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We dedicate this blog entry to friends in free living, Steve Fox and my other friend Alexis Baden Mayer. You won a victory today.

10th Amendment Center

Bryce Shonka & AP’s Devlin Barrett [ We *heart* Devlin.]

Today we have another victory to celebrate. As reported in the Washington Times, Federal Marijuana policy is quietly going the way of REAL ID. Some studies have shown that 75% of all prisoners incarcerated for drug charges were locked up for Marijuana alone, making this policy retreat not simply about cannabis, but the unconstitutional Federal drug war as a whole.

Regardless of your personal view of Marijuana use, this news should make us all feel a little more free today, knowing that decisions about such things as owning a particular plant are once again in the hands of our state houses and not a bunch of bureaucrats in DC.
I myself feel a sense of gratitude for all of those in California, Vermont and other states who have had the courage to stand up to the unconstitutional policies of DC. Their bold resistance made this victory for all of us possible.