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BTC- A letter to parent company for the idCheck product to follow.

Dear IDWatchdog,

My name is Sheila Dean and I’m an anti-National identity advocate, blogger and media activist. I have an identity challenge to present to you. I looked at your business and have some ideas about the direction of identity security. Data surveillance is an area of concern where corporations are involved.
I‘m a staunch critic of data aggregates and believe most identity protection services as way to “own” the information given to their corporate machinery so they can go out of business and then sell all that information to someone else. Issue of identity “ownership” is certainly murky business. What’s even less clear is if businesses like IDwatchdog will collude with Homeland Security and any other intelligence agency that makes intel demands on average citizens with or without a warrant based on National Security.

I’m interested in interviewing your corporate counsel to ask them exactly what you tell your customers about identity ownership. Who actually owns the rights to a Social Security number? Who owns your name? Is it you? Is it the State? Based on what we know about current identity conventions this area is expanding to body imaging and biometrics as potential IP when you travel and as you bank and go about your business.

You may be eventually interested in expanding your business R&D to include patenting the modern identity as a legal experiment. I recently threw down the volunteer gauntlet to prove the ability of the individual to patent their identity to therefore collect on theft damages, royalties and unlicensed use and distribution of restricted identity articles and images sold for profit to public-private entities.

If you’re up to the challenge – I’d like to take this one step further with your advocacy team after considering your policy for working with national security agencies. We would have to clear that hurdle first. It would defeat the purpose of the inquiry if you’re working with local or national intelligence data aggregates to get citizens to pay you to volunteer up their identity articles so you’ll turn around and give the intimate details to DHS.

You’ve already really got a strike against you with your Law Enforcement advisor, Robert Fisak on board as a Homeland Security consultant.
Otherwise please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss what’s possible.
Sheila Dean