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BTC- SAN FRANCISCO- The San Francisco Entertainment Commission announced a decision by Mayor Ed Lee to postpone continuance of new proposed rules during last night’s scheduled hearing.  The rules would require increased electronic surveillance and police presence for the city’s venues, drawing substantive local outrage and national scrutiny from civil liberty groups.

The Entertainment Commission intended to support law enforcement after an increase of violence was attributed to local entertainment venues.  The Commission was created, in part, as the City’s answer to appropriate local police policy towards clubs and venues.  The Entertainment Commission has since gained a reputation in the arts and entertainment community as an organization who serve’s the interests of the police over San Francisco’s entertainment culture.  California’s police policies continue to test the boundaries of privacy, technology and civil liberty.

According to attendees, the Entertainment Commission is merely continuing a trend in what some have called, “A war on fun.”  The San Francisco Bay Guardian maintains a series on the actions of the Entertainment Commission.  Local promoters present to give comment  at last night’s meeting complained the new rules would decimate their ability to profit from one time events.   One promoter stated customers are simply going elsewhere to be entertained because they don’t want to deal with the hassles currently present in the city.  Others gave account outside the meeting that in just a year’s time the Commission has marginalized clubs and venue businesses, enforced pat down requirements and has caused many clubs to shutter their doors.

However, the new rules are considered so offensive to privacy and due process by the Electronic  Frontier Foundation they have precipitated threat of suit, if continued.  KTVU 2, San Francisco reports.

“Enterainment Commission considers new saftey rules,” KPFA Pacifica Evening News, reports @ 35:14

The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays – April 12, 2011 at 6:00pm
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“If this idea had been proposed in the 1950s, it would have been discarded as reminiscent of Soviet Communism. But state Sen. Dan Patrick has SB 843 up Tuesday in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee that would expand the offense of “failure to identify” to require people to identify themselves whenever they’re legally “detained” by police. Presently, you’re only required to identify yourself upon arrest, which has been the law for many years. Here’s the description of the legislation and its intent from the bill analysis

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Do NOT be fooled by the… SB1070 Fact Sheet. It does not list all the details. You have to read the entire legislation.

This bill is NOT about immigration. If you think it is, they fooled you good. This is about expanding police powers to that of little dictators in police uniforms.

Now everyone who is stopped gets their information and data transmitted to [DHS] via your drivers license number or your social security number or your name. This was not allowed until this bill was passed. Now they can arrest and detain you for any public offense and run all you data through Homeland security.

Soon every state will be doing this under the guise of stopping illegals which it will not stop [undocumented aliens]. All that data will now be used to track you by the federal government. If you get a ticket in Maine, they know. If you get stopped and let go in Texas, they know. If they run your plates in Georgia, they know. This is the beginning of, “papers, please!”.

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Waking Up Orwell’s 2 hour Immigration & Police State special
Interview start times are in bold.

1st hour – News magazine coverage of this week’s chronicle of dystopia followed by instructions on how to assert your rights over a police interaction with Scott Morgan of FlexYourRights. org. (@42:44)

2nd Hour Alex Norwrasteh, an analyst for Competetive Enterprise Institute (@01:06:28) covers the nasty business of Immigration and Arizona’s police state bill, SB 1070. He also exposes the anti-immigrant movement as a pan-partisan strategy initiated and sustained by the type of Global Green who are in favor of eugenics. Why? To depopulate North America. How it plays out shocked me and I know it will surprise anyone who listens. It will change the way you see Republicans, Progressives and the way you’ve interpreted social darwinism in the past.

Welcome to Arizona, Home of Papers Please!

BTC – One can gather from a quick read of SB 1070 that is isn’t Real ID. However, it’s a lot more direct and decentralized for federal policing during a terry stop. What people in Arizona are dreading are the  police stops where anyone can be arrested for not carrying proof of citizenship.

Russel Pearce forgot who challenges him on the databases.  As indicated in this video, a Libertarian candidate decided to run against him due to his short term memory.

If Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs SB 1070, there is a life wrecking misdemeanor waiting for American citizens who are caught running around free without their citizenship papers. Police will be stopping to check for “legal” migration.  Sherriff Arpaio can impound your car if the person you are riding with doesn’t have their citizenship papers and is suspected of being an illegal alien.  If your an Arizona taxpayer you should put conditions or limits to criminalizing your identity, or lack thereof, if it could be you.

Petition the Governor directly here:

I have no idea what this means if you are from out of state and you don’t have your papers. Can you be imprisoned on a misdemeanor in Arizona for not being able to identify yourself as a passenger without a license?  If so, that is really going to put a squeeze on tourism dollars.  Sorry, a trip to Sedona is not worth it if this bill is signed by Governor Brewer.


The Arizona state legislature just approved the toughest anti-immigration bill in the country, giving police the authority to determine people’s immigration status based on “reasonable suspicion” or more bluntly put, the right to racially profile immigrants.

Written by State Sen. Russell Pearce, SB1070 also makes it a crime to be an undocumented immigrant and allows anyone to sue a local, county or state agency if they believe the agency is not enforcing immigration laws.

If signed by Governor Jan Brewer into law, get ready for rampant racial profiling and arrests of more United States citizens who cannot prove their right to live here. The law also promises to have a chilling affect on the economy, with unjustifiable raids on businesses and immigrants fleeing the state as a consequence of attrition through enforcement. One just needs to take a look at Prince Williams County to note the general devastation that occurs as a result of local law enforcement of immigration laws.

There is still time to prevent Arizona from turning into a complete police state. Governor Brewer is yet to sign the bill into law.

Tell Governor Jan Brewer to stand up to Senator Pearce and do what is right for Arizona.