Archive for the ‘current news’ Category, a news organization featuring overseas war coverage and anti-war opinion news, discovered over the weekend they have been an FBI surveillance target after a blogger sent them a redacted PDF file in the course of a Freedom of Information Act or FOIA document request for research.

We interviewed Jason Ditz, news editor at, for details on recent events.


FOIA shows Bush admin. spied on

Blog opts to continue as darker, more expansive dystopian news foray, Waking Up Orwell

BTC –  New media developments continue outside of   Plans to merge breaking news of national identity found on will soon become part of another blog, Waking Up Orwell. Waking Up Orwell will continue to cover a wider variety of blog topics such as: corporate and government privacy violations, police brutality, surveillance abuses and national-to-international cybersecurity power grabs.  The transition is an attempt to keep the news direction relevant with or without a national identity angle.

“There’s too much going on in the world.  BeatTheChip started as a narrow focused blog exclusively featuring news about Real ID and national identity developments.  Over three years, it’s run over the scope; becoming more of a digital privacy and civil rights/civil liberties blog,” said the site’s main blogger, Sheila Dean.

Waking Up Orwell (WUO) was originally produced as a radio program covering a broader range of dystopian news originating from BeatTheChip.  WUO will continue as a multimedia focal point for a variety of coverage, including netcast productions and original writing.   WUO’s radio production is rumored to resume in March of 2011 to the dismay of competition and Facebook.

“Yes, the one man show is getting the band back together,”said Dean who has endured censorship, online network hacks, treacherous hipster politics of community radio and the overarching news egos of broadcasting fat men to produce the program in the past.

Overall, the blog exhibits ambition to set about a more rounded news making standard for online users. Economic performance is grounding prospects for the new media launch.  WUO hopes to stay the course by monetizing the blog and program indefinitely.    However, safety nets are in place for  economic or programming woes.

“If things get bad, I’ll just have to move back in with,” said Dean.

For now twitter news feeds @BeatTheChip are now available at Waking Up Orwell Daily on

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D.C. styled transparency from Headline. 

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WIRED: White House Issues New Directive on Unclassified Information 
                See also their Threat Level Blog:: Sunshine & Secrecy

                Civil Liberties Watchdog Russ Feingold Loses Senate Seat
                Group Demands Immediate Halt of Full-Body Airport

WSJ:      EU Seeks Tougher Online Code in bid to safeguard data        
              Rutgers suicide case poses test for NJ privacy law 
               (use of webcams)

              What the Newly ElectedCongress Means for Business: 
              Telecomm – Technology             

House Republicans will likely put the brakes on efforts by the Federal Communications Commission to re-regulate Internet lines. Phone and cable companies are fighting the plan, and Republicans have already warned the FCC to drop the plan.

Telecom and tech policy issues are likely to take a back seat next year. But Republicans and Democrats could find common ground in efforts to write stronger rules on Internet privacy.On Wednesday, two leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Joe Barton (R., Texas) and Rep. Ed Markey (D., Mass.), jointly warned that they plan to put “Internet privacy policies in the crosshairs” with hearings and legislation. 

–  Amy Schatz 

        See also: FCC’s November agenda has no mention of 
                       net neutrality 

WaPo:  Twitter hires ex-Senate aide Sharp to its first D.C. post
            Internet Privacy could be a priority for 112th Congress 

BTC – Lot’s of emphasis on free speech and political opinion, analysis and essentially taking a stand on the irritable climate for digital privacy.

“The distinction between content and transactional
records is breaking down.”
– ACLU Christopher Calabrese feat. in 

“It is now technologically possible to track everyone all the time, essentially,” Mr. Calabrese said. “Congress needs to recognize that new reality and treat this information as private.”

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Here is second life for news that matters:

Barksdale, from Google… yeah he did watch some kids.

U.S. Cybersecurity Plans Lagging

Internet users being tracked and information sold

DHS doesn’t just make the news, it reports on the reporters!

`Deeply embarrassed’ Pa. governor shuts down intelligence reports on peaceful protesters

PUBLIC INPUT c/o PRIVACY LIVES: DHS Proposes Rulemaking on Information Sharing Environment System of Records


We are featuring two rapidly spliced interviews addressing the increase in violence against Muslim Americans in the continental U.S.

We wish we could have gotten this to you sooner.

Dan Merchant, Film Director, asks God to save us from his followers.@ 7:47

The Park 51 Cordoba Center Special Analysis with Shahid Buttar of the BORDC. @55:05

Music from Kelis: Flesh Tone Album [Think Donna Summer does Electro.]@ 51:40

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Beat The

BTC –  Looks like BLIZZARD and the TSA made populist end arounds.

After second and thirds looks at the NSTIC proposal you should find that mobile phones and banking authentications are going to be networked using one “PKI certificate”.  That comes with a high concept flow chart to try to sell it to businesses and YOU the consumer.

You still have until Monday to tell The Chief  how that makes you feel.  Coalitions are forming now to give you 90 more days to get in there and make your 2 cents count.

Here’s second life for news that matters.

Guantánamo: holding the ‘healers who harm’ accountable

TSA reverses online censorship policy for employees

Blizzard’s real problem with Real ID and how to solve it

Finally, Big Brother IS Watching You


Nice of them to brag about it.  This will not help cyber security.  How is it that those departments cannot keep their own systems hacker free and now they want to keep privately owned systems free from intruders?  I remember reading something about removing the beam from thine own eye before telling your brother he has a mote in his.

By the way, we are still working to get a class action lawsuit going in NC against the biometric data collection and the basic adoption of the Real ID policies.  If you know of people who want to join, please send them to to sign up.

55% of GPS mobile users surveyed concerned about loss of privacy

Lawsuit seeks suspension of TSA virtual strip-searches

Federal bureaucrats at OMB pitch cyber security in the lap of DHS

But one former federal chief information officer who is familiar with the government’s cybersecurity issues and asked to not be named, believes the memo is a response to Congress’ call for the restructuring of cybersecurity oversight in a number of bills.