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Everyone loses when corporatized governance chooses the winners

What would you call it when over 50% of the US federal  budget goes to national security and continues operating during a government shutdown? Every other federal operation is subject to pause. Federal war contractors aren’t out in the streets protesting, even if the FDA and social services are.  We might try to conclude that the national security state is : 1) not the government or 2) operating on a budget that is not contingent on authentic Congressional approval or 3) the national security state is not operating on a budget contingent on US taxpayer approval.  If we swallow our pride and follow facts we know its probably a policy of the latter, not the former.

These are confusing times. Our friends are smart enough to identify bad actions. They drop examples of the few people in high offices recognized for behaving criminally.  Why aren’t they in jail?  So many of us stand around sometimes wondering to ourselves and aloud to others.  It’s a wimpy moment.  It’s not a place of power.

The fact is America’s powerful loves to choose their losers. They provide us with their witches, their criminals and their scapegoats.  They love to force resignations and fire people. They relish providing crowds with the basest level of brutality by elevating the spectacle of a political enemy du jour.  Who is this working for?  Not for the average American household. Its not fixing our economy, providing us with jobs or elevating the social standards of our society.

No matter how many John Kiriakous, Barrett Browns, Cuban 5s, GITMO cleared-for-release, or Bradley Mannings we are provided as sacrifices, the American people’s desire for actual justice is not satisfied.  No matter how many muzzled or discredited Calyxs, Lavabits or Bitcoins we are provided from those reissuing fake paper consideration at the Fed, rubber stamped by the US government, we are not saddled with bonafide economic recovery. #FAIL

[Ed Snowden doesn’t count as a sacrifical lamb. He was smart enough to know these criminals don’t take honor sacrifices or cause martyrs seriously, even if you do.  He up ended the goal posts because he had the information to do it and he could.  He fought fire with fire.  No secret court is going to hang him if they can’t catch him. For this, he is a respected enemy and a geo-political target of the US government.]

Scapegoating is not working for us. It fails to convice us that the debt is settled or that the balances are rectified.  It only satisfies an imbalance temporarily in the minds of the crazy people getting away with global crimes against mankind, like mass surveillance.  They have no intent to stop wrongdoing or making you pay for it.

So why do we lend corrupt institutions the capital of our attention, our tacit consent and our voting power so easily?  Is it really that simple? Are we are actually going along with all of this as a citizen public? There is the problem of tax conscription for wars as a point of fiscal force against the US citizen.  There is also the problem of levying debt on our generations for costs of illegal, unconstitutional warmaking and national defense’s unknowable black budget. This is why the government shutdown is a news myth and todays cable news distraction.

Let’s look at someone who went overboard from NYSE’s media ship at CNN, Mr. Larry King. No one is saying much about all the TV left in that anchor, except he doesn’t produce for CNN anymore.

I watched television legend Larry King interview two young men and a psychologist on the epidemic of PTSD impacting America at his new roost on Russia Today.  While it is not news that war is hell, mention of PTSD is not going to be a focal point of a public interest storymaking at CNN.  Admitting there is a PTSD epidemic with direct correlation to prolonged war touring doesn’t affirmatively support mercenary labor flows. That kind of news would weaken certain media/investor associates’ bottom line.

What’s wrong with war profiteering?  Well, what’s wrong is when your government: invents cause for war, sends in young citizens by way of a defense agency to die, lose their limbs, their minds and worst of all, kill others for the policy of profit rather than a defend the nation from bonafide peril.  Even if you agree with the practice, you get stuck with the bill. If not you, your kids and grandkids.  They will still be taking your taxes, thanks!

The other side of war profiteering creates economic losers.  At the moment, GDP has been suppressed in our economy.  The machinery at large and overcommitted abroad can’t afford to continue on our meagre tax revenues alone so we borrow from Chinese government/banks and flood the markets with fiat paper from the Federal Reserve on a loan interest rate no bank would ever give you.

Our national defense operations budget is financed considerably by Chinese banking interests. Those responsible for this dealmaking have made their money.  Now they need something else. No amount of fleecing is ever going to be enough for the ones who pushed us on the global road to serfdom by gunpoint.  Soon and very soon, no amount of loaned chinese chewing gum or printed currency is going to hold this pirate ship together.

When you don’t build the right way, with regard to longterm structural integrity, the ship is going to sink – not come in.


Questions we are all asking at the moment might sound a bit like David Byrne’s, Once In A Lifetime.  Am I on this ship?  Is this my debt?  Is this my country?  Am I responsible for this?  Whose ship is this?  The real questions underneath all of it might be; where will you be and who will you be with when it sinks?

Perhaps you build yourself a little lifeboat.  Perhaps you inform the debt advisors abroad that the invention of this monetary consideration had nothing to do with you and you have no intent to pay.  At that point, perhaps their mercenary recruits use force and throw you in prefabricated a labor camp to pay for the Federal Reserve’s QE debts. Someone transferred the national debt to you. What? No! That can’t be right!  Well, your social contract will perform as consideration and as property to provide reconcilliation for the federal debt.  Says who?  The US Government. Whose debt is this?  Who should pay for this debt?  Who owns the debt?  You might start asking a lot more questions just like this.  You may conclude in a sudden flash that this notion of debt does not work for you.

Perhaps you conclude are not a proper sacrifice for debt because it is not helping you.  Perhaps you conclude that US government did not hold up their end of the bargain, defaulting in providing agency in the social contract.  They may provide proof all day long that you permitted them to govern you, rubbing your nose in votes and petitions. If you do not make voluntary concession to give up and pay for their crimes, then they may put a gun in your face, take someone’s life, or take the life of a loved one.

This will never happen in America!  It happens all the time, in different ways, on different days for a variety of different reasons in governments all over the world. It is the nature of a deluded American sitting duck to say consequences never come to them when our dayglow markers are dead or rot in prison. The world is littered with imprisoned whistleblowers and dead journalists who tried to show you. Their sacrifice will save those who paid attention.


Can you reel in your divested power based on your own interests?  Can you call foul and not get spotted for a life in a tiny cage?  If you are targeted for payback, do you and your family agree to slave away to pay the debts you did not personally forge or go to prison for crimes you did not committ?  What is that called?  Scapegoating?  American fiduciary policy.

Is this an acceptable standard for you?  Is it more than high time to create a standard that you can live by, providing no bank actors pounds of your personal flesh for their debts and crimes?  Can we hand over these who are responsible to serve the time for their own crimes, pay their own gambling debts instead of being forced to pay it for them?

The US Government and their bankster minions could make all of this easier on everyone, mostly themselves, if they just stop playing the game. They could hit the Jubilee button, eradicating all global debt balances, and start over. However, that option has been presented and repeatedly turned away, because we would have to stop all the wars.


At the moment no one has more power to demand justice on behalf of us or our resources than the American people.  We also are the chosen losers in this scenario by the bank cartels and the mafia at work in the national security state.

Will our leaders drink the purgative and vomit up those who cause us this injury? That will be pretty tough when they are one and the same.  Can we ask them to give up The Cartel or walk away from the mulitnational UN equivalent of Sinaloa’s finest? I’m pretty sure we did in so many ways.  They refuse and continue to consume the lives and livelihoods of us and our children.

Think about what and who you really owe. What’s it going to be like for you or those you know well to be waved away from their home because the bank decided they needed it more, even if the mortgage was paid on time? What’s it going to be like for you when the only job available is a minimum wage surveillance or federal security job working for the same people making a mockery of your Liberty? These are the less dignified sacrifices pushed onto Americans every single day by the banks and the security industrial complex.

The Congress just passed the Pay America’s Military Act. The militarized perjorative just answered for you, AGAIN. Aren’t you going to say thank you?  350,000 corporatized military civil servants return to work very soon.  Hows that for a government shut down?  What else do you have planned?

Who deserves to do the time for war crimes and pay the federal defecit?  It shouldn’t be you or me.  You always decide. The corrupt aren’t going to hand themselves over.  That might be the only guarantee you can take to the bank.

I dedicate this Gestalt open letter to 1 Eduardo Saverin, who is currently being persecuted by this government for trying to escape the tax slavery of this nation. May you find happiness apart from the implied US threat of imprisonment and fiscal insolvency.

I assure you there are many, many reasons for Eduardo to want to expatriate from the US in a big hurry and take the blessings of his wealth and ingenuity elsewhere.

It was originally drafted August 10th, 2011.  It has been updated with links.

Dear America,

I love you.  You’re my country but I’m considering leaving you.

There’s lots of reasons why, but the most important ones are that you’ve become abusive, controlling and unreasonable.

You have a problem. You’re bottoming out right now. It’s a good thing because maybe you’ll reconsider the way you do things.You don’t listen to us, your people. In fact, you keep these ridiculous lists and demand that your gangster buddies keep tabs on us when we are at our jobs, running to the bank and at home on our computers.

You’re broke. You spent all our money on your addiction to foreign wars.  After awhile you didn’t care if it was just or unjust you…kept making war happen.  No matter what we said or did, how many people petitioned you or who emptied into the streets, you can’t stop paying for the wars. You’ve fleeced us to death.  You’ve borrowed us into bankruptcy.

Now that we’re all broke- you blame and cast aside the poor for their poverty, the sick for their illness and the migrant for their quest for opportunity.

Your enablers, your crooked money laundering mobsters on K Street robbed us, your kids, and your grandmother while you watched.  You didn’t care.  As long as Afghanistan could keep it going so you and your buddies could sport kill civilians.

Now the world blames us because we can’t control you.  You are so far gone.  People still show up to work in government, but they are all numb and half crazy because none of this has any meaning or makes any sense.   They fight each other to distract themselves from the fact that this government threw its internal compass into the abyss and there’s isn’t a whole lot that can be done.  The egg is broken and scrambled.

I thought you should know I’m not going to wait around while you try to figure out how to put me in a cage so you can keep it all going.  As you are reading this letter, I may be calculating a move as a despised refugee.

I’m not a criminal but if I hang around you will manufacture something I did wrong so you can trap me and keep me in place.  You don’t care about any of our  rights.  You don’t even see us.  All you see is war. Your countrymen who oppose this are your enemy. Anyone in the way of your fix is the problem.  So you dispatch your thugs to watch us “for our safety”.

You need us, but some of us are inconveniently opposed to your way of life; which happens to be sucking anyone in your reach down a dark hole.

I can count on the fact that I will be hated for your selfish, shortsighted ways with the world and steering everyone, including us, by the butt of a gun.  Yeah, you were powerful, but now we can’t care.

We have to take care of ourselves.  We are are all out of money. We have kids and sick, elderly parents who need our help.  You are going to take care of your wars until it kills you and everyone around you.

We would reach out to you, but you’re not *really* there.  You’re just not who you used to be.

America, who are you and what have you done with my country?

Don’t worry I’m not waiting around on you to find out.  


An American Citizen