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BTC- The Obscured Truth Network (OTN) has done a great job here of presenting the power of live, real-time accountability on airport security. TSA’s reputation of harassing citizens and NOT catching terrorists continues.

It has come to our attention that TSA is making an effort to improve by removing all of the 8 year olds from the watch-list. It’s still one step forward and two steps back for the TSA as they do their best to defend themselves from the public and their corporate bosses who insist they catch-as-catch-can.

Since OTN is a YouTube exclusive channel, I couldn’t embed the media directly. However, I still suggest you add them as a media subscription. The producer Sam Dodson has lost his fear of the worst after being frivolously jailed for 2 months for his documentary work.
For expediency here links to the 3 part story, running approximately 30 minutes:
Good work, Sam. We support you.