hysterical acceptance. We live in a global totalitarian regime emerging from a cocoon of sleepy “freedom” rhetoric. Extreme statists are happy: someone is in charge, the no’s are absolute, all the decisions are made for them and they are okay with the results so long as they are infantilized by the State. Anarchists are happy because the small window is finally open for them to make their ivory tower point; that all government leads to mass dysfunction or slavery. This happens before they set sail as pirate mercantilists in the black market. Partisans are happy because the chaos will legitmize craven street fights for power in previously rhetorical for-and-against pluralistic conflicts. The angels and demons of global special interests and non-profits are losing their minds because they are sliding straight down the 90-degree angles and can’t pull each other down quick enough. Gangs and the mentally ill are having fun watching it. Normal people, heads up or heads down, still have to go get the groceries, get the kids to bed and pay the bills on time to keep the lights on. It’s all some version of doing what we already do but in a state of world hemorrhaging dysphoria.

I’m someone who is not unlike others who understand when the need for help exceeds both the capacity and the ability to care for the surge of those needs. What it requires is often not what I render. There are plenty of people who don’t have the instincts I do. There are plenty of people who have better instincts than I do, who choose to do nothing. I have also proven I am able to do nothing and be uninvested. Yet, if I do nothing it does not help and the suffering continues. Criticism is survivable. To live with the fact I did nothing when help was needed, is not a life lived well. So I choose to help anyway. Not because of a generic moralistic quell or dogmatic reflexive religious creed; which are both fine as moral motivations to do justice. I help because I prefer the situation bettered and believe I can make it so by taking action.

In such a time, we have to accept one thing at a time, choosing the fights carefully. For instance, the blight was there. It spread  from the wind and some misunderstanding of a relationship to responsibility or neglect. Treating the blight took me 20 minutes. It didn’t hurt me. I helped the plants get well with tree medicine. I am okay. In fact, I learned more from plant care than I did from hundreds of hours of media consumption over the same time span. Let’s compare the lessons learned from two productive yields of community involvement.

Here’s what I learned from plant care.

I think about those trees and the growing things. Children and people are like growing things. They continue to grow. They continue to suffer unless you help them and make them better. Get help when you run into problems. Take good advice. If a blight crops up, don’t ignore it. If you know what to do, find some time to make things better. Present the fruit of your doings to elders, whose lives rely on what God grows for them at this point in their lives. They can share what they know if you have time. Take some responsibility on if it won’t kill you. Do something about the blights in your life or they will spread big.

Here’s what I learned from the Twitterverse.

There is confirmation of what I already know. There is false advertising in government packaging. I’m not alone in being a non-consensual constituent to unelected governance. The lights are coming on in all the darkened little houses online. US military presence is not on the scene to protect your Bill of Rights. We are not in agreement about what to do about it. I am only one of many grown from families coerced with militarized thinking and militarized force as “THE ONLY WAY”. US militarization is not the only way to make life worthwhile in America. To assert your interests encourages other’s hearts & minds.

Here are some thoughts of my own.

Be nice to yourself and others. You can help someone see things differently. Sometimes all you need is someone to show you what’s right in front of you as a kindness. We are all in some strange sense exactly where we need to be. Take good care of yourself to be force of responsible good in the world. You can balance the fulcrum so you and others are okay.

It is simple but not easy to balance the fulcrum to “okay”.

I am writing an expolicy paper. For those who don’t know what exopolicy is, it is policy development concerned with extraterrestrial relations in government. If you don’t think its an active policy area, perhaps you should watch the following video.  It is the report of the work of an active globalist lobby with a moving proposal for a top-down extraterrestrial cabinet office. 

The report was considered “credible” by the Exopolicy Institute based on the claims of Veterans Today doing some war reporting in context of the commission of a cabinet agency to field ET relations. The majority of “sources” cited were secret. This may have had something to do with one of the Ed Snowden leaks.

There’s a problem. What if I don’t want to subsidize the presumed commission of a government agency to trot out my interests in extraterrestrial affairs? What agency do I have to support my existing right to really not give two whits about what the aliens want or don’t want and enact that right with legal protections?

Before I print anything else, I wanted to place a line down on an important first assertion. It is not my role or intent to prove or disprove the existence or agenda of any extraterrestrial race as a governing body. On the contrary, my policy paper is about protecting my right to be completely heretically indifferent to the aims and agenda of extraterrestrials as touching government and to oppose the commission of another federal agency with appropriations. We may need a Constitutional amendment protecting your right to be left alone by aliens and to prove indifference by an appropriations block for extraterrestrial advocacy in your government.

If there are 3 people making demands for an extraterrestrial agency with czars and bureaucrats, that is more government than I really want to be bothered with to support. There should be at least 6 people opposed to the Imperial Presidential cabinet and the Black Budget.  Those opposed should exhibit in debate why we should not have an appropriations session for another agency cabinet to deal with aliens. [Priorities.]

The other layer of exopolicy gets to address reasons for founding the NSA agency: the oversight of all electronic communications.  The NSA’s global mass surveillance aperture is fundamental to  their agency’s mission. According to several government whistleblowers, one reason to override your 4th amendment is to troll for extraterrestrial activity. There are other freedoms that are being sacrificed on the altar of controlling alien information on planet earth. Particularly, your right to a fair trial, to know what you are accused of, and to face your accusers.

At the moment, these agencies are putting the interests of clandestine machinery above guaranteed rights. They have been getting a pass from Congress to do it.  If the excuse they seem to be using behind closed doors is alien subject matter, it is worth addressing this in a more direct manner.  This way you can get past the carefully worded Rumsfeld-era chicanery of “known-unknowns”.

The game the government plays may insert whatever vaguely implied threat of any scary faceless boogeyman as reason to shake you down of your freedoms or your liberty. It may be really useful to articulate on the alien threat as a creative means to demand the reform. You can rightfully decommission of programs intended to dissolve the efficacy of the US Constitution.

Since systemic corruption is already illegal, we are in full right to demand a cease and desist of any reason they provide, known or unknown, when it is a threat to US sovereignty.  If it is extraterrestrial intrigues, I’m humble enough to humor the excuse. Even if I actually don’t care what an alien does or doesn’t do.  Extraterrestrials may be one giant metaphor for corruption continuity and appropriations gatekeeping, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

If I write any policy paper it is to compell others to mind the force of ideas in government. Ideas are not grounded necessarily in reality. They do get there in lawmaking or policy regulation in our government bodies.

If I make these assertions directly about the proposals for an above board representative government for ETs, it may point to current black budget expenditures that are left to the analysis of mediums, alien channelers and political faith proponents who identify as global extremists, with or without an alien agenda. Once the wheels start turning about these things, you might turn to Congress and start making more asks about any dark budget items. Be more direct about the presumption they are protecting alien interests. Then you can try to get that defunded.

The point is you do not have to prove there are aliens in your government to start demanding that your government protect your interests. We all know the US Air Force, the Navy, NASA, the ODNI and others who contract hundreds of millions of dollars in agency appropriations have their policy proposals in about how to deal with “the alien” scenarios.

If I want to gut a federal budget dealing with extraterrestrial interests and defund a black program, I have got to ask. A policy proposal is one of the right ways to do something and be taken semi-seriously. The point isn’t to go over the sincere housing of alien living and comfort on planet earth. It is to address the absurdity that we need to start craftsmanship on an alien house with federal resources pulled up from the US people.

Please check here for my developing expolicy proposal.

I hope you will add your comments towards these ideas and ideals.


Sheila Dean

MR. SNOWDEN’s ACCOUNT –  The NSA is embarassed. The State Dept. is embarassed. The Executive Branch is still embarassed from last month. Hell, even last year, when Petraeus abused his military intelligence to keep tabs on his mistresses (plural). Rep. Pete King (NY), testified his hot desire to imprison Guardian journalist, Glenn Greenwald for publishing an article on a public funded mass surveillance program. [That doesn’t bode well for his media affairs aide.]

Everyone is embarassed because they are exposed. Everyone except, Mr. Snowden.

State Peeping Toms are abusing  government office and resources they were trusted with. How is that different from Anthony Weiner abusing Twitter?  They should step down. Or at the very least, knock it off or dial back the digital 4th Amendment raids on everyone.

ALEX GIBNEY’S “WE STEAL SECRETS”: NO SALE –  What started out as standard documentary nostalgia of the digital whistleblowing era, eventually turned into an obvious hit piece sympathetic to convicted hacker and intelligence informant, a tearful Adrian Llamo and Assange’s “rape” victims.  It is still hard to believe that Sweden won’t use Skype to question Assange about a broken condom and unprotected sex during a naked sleep over. There was a morbid fact defecit in Gibney’s reports towards the UK government’s effort to imprison and extradite Assange to the United States if he left the Ecuadorian Embassy. If Assange wanted to charge Gibney $1 million for an interview, it’s because he was intuitive to the directors intent in the film.  Gibney made no mention of a directors interview attempt of Assange’s mother.

Brad Manning was depicted as “a stupid PFC” by a former CIA Director. He was also framed as a lucid, displaced and deranged gay man in the US military who made a terrible choice in leaking what later became the Collateral Murder video.  Manning may have suffered from gender conflicts but his movement in a crisis of conscience was very far from stupid.

We Steal Secrets was the premature historical write off of the Wikileaks chapter by the director who made Taxi to the Darkside.  This serves mainstream release to Democratic political interests on a week where RT – Russia’s state sponsored TV affiliate, ran back to back coverage of the NSA’s harrowing, comprehensive plunge into the average American’s electronic records using PRISM.  Oscar winner Taxi to The Darkside took a couple of years to make it into Netflix Instant Play.  We Steal Secrets was available in on-demand cable channels opening night  in select theaters, the same night as general release.

The holes in this documentary create a draft from a time period where many rely on their better recollection of current events than Gibney’s production conveys.  I have lost  trust in Gibney’s work. His intent was to paint Assange into a corner where “he did this to himself”. Something that police in repressive regimes often say to those they assail as they beat them.

The Obama Administration has moved to prosecute more government whistleblowers than any President in US history.

BILDERBERG WRAPS AS THE GLOBAL GOVERNANCE BLOB – I recently re-read Dan Estulins lolling carosel of actors cast in The Bilderberg Group.  Reading Conspiracy Theory literature, even if it is based on facts and well sourced, can get tiresome.

Obviously, I am not on board with Fabian socialism, a global surveillance state and the driving whims to get us all in a national identity data apperture by  less than a 1000 wealthy, self-important psychopaths.  That doesn’t change my need for better editing and comprehensively better media delivery from journalists who venture into thick, weedy territory with dangerous claims.

Sometimes it’s like sitting through the world’s longest, ancient and powerful infomercial before reaching point impact. The endless geneaology seminars and dot-connecting, if not concise, well edited, with good direction drifts the audience into pyramid sales-pitch captivity. I think documentary versions of books work well within the discipline.  It could be magical if they would employ more visual aides, flowcharts or magazine graphic artists to help convey diverse connections.

Now that you sat through my entire editorial critique on this cult segment of media, I conclude the aims of the Global Elite’s white wizards of world domination (MWOO-haa-ha haa!) are an evolving science.  The objective of their game is to upset certain strategic governments across the planet, start wars and create economic chaos in hopes to achieve One World Government using polarization and depopulation. However many Presidents or scheming CFR-Trilateral bonanzas as it takes, they intend to defeat the masses in a perpetual Us vs. Them game of chance.

I think Kissinger is getting up there in age. Many of them want seamless global governance to happen before he goes to the Great Pyramid in the sky.

There’s a catch with global governance as a Govzilla illustration.  It’s policy moves like the B-movie, The Blob.  Corporatized governance is more of an andante moving ooze; coating, absorbing and smothering everything in its path. It’s not a Godzilla direct wrecker.  This buys us time to get to higher ground to figure out how to freeze dry the damn thing and figure out where it came from.

At the moment, governments are working around the clock to gumm up the Internet as a vehicle of the populace. They have done their best to convince us by using this technology we are feeding into our our surveillance apperatus, by their intended design.

Natch.  That ideology has only succeeded in confirming how much the public hates the idea of signing up to die by the vote of crazy, murderous governments. The NSA spying infintely reveals how much we want to live in peace without much need for being someone’s robot slaves.  Invent the robots to replace us first, then we can talk about whether or not The Elite get to decide if we are useful enough to live. My theory? I don’t think that’s going to go very well for The Elites either.

Every few years it’s something.  In 2007 it was Global Warming and the ecology and International war crimes.  That didn’t go well.  It’s hard to lead the charge on ecological improvement when the NATO fed war machine is actually the world’s biggest polluter and the most spreadout source of war cimes in the world (58 countries use US led torture & rendition programs).  In the last couple of years it was global cyberterrorism, the apocalypse, plague scares of maybe 5 people, and the last resort: alien invasion.  What can unite the globe quicker than a confirmed alien invasion?

Stephen Bassett, organizer for the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure is chasing the globalist’s carrot.   He declined to answer any of my questions on global identity initatives amid the transparency movement.  He is openly in favor of ubiquitous mass surveillance. He even stated that those who oppose internal microchipping “are going to lose that one too.” Why not?  Every globalist I have ever met wants unconditional submission to their One World Government fantasy because *someone* has to be in charge, right?  For the price of submission, we will get to see us some aliens, right?

No.  There are a variety of contests to the motives amid the exopolitical community to the use of  alien life disclosure as a panacea.

I don’t know a ton about Exopolicy. I don’t really have to. Here is what I do know:  aliens won’t play by our rules.  If they can fly across space to this planet, they can probably beat us in a war game.  If they wanted a space war, they’d get one.  However, there’s no space war.  There is only a small group of people sitting on piles and piles of money with no one to clearing out the hubris byproduct. This year’s Bliderberg theme was probably, “Quick! Hatch a cultivation of a global government before Henry Kissenger croaks and leaves the inheritance to Rahm Emmanuel!”

Yeah, they’re powerful.  They can watch everything I do and trouble my life, but I am stil a convenient nationalist when it decentralizes the role of government.  I ran a 5 year campaign against national identity systems and data surveillance. I represent all that interferes with their globalist rule. They know we can freeze out The Blob because we have done it before. I am an adult with critical thinking skills, US liberties and freedoms.

Why don’t they just get the message?

Go solve some real problems.

EVIDENCE: Quantico ordered pre-trial torture of PFC Manning   @Storify

[World Can’t Wait hears special coverage of Brad Manning military trial c/o Kevin Gozstola during teleconference.]

World Can’t Wait (WCW) joined a news and information support rally in solidarity with Courage To Resist, Wikileaks and others amid one of America’s most blatant whistleblower suppression trials in recent history. They have overcome general media and information blackouts by following Bradley Manning’s trial hearing updates, after the first week of June, and promoting the documentation of his pre-trial detention conditions and torture. 

One of the only available news sources has been the accounts of Firedoglake’s special coverage reporter at The Dissenter, Kevin Gosztola.  Additional direct sources news and information about Manning can be found at the blog of Defense Attorney, David Coombs:  

Gosztola joined WCW’s Executive Dir. Debra Sweet, during a weekly teleconference. After overcoming technical interruptions, he delivered very important developments on the Bradley Mannning military trial commencements in Quantico, VA.


As Bradley Manning was detained at Quantico, VA,  a psychologist ruled he “was not a suicide risk”.  This claim was the enduring qualifier facing the public for Manning being sent to solitary confinement during his pre-trial dentention at Quantico.…

David Coombs, Manning’s defense attorney, now has evidence that a detention supervisor was given orders to give Manning retaliatory treatment at the Quantico Brig.  This included solitary confinement, sleep deprivation and harsh treatements.   “It would shock the conscience of the court,” said Coombs as quoted by Gosztola, of a 100 page motion filed on behalf of Manning documenting instances of direct harassment, cruelties and inhumanity in domestic detention of a US citizen.   These allegations became a point of criticism at the US State Dept. and led to the resignations of official, P.J. Crowley :…

Quantico’s Brig Commander, James Averhart, gave orders to put Manning into solitary confinement while detained on charges awaiting trial.  Manning spent 23 hours a day in a cell and wore smock so abrasive he aqcuired fabric burns from it, as reported by Gosztola.  Manning’s bedding articles, smock and related evidence are being admitted to the court for review of pre-trial punishment conditions levied against the whistleblower.

Pre-trial motion is expected before the court August 27th from David Coombs, Manning’s defense.

“Out of everything coming down the pike here, it is critical that he win everything that he is going after with the pre-trial punishment,” says Gosztola, FireDogLake’s special coverage reporter.

However, the battle over proof is heating up for as UN expert, Juan Mendez, a special rapporteur on torture, was barred from testifying at Brad Manning’s trial hearings.

Nevertheless he issued this statement, found at…

“The special rapporteur concludes that imposing seriously punitive conditions of detention on someone who has not been found guilty of any crime is a violation of his right to physical and psychological integrity as well as of his presumption of innocence.

I conclude that the 11 months under conditions of solitary confinement (regardless of the name given to his regime by the prison authorities) constitutes at a minimum cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in violation of article 16 of the convention against torture,” Mendez told the Guardian this past March. 

If the effects in regards to pain and suffering inflicted on Manning were more severe, they could constitute torture.”  

The important need for consistency and accuracy in reporting of the Manning proceedings was reiterated during the call. The status of the case stands to continue jeopardizing the civil liberty at the detention of PFC Manning for conspiracy to commit crimes without relevant evidence of legitimate harm.

“This is not just all legalese. This is really a life and death struggle. It’s a huge political battle that we are seeing unfold over what the government is going to be allowed to get away with,” said WCW Executive Director, Debra Sweet.

“How dare this government prosecute [whistleblowers] for releasing [information] about the monstrous crimes it has committed!”

Addtional news outlets covering Manning’s Military trial hearings:

*RT_America TV – *Democracy Now!  *OpEd News *The [UK] Guardian *TruthOut *WLCentral *  *Twitter: @KGosztola,@WorldCantWait  Search: #Manning#freebradley

You can support Bradley Manning and World Can’t Wait’s public affairs efforts by sending out articles and information about the trial to your social networks, bloggers, media aggregates, SEO professionals, writers, radio personalities and good people connected with Mass Media or Public Relations.

Brad Manning wants to be free too.


c/o Lori at  Citizens for Legitimate Government –


THIS IS AN UNSERIOUS JOKE PIECE!   It is also another piece headed for the ol’ Zilla overflow boneyard.  It’s been a full 48 hours since it was pitched unsucessfully at The Onion.  Enjoy!

Small border towns create revenues, tourism and sports franchises from new hobby

Uvalde, TX –– Gun owners and skeet shoot enthusiasts are buzzing over the latest in what locals believe to be a pre-paid craze. License applications for hunting Predator B and police UAV drones have skyrocketed since FOX commentator Judge Napolitano announced Drone Shoots as the new race to an American Patriot declaration.

“It’s just something we’ve never seen before.  I brought the kids to watch what it looks like when their Dad shoots an $8 million piece of American war machinery out of the sky,” said Dana Jones, proudly holding out what appeared to be a piece of drone fuselage.

Local municipalities are welcoming the boost in tourism and revenues as licensed drone hunting commences.  The Drones Shoots are a newly celebrated sight.  Excited enthusiasts gather from across the nation, making purchases from a number of discount ammo tables, funnel cake vendors and taco trucks providing tailgate service at shooting sites.

Flannel clad men and women are collecting in droves at the US-Mexican border range toting very large weapons and protective ear guards. Many were encouraged to stand afar from the flaming downfall of drone parts.

“I bought this bazooka 2 years ago on sale. Never had a chance to use it. I travelled all the way down here from Kentucky, just to try it out. Hell, I paid for those drones with my taxes anyway,” said James Smith, a 42 year old father of three as he aimed the launcher at a Predator B drone trolling nearby.

While the hobby is only weeks old, it has attracted many gun sports sponsors and related media as an emerging event franchise worth promoting.

“Yeah, I really like my new Drone Shoot beer kozy I got from the magazine people over there,” said Arnold Cargil, a 54 year old border warbird watcher from Amarillo, TX.

Drone hunting applications start at $15 with a registered weapon and are issued on first come first serve basis with approval from local Wildlife and Game bureaus.

“The way our county sees it, this is 100% win-win for everyone. Every border town could could be making as much as we are within weeks. By the way things are going, we won’t run out of drones any time soon,” said Lila Green, a newly hired City worker fielding the mountain of new license applications.

There is no slowing down for this exciting new sport creating both revenue and jobs in a sparse economy at the US borders.