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HEY! Blogging IS NOT A CRIME!, Know your rights!!

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Waking Up Orwell’s 2 hour Immigration & Police State special
Interview start times are in bold.

1st hour – News magazine coverage of this week’s chronicle of dystopia followed by instructions on how to assert your rights over a police interaction with Scott Morgan of FlexYourRights. org. (@42:44)

2nd Hour Alex Norwrasteh, an analyst for Competetive Enterprise Institute (@01:06:28) covers the nasty business of Immigration and Arizona’s police state bill, SB 1070. He also exposes the anti-immigrant movement as a pan-partisan strategy initiated and sustained by the type of Global Green who are in favor of eugenics. Why? To depopulate North America. How it plays out shocked me and I know it will surprise anyone who listens. It will change the way you see Republicans, Progressives and the way you’ve interpreted social darwinism in the past.