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BTC – Remember “Know your customer”? Well now everyone in Manhattan might know your a Citibank customer and your identity keys. Thanks a lot. Just what we needed.

Citibank mistakenly printed 600,000 customers’ Social Security numbers on the envelopes containing their year end tax statements, the company acknowledged Tuesday.

The letters, sent via the U.S. Postal Service in January, had the numbers printed on the envelopes’ lower edges.

Citibank called the flap a “processing error” in a Feb. 16 letter to affected customers and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

“We believe there is little or no risk to you,” the letter reads.

“However, we wanted to bring this to your attention, apologize and confirm that changes have been made for all future mailings.”

The bank is offering affected customers a free 180-day credit monitoring service to make sure no fraudulent activity comes from the exposed personal information.

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